HENRI CHARPENTIER: Singapore Japanese Cafe Review

“Delicate sweet treats for both the eyes and taste buds”

HENRI CHARPENTIER dempsey singapore

Finally, the day has come where Henri Charpentier set shop in Singapore. How lucky for us. Henri Charpentier needs little introduction but for those of us who are unfamiliar, Henri Charpentier is a renowned French-inspired Japanese patisserie first opened in Japan 1969 and its flagship store currently resides in Tokyo’s Ginza.

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Hairy Crab Set Menu: Hai Tien Lo (Pan Pacific Singapore)

“Six Course Hairy Crab Prix Fixe Menu”

hai tien lo 大閘蟹 restaurant interior

It’s hairy crab season and the first hairy crab tasting of 2014 goes to Hai Tien Lo (海天楼) at Pan Pacific Hotel. Chinese mitten crabs (大閘蟹), also known as Hairy crabs, are prized for their golden roe and traditionally in season during Autumn in Shanghai, China. The crabs derive their name from the dense, furry hairs on their claws which segregates them from other crabs, making them feel ostracized and yearning acceptance in society.

Well, my stomach gladly accepts them for who they are.

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My Little Tapas Bar: Singapore Spanish Restaurant Review

“Jamon Inspired Tapas”

my little tapas bar club street singapore

My Little Tapas Bar is the newly opened sister bar of My Little Spanish Place, taking over what used to be Platters Bistro at Club Street. The concept is of a homey one, based upon the Spanish saying ‘Mi casa es su casa’, which means ‘my house is also your house’, a very apt description of the casual, welcoming setting here.

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Edge (Pan Pacific Hotel): Singapore Buffet Review

“The Sunday Brunch with an Edge”

edge pan pac ohmi wagyu beef

Recently, there has been an explosion of Sunday brunch offered by many hotels and fine dining restaurants showing that as Singaporeans we are truly spoilt for choice. You may be tempted to ask, “Aren’t hotel buffets all the same?” or “Haven’t I been there for a business lunch before already?”.

If anyone has to ask these questions, apparently they’ve not seen the buffet assortment that Edge at Pan Pacific hotel has prepared yet. For my 3rd time at Edge (twice on different business lunches) and on this most recent visit, I’ll prepare for you a preview of  your next Champagne brunch option to consider.

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The Beast: Singapore Kitchen and Bar Review

“A taste of an American Southern Kitchen”

the beast singapore bar

The Beast is all about true-blue home cooked American Southern comfort food. Think fried chicken and sweet tea with bourbon, which although stereotypical, is exactly what The Beast is all about.

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Issho Izakaya: Singapore Japanese Food Review

“Arm Wrestle and Win Free Beer”

issho izakaya singapore Jap restaurant

You might be familiar with the chain of sushi outlets located at various MRT stations – Umi Sushi. Well, Neo group has established a brand new Japanese dining and bar concept at the newly opened and iconic sports hub. Issho Izakaya is the new Japanese watering hole in the east.

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At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy: SpiceOdyssey Graduation

at-sunrice globalchef academy teaching singapore

I was recently invited to the At-Sunrice final graduation event: SpiceOdyssey, which is normally reserved to invited family and friends of the graduating students. SpiceOdyssey is a unique graduation capstone project that At-Sunrice graduating students go through as a rite of passage before graduating the academy.

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Sync Korean Fusion Bistro: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Casual Korean-fusion in the West”

SYNC Korean fusion bistro

Although located in Westgate – the “Orchard” of the west part of Singapore, Sync Bistro can be quite a challenge to locate. Westgate shopping mall is divided into 2 shopping areas- air conditioned and the more eco-friendly open air area. Head to the open air area and look for the Samsung outlet, Sync Bistro is located right above Samsung on the third floor.

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16 Undeniable Signs You’re a Singaporean Foodie

Singapore is considered the food capital of Asia and is well-known for its melting pot of cuisines. It is no coincidence then that our food nation has spawned many local foodies to keep up with all the new restaurants and eateries being opened.

If you are a true Singaporean foodie, you will exhibit many of these signs below, much to the irritation of other non-foodies. It’s ok, you’re not alone as foodies will understand why you do what you do.

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