Asanoya Bakery 浅野屋: Singapore Cafe Review

“Fresh Breads Here”

asanoya bakery singapore queen street

For the first time in its eighty-one years of existence, one of Tokyo’s best bakeries has set up shop outside Japan. Yes, you heard it right, highly acclaimed Japanese artisan bakery Boulangerie Asanoyabakery has opened the doors of its first international outlet in Singapore. Founded in 1933 in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan, this famed Japanese artisan bakery is famous for its rustic Japanese-style breads (traditional stone oven baked) and pastries.

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13 Meals Below $5 to Eat in Town / Orchard That Will Save You A Crapload

There are many reasons people visit town, the extravagant shopping belt that spans Dhoby Ghaut, Somerset, and Orchard. For some, sauntering about malls and their grandiloquent walkways with schoolmates or colleagues is somewhat a delightful routine. For others, intimate activities like paktor-ing, skating, or visiting “tourist attractions” make town so wholesome. The rest of us are simply forced to be in town because we work there.

In view of the opulence associated with town, it is not often that the consumption of affordable food is quoted as one of the above reasons, though that hardly implies that we can’t find cheap and good stuff around. When it comes to cost savings, it doesn’t take an MBA-holder to know that the shoddier a building looks, the lower its prices are likely to be.

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La Strada Ristorante: Singapore Italian Restaurant Review

“Bold Revival”

la strada-11102005

La Strada by Les Amis Group has returned, this time to the diner stretch along Shaw Centre that is flooded by the restaurant group’s eateries. The purportedly “trattorian” makeover features new head chef, Yakuza-looking Chef Joon Kian Pow who brings his over-a-decade-long fine dining experience to the Italian ristorante. Other than his Gu Wak Zai 古惑仔 devilish good looks, Chef Joon has some mean cooking skills as well.

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16 Must Try Places to Eat in Bukit Timah and Holland Road

places to eat bukit timah holland rd singapore

To most Singaporeans, the Bukit Timah-Holland belt is known for the ‘McDonald’s at the now demolished King Albert Park’ or a ‘super expensive housing district‘ with big houses and flashy condominiums. Unbeknownst to many, there’s actually quite a bit of good food in this area, and not all are over the top “atas” prices as many might assume.

Since I stay around the area, I thought it my residential duty to come up with some recommendations around this lively area. Here is my list of must try places to eat in Bukit Timah and Holland area worth paying a visit to.

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Thai Village Restaurant (Indoor Stadium): Singapore Food Review

“Going forward in Thai-Teochew cuisine”

thai village singapore indoor stadium_001

Thai Village has been a haven for luxurious Thai-Teochew cuisine for over two decades. But since receiving a fair share of flak for impudently promoting its signature Braised Shark’s Fin Soup amid an increasing audience of environmentalists, Thai Village restaurant has been looking to go forward with an evolution of dishes that the new generation can appreciate.

Nevertheless, there remains a healthy range of impeccable seafood dishes from which to choose that we’ll explore below.

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Pie Face: Singapore Bakery Cafe Review

“Happiness from Australia”

pie face 313 orchard-2Australian café and bakery chain Pie Face has opened its first outlet in Singapore 313@Somerset, and will be opening its flagship store at Bugis Village. Pie Face already has multiple franchises in Australia, New Zealand, and New York. Its first Middle East outlet will be opening in Abu Dhabi later in 2014 as well.

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