Tao Seafood CNY Menu 2015: Singapore Restaurant Review

“The mythical gourmand, Tao Tie, weaves its magic”

TAO Supreme Prosperity Yu Sheng cny 2015

The word TAO from the Tao Seafood Asia is drawn from the legendary, Chinese mythical gourmand known as “饕餮” (tāo tiè) in Mandarin. It is believed that this mythical creature watches over this restaurant and weaves his magic on Tao’s gastronomic nouveau creations. It seems that Chef Lee Tong Kuon is the physical embodiment of Tāo Tiè.

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Tess Bar & Kitchen: Singapore Gastropub Review

“The Pumping Lounge”

tess bar & kitchen seah st

Nestled along Seah Street is the dainty Tess Bar and Kitchen, a European modern bar run by engaging managers that seem to bask in the pumping electro that the restaurant plays, bringing out the wild child in all.

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Migme meetup Singapore: International bloggers visit Gardens By The Bay


On a fine Saturday afternoon, migme organized an international bloggers meetup in Singapore, and also invited some of the local bloggers like myself, Grace (@thegracetan), Tiffany (@tiffanyyongwt), Sochii (@sochiikamiya) and Yuki (@iamyuking). Bloggers from 6 different countries gathered for this first ever Singapore ‘migup’ to network and make new friendships.

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Best Coffee Cafes in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide

best cafes singapore coffee

Following the ‘third wave’ cafe boom in Singapore, countless cafe guides have been written on this emerging cafe trend with no set criteria. Some cafes might have excellent food, amazing ambiance, but ultimately coffee that tastes like brown crayon water, and it’s really hard to decide what is a ‘good’ cafe without agreeing on one consistent criteria.

In this caffeine fueled article, I’ll be presenting my guide based on one factor only: how good the coffee is. New cafes are popping up daily as well, but most will probably be using bean suppliers from either Nylon Coffee Roasters, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Liberty Coffee, Papa Palheta or Dutch Colony. Cafes under the same company will be grouped together, since the coffee blend and roasting standard is almost identical.

As with all foods and beverages, different people will have their own preference of coffee, but I will try to present the individual coffee flavours at each cafe so you can decide what you like. In the end, you will have to decide what type of taste you prefer but most Singaporeans at this stage of our coffee culture go for a more balanced, easy drinking variety of coffee with milk.

A great guide for getting new cafe ideas, this is for the Singapore cafe-hoppers.

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Resorts World Sentosa CNY Menu 2015: Singapore Food Review

“Rolling to Feng Shui Inn, Forest”

Welcome the auspicious Year of the Goat this Chinese New Year 2015 with a wide array of delicious Yu Sheng options, prosperity offerings, celebratory menus and yummy takeaway goodies at Resorts World Sentosa.

Spend time with your loved ones by kick-starting a year of peace and harmony with enjoying scrumptious offerings at Resort World Sentosa’s premium celebrity restaurants.

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Ristorante Pepenero: Singapore Italian Restaurant Review

“A Tasteful Meal”

pepenero italian singapore stanley

Because it was recently presented with the gold plaque Authenticity of Italian Food certificate, an award given to only 32 Italian restaurants among the thousands in Singapore, Pepenero (which stands for Black Pepper) got our attention in the search for the country’s best Italian restaurants.

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