Oxwell and Co.: British Bar and Restaurant Review

“Nostalgic British Comfort atop Ann Siang Hill”

Ann Siang Hill was once owned by a wealthy Hokkien-Chinese sawmiller, Chia Ann Siang  (谢安祥; 1832–1892), who was one of the most prominent landowners of his time. Prior to the ownership of the property of his namesake, the hill ownership has changed hands between two British gentlemen.

Oxwell and co - Frontage ann siang

Once a rather sedated, residential area where one can imagine conglomerates of wealthy Chinese businessmen mingling in exclusive clan-club houses – today, in the present, the scene of a bustling, popular hangout among expatriates and locals alike dominates.

Perched on the pinnacle of the hill, Oxwell & Co. represents a piece of the British comfort in a heritage shop house, among a bevy of exclusive social clubs atop the iconic Ann Siang Hill.

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Southbridge: Singapore Rooftop Bar Review | Entertainer 1-for-1

“The Perfect Rooftop Venue”


The spectacularly beautiful view atop Southbridge’s rooftop bar captured the heart of the inner romantic self straightaway. Coupled with a relaxed atmosphere to boot, Southbridge seems like a perfect location to dine-in, where one can set inhibitions aside over rounds of food and drinks.

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10 Types of Singaporean Diners We’ve All Eaten With

If you reside in the luxurious food haven of Singapore, you’re bound to meet similar groupies who chase down the latest food haunt, or dining fad that everyone’s going after. Llao Llao anyone?

Not to mention, it is commonplace to see young and old social groups alike catching up over food, as per our Singaporean culture.

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Paradise Dynasty: Singapore Chinese Restaurant Review

“Legend of Xiao Long Bao”

paradise dynasty  legend of xiao long bao

In the heart of the great expanse of Vivocity itself lies the enclave of Paradise Dynasty: Legend of Xiao Long Bao. Its spacious interior begets the regal notion of superiority and class, amidst a modernly Chinese setting.

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Tourists in Maldives: Food, Fun and Sun with Canon PowerShot

“The Blue that Stretches Forever”

maldives sheraton beach-0407

The fabled honeymoon spot that every wed couple seems to dream of going, I found myself flown to Maldives courtesy of Canon Singapore, to do a review on one of their cameras recommended for travel snappers like myself.

All the pictures you see in this article were taken with the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS, which in a way simplifies convenience rather than shooting with my usual Canon 6D DSLR. The compact size of the PowerShot SX530 HS makes travelling a lot easier with its versatile and convenient point-and-shoot feature.

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