Rendezvous Hotel: Singapore Staycation Review

“Feel the city art vibe”

rendezvous hotel singapore

Rendezvous hotel was recently relaunched in 2014 with an art-centric theme amidst the bustling district of Bras Basah. The hotel draws its inspirations from the surrounding arts and cultural scene in the area, housing design schools like SOTA, Laselle and NAFA as well as the Singapore Art Museum.

Extremely convenient and central, Rendezvous hotel attempts to combine an ‘old meets new’, and ‘East meets West’ concept.

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Si Chuan Dou Hua (四川豆花饭庄): Singapore Restaurant Review

“Spicy Authentic Si Chuan Cuisine”

si chuan dou hua parkroyal beach rd

Si Chuan Dou Hua first began in 1996 here at PARKROYAL Beach road,  and continues to tantilize guests with its hot and numbing ‘mala’ dishes. Bringing together four principles of gourmet, culture, tea and tradition, the Si Chuan Dou Hua presents a multi-dimensional dining setting.

In the Si Chuan mountainous region, there is not much sun and the natives depend on spicy chilis and peppers to keep themselves warm. The Chinese also believe that sweating drains out toxins, and thus the signature spicy Si Chuan cuisine was born.

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14 Must Eat Foods When You Visit Seoul, Korea

must eat foods seoul korea

Riding on the Korean Hallyu wave across Asia and the rest of the world, more people are getting exposed to Korean cuisine, known today through centuries of social and political evolution. Perhaps you’ve even seen some of these famous dishes on Korean soap dramas while the protagonist sobs over some Patbingsu.

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En Japanese @ Alocassia: Singapore Buffet Review

“Authentic Okinawa cuisine in the heartlands”

en japanese dining alocassia

Located right in the heartlands of Bukit Timah, En Japanese presents a traditional yet modern dining experience of Okinawan cuisine. ‘En’ which means ‘circle’ or ‘fate’ in Japanese is a motto which the restaurant embraces. It is a meeting place for people, making En Japanese Dining Bar a ‘circle of gathering’ for all.

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Plate (Carlton City Hotel): Singapore Buffet Review

“A Cool Respite in the CBD”

plate restaurant  carlton city

One of the new cool kid on the block, Plate, the in-house restaurant of Carlton City Hotel Singapore, made an unassuming entrance right in the fridge of the Central Business District and Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood.

Executive Chef at Carlton City Hotel Singapore, Chef Fong Chee Chung, offer an refreshing interpretation on buffet – an approach that is welcoming and relaxing, differentiating themselves from the standard business hotel, putting quality over quantity, with a touch of style.

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Bar-Roque Grill (Amara Hotel): Singapore Restaurant Review

“Modern French rotisserie”

bar-rouque logo

Bar-Roque, as intended is a wordplay of Baroque is the modern rotisserie and bar that celebrates the pleasures French cuisine, drawing inspiration from the lavish, theatrical banquets among the nobility and upper class in the flamboyant baroque era.

People partied really hard back then.

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Hakata Ikkousha Ramen: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Ramen Champions from Hakata, Japan”

Ikkousha Ramen CHIJMES - Shop Front

Two time ramen champion winner Hakata Ikkousha Ramen has just opened its second branch at Chijmes, with the first being at Tanjong Pagar for around half a year now. “Ikkousha” means “one happy place”, and reflects the simple and heartfelt motto of Chef Kousuke Yoshimura. Hakata, a city in Fukuoka, Japan, is known for springy and thin ramen noodles.

Chef Kousuke Yoshimura has done a great job bringing authenticity to his outlets in Singapore. It is not only reflected in the cooking, but also the shop’s décor and layout.

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3 Tips to Improve your F&B Customer Service Recovery

customer service recovery F&B

Have you ever had a bad restaurant experience? How did the staff or managers react?

While I was researching for one of my food guides, I went all the way to the northern end of Singapore to try out a western grill restaurant. The place was packed, but the busy staff were still chirpy and told us to wait a moment while they prepared a table.

Eventually we were seated, and seeing such a slammed night, I also prepared for our ordered meal to arrive a tad slower. It took about 30 minutes for the food to arrive, which was expected, but something else happened- my buffalo chicken wings didn’t make it to the table.

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Pan Pacific Hotel: Singapore Staycation Review

“5 Stars facilities, 5 Stars hospitality”

Pan Pacific Singapore hotel

Situated in Marina Bay with easy access to great shopping, Suntec Convention Centre and the Central Business District, Pan Pacific Singapore is one of the largest hotel chains in Singapore, offering a whopping 790 contemporary rooms and suites that are ideal for both business or leisure.

From time to time, Pan Pacific offers themed staycation packages, like the World Cup rooms or the Fireworks by the Bay package to coincide with Singapore’s National day. So what makes Pan Pacific’s Fireworks by the Bay stay so unique? Let’s explore the hotel facilities in more detail.

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15 Ulu Restaurants in Singapore Totally Worth Driving To

ulu restaurants singapore drive to

Own a car or have a friend that does? If you are sick of convenient crowded shopping mall restaurants and want to try out more exotic makan spots in Singapore, this ulu restaurant list is for you, the food adventurer at heart.

Singapore may be a relatively small country with a good transport system, but there are still many hidden restaurants in extremely ulu (hard to find, 鸟不生蛋) corners of the island simply worth a visit.

Part of the reason for their ulu location is because not many business owners can afford to pay the crazy rental in those shopping malls. Despite that, many local restaurateurs nonetheless have brilliant ideas that need to be expressed in some unknown corner of Singapore. I hunt down these brilliant restaurants and present them to you here.

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