Yen Yakiniku: Singapore Japanese Grill Restaurant

Not your ordinary grill.


Yen Yakiniku is a Japanese grill restaurant located at Ann Siang Road where many pubs and bars thrive at night. Boasting a classy exterior, one might think this is yet another fanciful fine dining restaurant. Hold your thoughts, decide after having a meal inside.

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18 Signs That You’re In A Hipster Cafe

Remember when cafes were just places where you stop for food and drinks, refueling yourself for whatever reason you wish. Simple decor, functional interior and of course modestly plated food that served its’ purpose. Not anymore.

With the rise of hipster culture, there is a shift of focus towards the aesthetics of a cafe’s outlook. Pretentious or not, we’ve got to give an A for effort.

Here’s my list of tell-tale signs when you’re in a hipster’s territory. Run if you don’t belong there – hipsters may or may not pour their cold brew on you. Flat white for you, sir? If you see these signs below, you’re definitely in a hipster cafe.

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Churro 101: Singapore Korean Cafe Review


Churro - KeepCalm (1 of 1)

Churro 101, the famous Korean churro cafe, is launching it’s first outlet in Singapore. This, my friends is very exciting news indeed and a welcome addition to the churro scene. The 20 seater cafe located within Bugis Plus is modern, cheeky and highly instagrammable.

If you’re looking for somewhere relaxing to catch up with friends over coffee and some warm churros, look no further. For those of you who aren’t yet au fait with this sweetest of treats, let me get you up to speed.

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Ki-sho (Kakure): Singapore Japanese Omakase Sake Pairing

Fine-dining omakase washed down with amazing sake.

ki-sho kakure sake bar-1

For those of you who have already indulged in a spot of fine dining Japanese style at Ki-Sho, you’ll be pleased to hear that the team have expanded their offering to include a sake and omakase bar – Kakure – nestled within the very same building on Scotts Road. Irrespective of which you choose to visit, the chefs remain the same so a gastronomic feast is pretty certain.

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District 10 (Suntec): Singapore Restaurant Review

Superb food topped with attentive customer service.


The new District 10 Bar & Grill are specialised in the best dry-aged meat, featuring the rare, flavoursome bone-in cuts with high content of natural and healthy marbling that is superb with premium red wines.

This outlet at Suntec is the latest addition to the big family, the cozy 1,800 square-foot restaurant (including outdoors seating) is definitely going to be your next favourite dinner spot.

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Tsu & Nami (JW Marriott): Bangkok Buffet Review

Fresh and filling Japanese themed brunch in Bangkok

Tsu Nami Brunch - crab legs

Tsu Nami Brunch - interior

Tucked inside the lower level of the JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok, every Sunday morning Tsu Japanese Restaurant (sushi) and Nami (teppanyaki) combine forces for the ultimate Japanese dining experience – the Tsu Nami Sunday Brunch Buffet.

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