The Provision Shop: Singapore Cafe Review

“Beyond Average Provision Shop”

provision shop cafe-1071

As its name suggests, The Provision shop is nestled amidst the quaint flats of Everton Park, just like your usual old school provision shop in the neighbourhood. However, what makes it so outstanding, is not just the wonderful food and homely interior, but also the very fact that The Provision Shop pays the closest attention to the sources of their ingredients.

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10 Instant Noodle Hacks To Bring Your Maggi Game To The Next Level


If your idea of upgrading your instant noodles is to crack an egg into it, you might want to think again.

Since the ramen burger craze of 2013, instant noodles are getting a new look. They aren’t just for the poor university student staple anymore.

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Catalunya Spanish Restaurant: A Singapore Experience Award 2014 Finalist

“Catalan By The Bay”


If you have heard of “elBulli”, it means either you have dined there before (you lucky devil!) or you have been watching too much TLC Asia. For the uninitiated, elBulli  was a Michelin 3-star restaurant synonymous with molecular gastronomy.

Under the stewardship of its head chef, Ferran Adrià, it went from a 1 star establishment to 3 stars. The restaurant shut down in 2011, but due to its successful book sales and talks, it reopened in 2014 as a training/research centre and all-round innovation lab focusing on gastronomy.

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Flock Cafe (Ghim Moh): Singapore Cafe Review

“The good new among old charms”

flock ghim moh cafe singapore

Located in a charming mature estate and surrounded by quaint small shops is Flock Cafe’s second outlet. Their Ghim Moh’s outlet adds a certain zest to the neighbourhood. We can imagine ourselves flocking over for a cup of iced coffee after running errands around the area.

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25 Must Try Places to Eat in Katong and East Coast Road


Given the wide variety of restaurants, food outlets and such sprouting up in the Tanjong Katong neighbourhood, one is definitely spoilt for choice with the huge number of options here. But amongst all these, which are the ones that are actually worth the visit?

As a certified Katong/East Coast hoodster, let me simplify for you the best of the best.

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Sifu Hong Kong Dining Room: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Hong Kong cafés reinvented”

sifu bugis Singapore hong kong cafe

Sifu debuts in Singapore’s Bugis Junction to bring us an innovative twist to the classic Hong Kong style dining scene, striving to challenge the boundaries of casual dining. Complete with dishes such as the all-time Hong Kong favourite, beef brisket stew, to delectable freshly baked pillow buns from their very own bunnery, SIFU brings customers a variety of comfort meals at pretty affordable prices.

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