Le Halo: Singapore Cafe Review

A hidden find in Tiong Bahru

Le Halo- Logo

My initial reaction when I stepped into this quaint little cafe was that it would make a good place for me to take my wedding photos. Just 8 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru MRT, Le Halo is a picture perfect cosy little “home” for anyone looking for a place to chill out.

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11 DIY Food Outlets in Singapore To Build Your Own Meals

DIY food outlets in singapore

The dynamics of the local Singapore food scene has seen a radical shift over the recent years. The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) food scene has seen a massive surge in its growth.

These DIY food businesses let customers decide how the want their food made, as they know what is the best for themselves. It seems inevitable that in the competitive food sphere, food businesses have to innovate and increase their distinctiveness for a better comparative advantage.

Here we have put together a definitive list of the Best Do-It-Yourself Food Outlets which we think you should ultimately be visiting to build your own meal.

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The Karl Experience 2015: Singapore Pop-up Dinner Review

An Outlandish Experience

the karl experience andsoforth singapore-0489

“Dearest Karl enthusiast, we bring with great pleasure news of our evenings dress code from the man himself…” was the first message that we received 2 days before the dinner, evidently only with the intention of informing the guests about the dress code but none about the location.

Staying mysterious as usual with ANDSOFORTH.

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Den Bar & Kitchen: Singapore Food Review

Enjoy a hearty meal alongside a sip of wine


Set right in the middle of the city centre – a five minutes’ walk away from Raffles City, Den has been in operations since early November 2014. A cosy European style bistro by day, the restaurant transforms into a lively contemporary tapas and wine bar when the Sun recedes.

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Hyde and Co.: Singapore Cafe Review

Cafe food which packs a hefty punch

hyde and co cafe singapore-9432

Have you ever wondered how the owner – Derrick Chew – of Hyde and Co. got his inspiration for the cafe’s name? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. After a period of intensive research on Northbridge Road, the stretch of tarmac where Hyde and Co. can now be found, the team discovered that it is one of the oldest and longest roads to have ever been built in Singapore.

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Honey Creme: Singapore Dessert Review

“Seemingly overhyped, but still one to watch”

honey creme singapore franchise

Honey creme was the first to start the wave for soft serve with their first outlet in Somerset, with their new outlet at JEM being launched recently in mid 2015 too.  The shop space is all out teak, pretty on the eyes but a tad bit too commercialized for my liking. Cafes tend to adopt the same hipster blend after a while so the ambience feels distant.

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