Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria: Singapore Italian Restaurant Review

“An Indimenticabile Experience”

trattoria capri pizzeria singapore

Capri, Naples is a popular resort island in the Italian region of Campania. According to new owner of Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria Fabrizio Anzolin, the idyllic decor of the Bukit Timah restaurant will particularly appeal to those who have toured Italy and been one of the gourmands in the culturally rich country.

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Trattoria Gallo D’Oro: Singapore Italian Restaurant Review

“A Work of Art”

Trattoria Gallo D'Oro singapore italian restaurant

Executive Chef Silvio Morelli, the new owner of Trattoria Gallo D’Oro, is a pedant on Italian authenticity. According to the well-traveled fine dining chef, his trattoria is “not a restaurant, it’s a salon”, and considering he delivers a most passionate history lesson of his Italian travels every time you are served, that much might be true.

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Naumi Liora: Singapore Boutique Hotel Staycation Review

“Heritage staycation at Keong Saik”

naumi liora hotel boutique hotel singapore keong saik

Opening its 2nd boutique hotel at Keong Saik road near Chinatown, The Hind Group uses the street’s heritage and nostalgia as its inspiration behind this bright orange shophouse turned hotel.

I had the good pleasure of bunking in this 79-room work of art for a night, soaking up the atmosphere personally.

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10 Best Teochew Porridge 潮洲粥 Stalls in Singapore You Have to Hunt Down Now

best must try teochew porridge 潮洲粥 stalls in singapore

Teochew porridge, also known in colloquial dialect as ‘Teochew Mui’ 糜 to foreigners is a really strange and peculiar dish to say the least as it is nothing like the mushy rice porridge or al dente risotto in any shape or form. Neither is it gooey like the typical Asian congee. So what exactly is it?

Teochew porridge is quite simply cooked rice grains swimming in a soupy broth (might be flavoured or plain) and consumed with a selection of Chinese side dishes like nasi padang. It refers more to a style of serving rather than a particular dish. Typical items a Teochew porridge stall will typically have include fried or steamed fish, minced pork meat, braised duck, pork intestines, eggs, boiled vegetables, fish cake, squid, tofu or tau pok and many more.  A popular breakfast as well as supper option amongst Singaporeans, Teochew porridge is comforting and delicious.

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Mojo Burps: Singapore Gastropub Review

“Unleash the Mojo”

mojo burps singapore tanjong katong

When the LA Clippers play after the Lakers on the same night at Staples Center, it takes a painstaking 2 hours for arena personnel to entirely convert the stadium’s theme. At 364 Tanjong Katong Road, where 7-month-old Mojo Burps is the evening resident of the daytime coffeeshop, this theme replacement takes far less time.

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Jiang Nan Chun 江南春: The Four Great Beauties Set Review

“There is far more to Chinese Cooking”

jiang nan chun 4 beauties four seasons hotel singapore

“The Four Great Beauties of China”, a 5-course set menu is designed to enthrall your sense of sight, taste and wonder as each individual course takes reference to the four great beauties. Allow each winning dish to bring you back to the different Chinese dynasties, in the comfort of Jiang Nan Chun in Four Seasons Hotel.

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