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Singapore food blog containing food reviews I do on the best places to eat in Singapore, written in detail and whimsical humour. Actual critique about the food and marketing of reported F&B establishment. If you want to find out about where to eat in Singapore and the best restaurants to dine at, this is it.

Monochrome Fusion Bistro: Singapore Restaurant Review

“A Strong Themed Bistro”

monochrome fusion bistro southbridge rd

Quaintly nestled amongst a row of shophouses at the Chinatown district, Monochrome Fusion Bistro presents a newly inspired themed concept here in town. And as you can guess, yes, the shop is pretty much entirely designed in a monochrome tone.

Among the shades of black and white (not grey), one would be very much in awe of the amazing detail and intricacies the folks at monochrome fusion bistro have put into their decor.

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10,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway: Staycation + Dinner

sethlui 10kfans giveaway has finally hit 10,000 Fans on Facebook and boy are we grateful to our readers. So what better way to show our appreciation than with a fan giveaway?

Awhile back we polled online for prize suggestions, and as per our fans’ answers, we have come up with the perfect giveaway true to our site:

[GIVEAWAY] 1 Night Staycation at Hotel 1929 + Dinner at Restaurant Ember

The perfect chill getaway complete with a good meal.

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Moosehead Kitchen-Bar: New Head Chef Drew Wilson’s Menu

“Moosehead Kitchen-Bar has Moxie!”

Moosehead kitchen-bar telok ayer

Moosehead is a cosy little kitchen-bar at the ingress of Telok Ayer Street that serves heavenly gastronomia. Founded in 2013 by a father-and-son partnership of Glen and Daniel Ballis, Moosehead is, at its core, a Mediterranean kitchen.

They adopt a chameleon-like gastronomic philosophy, integrating the South East Asian and Japanese influences with that from the west, namely Spain and Greece.

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Lime House: Singapore Restaurant Review | The Entertainer 1-for-1

“Bringing the Carribean to Singapore”

lime house singapore-2268

The very homely and welcoming vibe here at Lime House sets up a bustling atmosphere for a casual dinner with family or friends.

Lime, a native carribean term meaning hanging out with friends (much like the Singaporean slang: lepak), hits home at Lime House, where the friendly vibe exuded by the staff and patrons alike allow guests to just chill over their great comfort food and some cocktails.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Drinking Japanese Sake

drinking japanese sake singapore

Sake (pronounced “sah-keh”), is an ever gaining popular alcoholic beverage and is also as complicated to decipher as Wine. Made from fermented rice, there are many misconceptions about Sake as well as interesting facts to appreciate it more.

Here I present to you 10 things you didn’t know about Sake (or well, at least I didn’t know before I started reasearch), which is also known as Japanese liquor 日本酒 in its country of origin.

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