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Singapore food blog containing food reviews I do on the best places to eat in Singapore, written in detail and whimsical humour. Actual critique about the food and marketing of reported F&B establishment. If you want to find out about where to eat in Singapore and the best restaurants to dine at, this is it.

1_345 Secrets of Thai Taste: Singapore Mookata Review

“Secrets of Thai Taste”

1_345 mookata secrets of thai taste

A fairly new outlet located in the west, 1_345 Secrets of Thai Taste mookata is located in a large food court at The Elitist building near many other industrial offices. By night, most of the other stalls stop operating while conversely, 1_345 only starts up in the evening and can utilize many of the tables available.

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10 at Claymore (Pan Pacific Orchard): Singapore Buffet Review

“Plates of Pleasure”

10 at claymore pan pacific orchard

Located at the lobby level of the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, 10 at Claymore is the hotel’s signature restaurant. It is a casual modern bistro grill restaurant that offers a sumptuous collection of contemporary European cuisine.

After a restaurant revamp, 10 at Claymore promises more variety and a touch of Asian finesse.

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Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Matsuri : Singapore Ramen review

“A taste of the festive Matsuri”

keisuke matsuri tonkotsu king

Ramen Keisuke’s sixth outlet in Singapore is definitely a welcome addition to the East side of Singapore. For those who have queued 45 minutes or longer at Keisuke’s other outlet will attest, this ramen is worth queuing for.  What is more impressive than holding on to the Tonkotsu King title, is that Keisuke is not resting on his laurels, instead bringing us 4 new ramen dish selections , each with a story – in this new Matsuri  (Japanese word for Festival) concept outlet.

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Shinzo Restaurant: Singapore Japanese Omakase Review

“Sushi. Omakase. Sake”

shinzo omakase singapore restaurant

Just across from Clark Quay MRT at Carpenter street is a discreet hidden gem that serves up fine Japanese cuisine. Shinzo restaurant specializes in Omakase dinners; O-makase (お任せ) is a Japanese phrase meaning “I’ll leave it to you” which is directed to the chef in this instance. You basically let the chef decide the menu in a omakase.

Shinzo (心臓) means ‘heart’ in the Japanese language, and represents how each dish is created with love and passion from the heart. The restaurant believes that a good omakase experience is not just in the food, but in the overall ambiance and hospitality as well.

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Yantra: Singapore Restaurant Review | The Entertainer 1-for-1

“Defining Indian Cuisine”

yantra singapore indian fine dining

Award winning restaurant Yantra is adding in a healthy, modern twist to it’s Indian cuisine menu along side its old favorites. Yantra balances the art of authentic North Indian dishes with its rich tapestry of Indian cultural aesthetics. Fresh, hand-picked spices are flown in direct from India as well.

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Grand Mandarin: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Exquisite Chinese Dining”

grand mandarin new bridge road restaurant

Located at a convenient spot across Outram Park Station, Grand Mandarin restaurant presents an elaborate and sophisticated Chinese culinary dining experience in a premium and private environment.

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SPRMRKT: Singapore Food Review

“A Trifecta of Food, Retail & Art”

SPRMRKT Signage Singapore

SPRMRKT occupies a prominent corner along the junction of McCallum street and Is adjacent to the Telok Ayer Food Centre. After two years of operation, they are back from a short hiatus with a whole new menu and overhaul.

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Poulet: Singapore French Restaurant Review

“More than just chicken”

Poulet Raffles City french restaurant singapore

I first came across Poulet in 2012 and two years later, the French-themed restaurant with their famed roasted chicken is doing better than ever. Poulet is literally ‘chicken’ in French, so that’s to be expected.

We were invited to check out their new menu – overhauling several new and improved offerings, that would surely surprise the ‘I-have-tried-everything-there’ to the ‘been-there, done-that’ jaded local foodies.

Now, check out what we tried at Poulet.

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Shirokiya: Singapore Japanese Restaurant Review

“Health and Beauty in Mind”

Shirokiya Store Front singapore chijmes

Shirokiya is a new Japanese restaurant in CHIJMES focusing on health benefits that come along with the meal. Its specialty is in bishoku-ryori (food that is beneficial for the body from inside out), and with its expanded menu, the use of more soken-ryori (traditional and natural Japanese seasoning).

One would assume something healthy would compromise taste, but Shirokiya’s izakaya style food is not only hearty, but flavourful as well.

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Babette (Parc Sovereign): Singapore Restaurant Review

“Inspired by Babette’s Feast”

babette singapore restaurant

Located within the new Parc Soverign Hotel, lies the brainchild of 987FM Radio DJ Darren Wee. Babette, inspired by the 1980s Danish film ‘ Babette’s Feast’, Babette brings forth the idea of how a good meal can transcend language and culture. Putting the spotlight on French inspired Japanese cuisine, Babatte presents their sincerity through sourcing for premium ingredients yet keeping prices affordable for masses.

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