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Singapore food blog containing food reviews I do on the best places to eat in Singapore, written in detail and whimsical humour. Actual critique about the food and marketing of reported F&B establishment. If you want to find out about where to eat in Singapore and the best restaurants to dine at, this is it.

16 Must Try Places to Eat in Bukit Timah and Holland Road

places to eat bukit timah holland rd singapore

To most Singaporeans, the Bukit Timah-Holland belt is known for the ‘McDonald’s at the now demolished King Albert Park’ or a ‘super expensive housing district‘ with big houses and flashy condominiums. Unbeknownst to many, there’s actually quite a bit of good food in this area, and not all are over the top “atas” prices as many might assume.

Since I stay around the area, I thought it my residential duty to come up with some recommendations around this lively area. Here is my list of must try places to eat in Bukit Timah and Holland area worth paying a visit to.

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Thai Village Restaurant (Indoor Stadium): Singapore Food Review

“Going forward in Thai-Teochew cuisine”

thai village singapore indoor stadium_001

Thai Village has been a haven for luxurious Thai-Teochew cuisine for over two decades. But since receiving a fair share of flak for impudently promoting its signature Braised Shark’s Fin Soup amid an increasing audience of environmentalists, Thai Village restaurant has been looking to go forward with an evolution of dishes that the new generation can appreciate.

Nevertheless, there remains a healthy range of impeccable seafood dishes from which to choose that we’ll explore below.

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Pie Face: Singapore Bakery Cafe Review

“Happiness from Australia”

pie face 313 orchard-2Australian café and bakery chain Pie Face has opened its first outlet in Singapore 313@Somerset, and will be opening its flagship store at Bugis Village. Pie Face already has multiple franchises in Australia, New Zealand, and New York. Its first Middle East outlet will be opening in Abu Dhabi later in 2014 as well.

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Foodology Fresh: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Fuss free fresh food”

Foodology fresh singapore

Located just across from Maxwell food centre, Foodology Fresh provides an alternative and cooler place to refuel. Foodology Fresh is nestled in The URA Centre and offers a multi-sensory dining experience that boasts a self-serve concept, giving diners the freedom to customise their meals. The 800 square feett space is brightly lit and welcoming with its modern earthy interior.

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Mookalicious: Singapore Mookata Review

“The Bangkok Wave Lives On”


Mookata in Singapore is delivered to us in a bevy of cute names and logos, but perhaps there are none more adorably christened than Bukit Timah’s new Mookalicious. Opened just last month by a Bangkok-loving trio, its illuminated emblem attempts to invite you across present MRT works of the future Beauty World Station.

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15 Best Chicken Rice in Singapore You Can Find


I like to think that my love for chicken rice is unparalleled. Could I have it for lunch everyday? Sure. Dinner as well? You bet I’ll try. If chicken rice had it’s endurance-testing version of the Suzuki Impreza Challenge to win an eternally free chicken rice pass at all eateries, I’d join in a jiffy and eat all I can in an attempt to bedazzle the judges with an insatiable hunger and groundbreaking display of expanding marginal utility.

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