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Singapore food blog containing food reviews I do on the best places to eat in Singapore, written in detail and whimsical humour. Actual critique about the food and marketing of reported F&B establishment. If you want to find out about where to eat in Singapore and the best restaurants to dine at, this is it.

Potato Head Folk: Singapore Burger Review

“Fries are potatoes too”

potato head folk singapore

When I hear “Potato Head”, I immediately think of two things:

1. The potato toy with detatchable parts as seen in Toy Story

2. The acclaimed beach club in Bali, Indonesia, that finally made its way to Singapore

Potato Head Folk occupies the iconic pre-war shop house that sits right smack in the middle of hipster heaven. The cuisine concept is international, with wisps of both Asian and Western touches to the menu. The culturally rich Keong Saik area just got a little more entertaining.

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Bitters and Love: Singapore Cocktail Bar Review | AMEX Platinum Private Deals

“One of the best bespoke cocktail bars in Singapore”

bitters and love--8

Bitters and Love has always been a long time haunt for me, having visited on many different occasions and events but never really doing a review. When American Express invited me down for a media tasting as well as to promote their latest tie-up, I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity again.

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Skyve Wine Bistro: Singapore Restaurant Review | The Entertainer 1-for-1

“Taste the Revolution – Skyve Reinvented!”

skyve wine bistro winstedt road singapore

Nestled in the compound of old Monk’s Hill Secondary School and situated just beside Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) is Skyve Wine Bistro. ‘Skyve’ is a word play on how people can skive and avoid work by escaping to this relatively hidden bistro- an apt name for this concept.

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K.Cook Korean BBQ: Singapore Buffet Review

“Affordably priced and very value for money”

K Cook Korean BBQ buffet Orchard Central

At review time, K. Cook has only been opened in our sunny island for a mere 2 weeks and judging from the dinner crowd and queue, they seem to have arrived with a mission in mind – to be one of the best Korean BBQs in town.

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The Royal Mail Bar: Singapore Food Review

“A Royal Tipple”

royal mail bar-08216188

The Royal Mail Bar is an extended beverage arm of the similarly named restaurant on the 2nd floor. The bar has rejuvenated itself and introduces new specialty cocktails and British-inspired tapas to its menus, going with the ever-evolving drinking culture in Singapore with emphasis on creative drinks.

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East 8 Tapas + Bar: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Singapore meets New York City”

east 8 tapas bar singapore

With creativity as the central focus, East 8 Tapas Bar brings Singaporeans Asian fusion cuisine with a blend of Eastern and Western items. Served tapas style, the dining atmosphere encourages conversation and sharing between guests- truly an Asian influence. Continue reading

17 Best Hotel Buffets and Champagne Brunches in Singapore

best hotel buffets champagne brunch singapore

Singaporeans love eating, and buffet tables are one of our favorite hangouts for not just the wide range of scrumptious food, but also the long leisurely conversation with friends. There are countless hotel buffets in Singapore to spend your calories on, but which are really worth it? Most are international buffets, but there are a couple of surprising styles as well.

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Angus House: Singapore Steakhouse Review

“Charcoal Grilled Steaks”

angus house-08066004

After my steak guide was published, Angus House was one of those popular steakhouses many readers have recommended as a ‘must try’. So here we are, not wanting to miss out any potentially good steaks in Singapore.

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Princess Terrace Cafe (Copthorne): Singapore Penang Buffet Review

 “Penang Heritage Buffet”

Princess Terrace Cafe-1

The Copthorne King’s Hotel’s Princess Terrace has a famed reputation in serving up the most authentic Penang Cuisine buffet. After all the international buffets I’ve tried, this was quite a unique niche concept that not many there hotel restaurants do.

To preserve the rich Penang food culture and heritage, Chef Lim and his culinary team have been meticulously ensuring that the food prepared at Princess Terrace utilizes traditional cooking methods like they do in the past.

Diners can get to indulge in signature dishes including the quintessential Hokkien prawn mee soup, char kway teow, Penang laksa nasi ulam, keraba tang hoon, curry noodles, popiah, kueh pie tee and more.

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NOX – Dine in the Dark: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Experience sightless dining”

nox dine in the dark singapore

This is one truly unique and rare dining experience in Singapore you won’t want to miss. NOX – Dine in the Dark was started on 2 August 2013, and brings this total darkness dining concept from Europe/US to Singapore at Beach Road.  ‘Nox’ means ‘Night’ in latin by the way.

The concept of NOX challenges guests to a multi-sensory journey beyond sight, which sometimes affects your perception of food even before tasting it. By immersing guests in a pitch black environment emulating what the blind go through everyday, your sense of touch, taste, smell and sound are heightened above their normal levels.

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