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Affordable food reviews you can try without worrying about your wallet crying. Typically less than $30 per person spending.

  • 11 Affordable Places For Japanese Food in Singapore That Still Make You Go Oishii!

    Last Updated: December 26, 2016
    We tend to associate quality Japanese food with excessive spending but that's not always the case. Being a total overly-passionate individual for Japanese food, I decided that I need to source for ...
  • 10 Cheap & Good Thai Restaurants in Singapore Under $20 Per Pax

    Last Updated: January 19, 2016
    affordable-singapore-thai-restaurants Thai restaurants in Singapore are commonplace. I have a confession to make - I can't stop eating Thai food. There is just something about the hot, sour, sweet, salty combo that keeps me coming back time and again. It's a scratch I can never seem to itch and I am wholly addicted. To manage this affliction I've been building up my little black book of authentic Thai eateries right here in Singapore. I'm not that fussy, my only two requirements are that the food is authentic and that the bill won't burn a hole in my pocket. Here's the pick of my favourite affordable Thai restaurants  in Singapore so far; Some of these are even open 24 hours a day, my Thai cravings need never go unfulfilled. ...
  • McDonald’s New Ebi Burger Springs a Surprising Taste On Singaporeans

    Last Updated: September 7, 2015

    A Surprising Taste Experience

    IMG_1130 Konnichiwa 今日は! The seasonal ebi  burger from McDonald’s has hit the shores of Singapore once again in 2015. As you might see in the picture above it says "A surprising taste experience" which is what you can expect from this 3rd rendition of the ebi burger. True enough, the taste is something you wouldn't have expected from McDonald’s as you will find out as you read further into this post. Did you notice the word ebi anywhere in the picture as well? ...
  • Washoku Goen: Singapore Japanese Food Review

    Last Updated: August 23, 2015

    Affordable and fuss-free charcoal-grilled meat at Washoku Goen

    Washoku Goen Washoku Goen food republic singapore Having started its operations since the beginning of January 2015, Washoku Goen is centrally located within Vivocity's Food Republic. The stall is rather hard to miss - you can easily identify it through the long, snaking queues in front of it. An authentic Japanese establishment, all of the staff working in Washoku Goen hail directly from Japan. Other than the more normal dishes on their menu like Japanese Katsu Curry Rice and Tonkotsu Ramen, Washoku Goen places a higher emphasis on their charcoal-grilled meats (sumibiyaki). ...
  • Kay Lee Roast Meat (Tanjong Katong): Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: August 22, 2015

    Understandably a $4 million Recipe

    kay lee roast meat singapore sign Interestingly enough, Madam Betty Wong and Husband Hong Wai Kai sold the Kay lee recipe to the Aztech group in hopes of immortalizing the recipe in years to come, as well as retiring on a comfortable bank account. Aztech normally deals with technology, so it was interesting to see them venture into Singapore's F&B scene, and whether they make that four million investment worthwhile. ...
  • Kanshoku Ramen: Singapore Japanese Ramen Review

    Last Updated: August 15, 2015

    “Lighter, healthier ramen, but still as good and flavourful”

    Kanshoku Ramen  logo Kanshoku translates to 完食, which means to “finish one’s food”, and this eatery takes it very seriously, making sure that you finish their ramen down to the very last strand of noodle and final drop of soup. Kanshoku is actually a local brand, opened by Singaporean businessman Melvin Ang. Ramen broths tend to be heavy and oily, but what if you are watching your eating habits or want to have something light? This is where Kanshoku's ramen shines. ...
  • Tendon Ginza Itsuki: Singapore Japanese Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: July 20, 2015

    Great food served in generous portions and affordable prices

    Tendon Ginza Itsuki restaurant logo

    Fried dishes are usually a crowd pleaser at restaurants, great for sharing. Although more often than not I like having the entire dish to myself. Which is why I was pretty pleased to know that I would be getting to eat authentic Japanese Tendon, or tempura rice bowl at Tendon Ginza Itsuki. ...
  • Udon Goen: Singapore Japanese Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: July 18, 2015

    Affordable Authentic Japanese Food Right In Town

    Udon-Goen-noodles singapore Do not let the humble location of Udon Goen fool you - Even though the restaurant is situated in Food Republic at the top level of Wisma Atria, it's easy to simply dismiss it another stall in a foodcourt. All of their chefs hail directly from Japan - I could understand that much from the smattering of English we exchanged, which means that you are entitled to authentic, true-blue Japanese food when you choose to dine at Udon Goen. ...
  • Cream and Custard: Singapore Cafe Review

    Last Updated: August 6, 2015

    “Quality desserts, kindly priced”

    cream and custard singapore cafe Cream and Custard adopts a very chic, minimalistic décor; white walls all around with lavenders decked in light bulbs. It borders quite a bit on the pretentious, but the glam factor does help make the place a lot more inviting. ...
  • 15 Must Eat Street Foods in Shanghai 上海 China

    Last Updated: June 24, 2015
    Shanghai, China, once known as the Paris of the East is still a stunning sight as a cosmopolitan metropolis. With many futuristic skyscrapers dominating the cityscape, the old alluring Shanghai with its romantic past is still present in its 1930s Art Deco architecture structures and tree lined alleys. Ever since the 2008 World Expo, the authorities cleaned up the streets for congress. Although many of the street food have been relocated into shopping malls, nothing beats tracking down a street hawker by the road to get a taste of the old Shanghai. ...
  • East Manhattan Bakery Cafe: Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: June 22, 2015

    “A good selection of in-house bread and food options"

    East Manhattan Bakery Cafe logo front shop Following the success of its very first outlet and bakery at Katong V mall, East Manhattan has introduced a new cafe at Lorong Kilat, serving not just baked goods but also a range of mains and beverages, as well as desserts. ...
  • One Day Melbourne Food Guide: For The Time-Pressed Tourist

    Last Updated: June 18, 2015
    one-day-melbourne-food-guide In Melbourne, Australia, the problem with food is that the choices are simply too many. Every corner may hold a new gem, every other street a new find. Save the guilt for when you are home, because this 1 day guide will teach you how to squeeze the most out of a good eating day, especially useful for tourists on a tight schedule. We bring 5 food stops you can visit all within one day, and instructions on how to get there so you can plan your route. We recommend following the order as presented but you can refer to the map at the end to decide which you want to visit first too! ...
  • 10 Best Singapore Buns You Can Get For $1.80 and Below

    Last Updated: February 20, 2016
    best singapore buns $1.80 and below Most people think of bread as plain and boring but if you imagine a bit your favorite pastas/pizzas all come down to the same ingredients; bread,flour and water. It actually is rather possible to turn your favorite carbonara/pizza/comfort food of choice into bread form. ...
  • Mushi Mushi: Singapore Japanese Chawanmushi Review

    Last Updated: June 4, 2015

    "Mushi Mushi is chawanmushi-lovers' idea of heaven"

    Mushi Mushi Logo singapore

    Mushi Mushi is definitely breaking new ground by largely centering their menu selection on Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard), offering 5 variations to the widely-popular Japanese dish. The two young owners, Liang Yiyong and Cheng Liang Qi came across their business one day when they realized that the market was lacking in healthy, carbo-free snack alternatives which would be quick to take-away. ...
  • Gastrosmiths Bistro and Bakery: Singapore Review

    Last Updated: May 29, 2015

    "Affordable Gastronomy"

    gastrosmiths singapore-14932 Gastrosmiths offers really unique and special fare inspired from all around the world, introducing fusions from different cuisines adapted from many aspects of worldwide culinary styles. Their adorable, relaxed interior offers a laid-back atmosphere for one to dine in a casual setting, albeit offering higher-end quality food as a compliment. ...
  • Braseiro Restaurant & Grill: Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: April 20, 2016

    "Simple grill"

    braseiro singapore joo chiat Call it simplistic or minimalistic, Braseiro is stripped down to the basics to bring you a fulfilling, yet affordable meal where you can enjoy in the comfort of their simple interior space. ...
  • Crown Bakery: Singapore Cafe Review

    Last Updated: May 24, 2015

    "Heavenly Bread Pudding"

    crown bakery singapore Amidst the herds of new-trend hipster cafes popping up all around the area, its a treat to find an unpretentious bakery, exuding a certain regal aura of class. ...
  • Haha Thai: Singapore Thai Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: June 22, 2015

    "Modern Hipster Thai food"

    haha thai singapore ngee ann city Newly relocated from the more unchartered territory of Foch Road to a space amongst the high flyers in Singapore's bustling and most famed shopping street, Orchard Road, Haha Thai's Ngee Ann city outlet offers a relaxing escapade from the stifles of city life. ...
  • Shabu Sai: Japanese Buffet Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: May 21, 2015

    "Shabu Shabu in the East"

    As per its 6 outlets dotted all around Singapore, Shabu Sai has proven its favour and value amongst many Singaporeans alike. shabui sai eastpoint Testing out our virgin experience at Shabu Sai at the Eastpoint outlet, it still saw a steady stream of customers, even in a pretty secluded mall. ...
  • 2it & Drink: Singapore Italian Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: May 1, 2015

    "Hidden Italian Gem at River Valley"

    2it & drink is the latest venture into an Italian casual dining from the connoisseurs of fine Italian dining concept, OTTO. 2it & drink's unique name is a witty play on the word “eat” and the abbreviation of “Italy” (it) – hence, 2it & drink. With many familiar favourites, as well as more interesting innovations, diners are spoilt for choice with the myriad of options available.
  • Lee’s Taiwanese: Singapore Buffet Review

    Last Updated: January 19, 2016

    "A slice of Taiwan"

    Lee's Taiwanese buffet JEM Lee’s Taiwanese brings the popular street culture food in a restaurant setting. And it doesn’t stray too far from the prices either; Lee’s introduces a Taiwanese ala carte buffet in the mighty west. Yes, that’s right it means you can get your hearts desire of 超大鸡排 (Chicken chops), Chicken bites, Sweet potato fries, bubble tea etc. ...
  • Burning Oak: Singapore Yakitori Review

    Last Updated: April 29, 2015

    "Rustic Yakitori"

    burning oak bedok singapore Bedok would never expect a hawker joint to give off such a slightly rustic yet modern charm as per Burning Oak did. Newly settled into the just-renovated Simpang Bedok food centre, Burning Oak definitely does not exude the same vibe as you would expect from a hawker stall, but instead, more of a takeaway bistro joint. Or that hipster Japanese-American outlet you always wanted to try. ...
  • Nookie Yogurt: Singapore Froyo Review

    Last Updated: April 20, 2015

    "Delicious Froyo with innovative flavours"

    Nookie yogurt pomo

    Take a 5 minute stroll from Dhoby Ghaut to the quieter POMO and you'll come across Nookie Yogurt, with its mysterious black brick frontage and pop of fuchsia - with a store front like that, it would be hard to miss and we wouldn't want you to either. ...
  • The Sleeping Rhino: Singapore Brunch Review

    Last Updated: April 13, 2015

    "Straight-forward Brunch"

    sleeping rhino klapson hotel singapore Tucked away in a corner of the ultra chic Klapsons boutique hotel is The Sleeping Rhino (there isn't really an explanation on the name though - it's just random). The resident restaurant in the hotel serves your average international fare and has recently launched a new brunch menu that starts at 7am every day and ends at 11am (2pm on weekends). ...