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  • Gu Ma Jia: Singapore Food Review (姑妈家)

    Last Updated: April 8, 2016
    "Fresh Assam fish head curry at Gu Ma Jia" I'm an absolute addict for Assam fish head curry, this ambiguous ethnic curry that comes with that Assam spicy and sour kick. I was searching online with ...
  • Boston Seafood Shack: Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: January 19, 2016

    "New player in casual seafood dining"Boston seafood shack

    Boston Seafood shack is a relatively new casual seafood concept housed in Star Vista mall, brought to you by Creative Eateries, the same people behind famous local chains like Bangkok Jam and Siam kitchen. Boston Seafood Shack looks poised to compete against the big shots like Fish & Co and Manhattan Fish Market. I'm going to be perfectly honest with my readers; prior to the tasting session at Boston Seafood Shack, I did some online research on the restaurant and boy, were the results far from flattering. If you looked up, you'd probably still see the nasty reviews up there. I promised myself as a food writer that I will never sugar coat a truly bad experience, if not that defeats the point of a review. This might be awkward hmm....
  • Tim Ho Wan Singapore (Toa Payoh) 添好运: Food Review

    Last Updated: October 23, 2016
    "Michelin 1 Star dim sum in Singapore" It is truly an honour and achievement for traditional Asian restaurant Tim Ho Wan (添好运) to achieve a Michelin star, and a fortune we can all enjoy right ...
  • Saveur Restaurant (Purvis St): Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: January 19, 2016

    "Saveur is the most value for money French casual restaurant in town"

    saveurinterior By the way, it's supposed to be pronounced 'SAH-VUR', like cat fur. I've been to Saveur twice already and it has been a delight. Many other bloggers have done a Saveur food review as well for very good reasons.
    Ok, the inconvenient drag is that you have to be there on the dot when they open at 6pm (for dinner). Come at 6.05pm and sorry, you have to wait for the next seating at 6.45pm (I know because this is exactly what happened to me the 2nd time). Even at 6pm there's a queue now. The tell-tale signs of a successful eatery is when the staff accidentally lets out a giggle as you phone ahead to place a reservation. You know it's going to be full-house. ...
  • Simply Bread (Cluny Court): Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: November 20, 2013

    "Good simple bread"

    On the constant pursuit for the best breakfast places that won't break the bank, I arrived at Cluny Court for my next endeavour. To be honest, we were supposed to brunch at Société Canteen, but as I was waiting inside for my late date (yet again), I changed my mind to venture somewhere else. Why, you ask? The atmosphere at the Société Canteen was very, very cold and pretentious. Cold as in emotionless and without passion. No where near the Melbourne experience as promised. There were barely 3 tables occupied and no one smiled or even said hello. Everyone just looked like there was someone with a gun in the back room and they had to pretend to look normal. Absolutely stoic and I couldn't stand it in there. Oh wait, this is a review about Simply Bread, right, on to that. Ahem....
  • Wimbly Lu: Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: January 19, 2016

    "Comfy, home setting"

    I've heard my friends rave about the secret cafe stretch at Jalan Riang, and am ashamed that I've been staying in the Serangoon area for 27 years without ever visiting. One fine sunny day, I took a 15 minutes walk to this road from my home, deep within the foliage of terrace houses to find this magical place. Was snooping around the mostly Melbourne-ish inspired cafes and bistro, then finally was drawn into Wimbly Lu. They had a brunch menu with scrambled eggs, so that won me over. Wimbly Lu looked packed and there was a 7 pax before us. Waited about 8 minutes and got seated inside. The cafe has very pleasing decorum, refurbished from an old shop house with the original wall stripped off it's wallpaper to reveal the brick foundation. Grand displays of the chocolates and cakes, which they are known for. Inside, there was a huge light-well glass ceiling that let in plenty of natural sunlight and a little courtyard, which is why just stepping inside Wimbly Lu makes you feel like a happy unicorn at home. ...
  • La Petite Cuisine: Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: November 6, 2013
    La Petite Cuisine Escargot Croissant Seth Lui

    "Best Value French Cuisine"

    This is apparently -the- Indie French place to visit, from all the "you've probably never heard of it" talk my friends tell me. Many Anglo Chinese students as well as affluent school kids in the area have visited La Petite Cuisine, sort of as a rite of passage for snotty brats. With the new circle line, this place is actually pretty accessible now compared to 5 years ago. Drop off at Botanic Gardens and take a 5 minute walk to this hidden French gem. From the outside, you will see that La Petite Cuisine has pretty much zero ambience, comparable to having a meal at a coffee shop. Upon stepping in, you confirm your earlier observations. The kitchen is just a little shop space in Serene Centre, with some seats scattered around. If you like Al Fresco dining, also known colloquially as 'roasting alive under the sun', you can dine outside by the corridor. I opted to sit inside the building, where they placed a few striped dressed tables near the door walkway. ...