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  • Saint Ma (IndoChine): Singapore Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: November 18, 2015

    A culinary tour of Indo-China, nestled in a Sky Garden.

     Saint Ma, Indochine-2

    If you've been over to Suntec City lately you may have noticed something new is-a-cookin' up in the sky. What is it exactly? Well, I will tell you. It's Suntec City's newest venture, the Sky Garden. The Sky Garden is a beautiful, sprawling outdoor multi-restaurant destination home to a well curated variety of local and international eateries.  ...
  • Shang Palace at the Shangri-La: Dim Sum and Hairy Crab Review

    Last Updated: November 8, 2015

    Refined Dim Sum and Hairy Crab dishes at the Shangri-La

    Shang Palace- Exterior In honor of autumn being hairy crab season and the arrival of the Shangri La's new dim sum chef, we headed over to Shang Palace for some wonderfully indulgent Chinese fine dining. ...
  • Feng Shui Inn: Singapore Chinese Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: October 16, 2015

    Exquisite Cantonese Dining

    feng shui inn rws-2640 Feng Shui Inn might be a little hard to locate, hidden within the basement of Resorts World Sentosa at Hard Rock Hotel's side, but provides that intimate and private setting away from the hustle and bustle of a regular restaurant. Feng Shui Inn features authentic fine-dining Cantonese cuisine intricately prepared by experienced Hong Kong chefs, namely Chinese Head Chef Li Kwok Kwong. ...
  • Wan Hao Restaurant Launches Hairy Crab Grandeur 2015

    Last Updated: October 13, 2015

    Feast on everything Hairy Crab

    Wan Hao Restaurant_5713 Wan Hao, a restaurant long acquainted with Cantonese Culinary art since it first opened back in the year 1995. This place has made both longtime and new patrons coming back for their authentic favourites. Also, they are consistently listed as amongst the top restaurants in Singapore and also heralded for it's impressive wine list of over 300 selections and an excellent appeal to wine lovers. ...
  • Sum Yi Tai Singapore: Hong Kong Mafia-styled haunt

    Last Updated: November 5, 2016
    Translated to be 'Third Wife' in Cantonese, Sum Yi Tai was conceptualised to bring diners back to the unprincipled charms of Hong Kong back in the 1980s. The whole meal experience is completed by ...
  • Kay Lee Roast Meat (Tanjong Katong): Singapore Food Review

    Last Updated: August 22, 2015

    Understandably a $4 million Recipe

    kay lee roast meat singapore sign Interestingly enough, Madam Betty Wong and Husband Hong Wai Kai sold the Kay lee recipe to the Aztech group in hopes of immortalizing the recipe in years to come, as well as retiring on a comfortable bank account. Aztech normally deals with technology, so it was interesting to see them venture into Singapore's F&B scene, and whether they make that four million investment worthwhile. ...
  • Thai Village Launches SG50 Crab Promotion at $50/KG

    Last Updated: August 11, 2015

    Thai Village joins in the special occasion as Singapore celebrates her 50th birthday!


    Established 1991 in Singapore Thai Village Restaurant has grown to become the benchmark for Chinese cuisine. Bagging multiple Wine & Dine Awards in the Top Restaurants Award Category as well as Top 10 Restaurant Awards are just some of their humble successes. ...
  • Golden Peony (Conrad): Singapore Chinese Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: August 15, 2015

    "Exquisite Chinese"

    Golden-Peony-Logo A multiple award-winning Chinese restaurant centrally located on the third floor of Conrad hotel, the highly acclaimed Golden Peony is headed by Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung. Diners at the restaurant can look forward to sinking their teeth into novel and unconventional culinary creations; there is a huge selection of scrumptious dim sum dishes and signature picks available from the restaurant's menu. ...
  • Hai Tien Lo Refreshes Dim Sum Weekday Buffet Lunch with Delicate Delights 2015

    Last Updated: July 19, 2015

    Free-flow Deep Fried Prawns Dabbed With Wasabi: yes, please.

    Hai Tien Lo, literally meaning 'staircase to heaven', aims to lead you on a gastronomic journey with Dim Sum Chef Lee Siaw Cheen as she presents a wide range of scrumptious, handcrafted Dim Sum items, newly refreshed in 2015. ...
  • De’ Beer: Singapore Seafood Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: July 9, 2015

    Amazingly Delicious Salted Egg Crabs: Need I say more?

    De-Beer-Logo De' Beer used to only be in a rather inaccessible and ulu (isolated) eatery location - you'd have to travel all the way to Kranji Farm Resort, but this Seafood Restaurant has since set up a second branch right in a cosy little corner of Sunset Way. This is definitely a cause for celebration for all seafood aficionados. ...
  • Jade Restaurant: SG 50 Nostalgic Feast

    Last Updated: June 21, 2015

    "Reminisce the Good o'l Days"

    Remember the days policemen wore shorts, teenagers listened to walkmans and you were notified by calls via the beep of a pager? Most importantly, going to special occasioned Chinese dinners where food will be the highlight of the night?

    Jade Restaurant at Fullerton Hotel's Chef Leong will bring back these memories of special Chinese/Cantonese dinners with a highly intricate and nostalgic 10 course meal, only in the SG 50 Nostalgic Feast menu. This was specially created to celebrate the nation's Golden Jubilee, and will be available for a limited time only.


  • Cove99: Singapore Chinese Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: June 13, 2015

    "For the Young and Old"

    Cove-99-Logo It was not too hard to find Cove99 – just being five minutes from the MRT and one of the first few shophouses nearer to the main road, I could envision families doing away with complicated car logistics and just heading together on the train for a meal together in this little hub tucked away at Tanjong Pagar. ...
  • Yan Ting Presents New Signatures by Chef Tony Wun 2015

    Last Updated: May 10, 2015
    10After joining Yan Ting earlier in 2015, Executive Chef Tony Wun has finally revamped this well-known exquisite Cantonese restaurant menu with his own hand-crafted interpretation of gastronomy finesse. The new a la carte menu features time-honored favorites as well as refreshing new dishes that carry the same pedigree of elegance. ...
  • Tao Seafood Asia – Mrs Lee’s Favourite for Mother’s Day | Chinese Food Review

    Last Updated: November 7, 2016

    "The way to Mom’s heart is through her stomach!"

    The “second Sunday in May” is Mother’s Day in most parts of the world. It is the day when we celebrate the most sacred and honoured role of a Mother. And the word "Mother" in Mother’s Day shall be a "singular possessive, for each family to honour its mother, not a plural possessive commemorating all mothers of the world", according to Anna Jarvis, an American activist who created the Mother's Day International Association.


  • Lee’s Taiwanese: Singapore Buffet Review

    Last Updated: January 19, 2016

    "A slice of Taiwan"

    Lee's Taiwanese buffet JEM Lee’s Taiwanese brings the popular street culture food in a restaurant setting. And it doesn’t stray too far from the prices either; Lee’s introduces a Taiwanese ala carte buffet in the mighty west. Yes, that’s right it means you can get your hearts desire of 超大鸡排 (Chicken chops), Chicken bites, Sweet potato fries, bubble tea etc. ...
  • 9Goubuli: Singapore Chinese Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: November 7, 2016

    "Goubuli dishes outshine their buns"

    9goubuli marina bay sands Residing amidst the high flyers of Marina Bay Sands, 9Goubouli still manages to maintain a humbled but distinguished air around it. Translated from 狗不理 (gou bu li) in chinese, the famous establishment dates all the way back to 1858 in Tianjin, China, where it became so popular that its inventor, Gouzi [狗子] which can also mean dog, became too busy to engage in small talk and people started calling him Goubuli 狗不理, or dog ignores. ...
  • Paradise Dynasty: Singapore Chinese Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: April 23, 2015

    "Legend of Xiao Long Bao"

    paradise dynasty  legend of xiao long bao In the heart of the great expanse of Vivocity itself lies the enclave of Paradise Dynasty: Legend of Xiao Long Bao. Its spacious interior begets the regal notion of superiority and class, amidst a modernly Chinese setting. ...
  • Dean’s Cafe Seafood: Singapore Zhi Char Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: April 5, 2015

    "Hidden Zhi char in the west"

    dean's cafe toh guan-8 Blocked by surrounding multi-storey carparks and the mrt track, this zhi char coffeeshop was definitely not easy to find in the mysterious area of Toh Guan Road. Do keep a lookout for the signs which point you in the right direction if you are taking public transport. An unexpected location, the place was pretty busy for a weekday night. ...
  • Hock Lam Beef (ION Orchard): Singapore Restaurant Review

    Last Updated: March 30, 2015

    "Old Beef Noodle Taste now in Orchard"

    hock lam beef noodles ion orchard Dating back to 1911, Hock Lam Beef brings its rich cultural history and traditional roots right smack into the heart of our busy, vibrant city, in ION Orchard itself. ...
  • Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant: Guest Chefs from JW Marriot Hong Kong

    Last Updated: March 17, 2015

    "Exquisite Dim Sum from JW Marriott Hong Kong"

    wan hao marriot singapore From 9 to 22 March, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is gearing up to provide diners with a scrumptious ensemble of dim sum creations, masterfully handcrafted by guest Chefs Chow Shing Yip and Chef Liu Wai Hung from JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong. ...
  • Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅: Singapore Steamboat Review

    Last Updated: March 13, 2015

    "Collagen Infused Wonder"

    beauty in the pot onekm Look no further than to Paradise Group's latest addition, Beauty in The Pot, for your next steamboat fix. Open till 3am, foodies in the east won't need to be vexed on finding late night food haunts anymore with the newly opened steamboat joint over at oneKM mall. ...
  • Flavours at Zhongshan Park (Ramada): Singapore Buffet Review

    Last Updated: March 13, 2015

    "Modern zi char"

    Flavours at Zhongshan Park - 1 Inside Ramada Hotel in the picturesque Zhongshan Park is the hotels' restaurant, Flavours at Zhongshan Park. Serving mainly Straits Chinese cuisine with a mix of western and seafood option, it has recently introduced a new "semi-buffet" concept with a wide selection of local zi char dishes. ...
  • Red House Seafood: Singapore Restaurant Review 2015

    Last Updated: February 16, 2015

     "Tried and Tested Recipes, 30 Years on"

    Red House Seafood - 1 Inside a charming little shophouse on the corner of Prinsep Street is Red House Seafood. Serving up Singaporean favourites since its establishment in 1976, the restaurants' 3rd branch is where modernity meets old-world charm. ...
  • Peach Blossoms CNY Menu 2015: Singapore Review

    Last Updated: February 14, 2015

    "Prosperity Begins With A Good Reunion Dinner"

    peach blossom cny 2015-0639A celebrated Chinese restaurant since its opening in 1987, Peach Blossoms has established its name as one of the restaurants serving authentic Cantonese fare, as well as unique dim sum delights. Usher in an auspicious Chinese New Year filled with prosperity by experiencing Chef Chan Shun Wong’s (陈顺煌) Lucky 7 Special sets. Grant your friends and family good fortune for the year with a generous serving of their delectable set menus. ...