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How to increase sales in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry

  • 3 Tips to Improve your F&B Customer Service Recovery

    Last Updated: July 25, 2014
    customer service recovery F&B Have you ever had a bad restaurant experience? How did the staff or managers react? While I was researching for one of my food guides, I went all the way to the northern end of Singapore to try out a western grill restaurant. The place was packed, but the busy staff were still chirpy and told us to wait a moment while they prepared a table. Eventually we were seated, and seeing such a slammed night, I also prepared for our ordered meal to arrive a tad slower. It took about 30 minutes for the food to arrive, which was expected, but something else happened- my buffalo chicken wings didn't make it to the table. ...
  • 6 Qualities To look for in a Good Singapore Property Agent

    Last Updated: September 4, 2015

    best singapore property agent

    There are tons of property agents in Singapore and it can be hard to differentiate the good from the bad. It's a large sum of money invested in property for most Singaporeans, be it commercial leasing or buying a home, so choose the right property agent today by looking out for these signs. ...
  • 6 Rules every F&B manager Needs To Understand

    Last Updated: April 17, 2014
    singapore restaurant manager F&B is a very tricky business. Though it can look like fun, crazy and very organized chaos at times, it does have many factors and variables to calibrate before an establishment can be successful and prosperous. What most establishments don't usually understand is that there are many minor details that may snowball into a bigger problem that may take time to unfurl and remedy. I am not schooled in a fine institution that educates problem solving and troubleshooting in a service situation but I am a good observer and a thinker and I like to find ways to better certain situations and adapt accordingly. This is what I can offer after much careful observation in my career in F&B. ...
  • Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) 2014 Singapore: An inside look

    Last Updated: April 14, 2014
    FHA intro Amidst the monotony of sounds on a gentle afternoon, vendors exhibit their products and services in a bid to entice the thousands of consumers who thronged the exhibition halls, in hopes of snagging up a good deal. Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) 2014 is the 19th edition of the this F&B industry event, it’s first held since 1978. Known as Asia’s largest international trade show for the food and hospitality industry, FHA is a 4-day exhibition held at the Singapore Expo Halls 1-9 together with Wine Spirits Asia. The exhibition is aimed at professionals in the food and hospitality trade, while members of the general public and minors below the age of 16 will be denied entry. ...
  • Is any PR good PR? Roosevelt’s vs Daphne Maia (The Horse Piss Tag)

    Last Updated: April 10, 2014
    roosevelt's and daphne maia horseshitThe local internet has been abuzz recently with this latest viral comment spreading, whereby Daphne Maia commented on her Instagram post tagging Roosevelt's, that the coffee was: "Possibly worse than drinking horse piss". Roosevelt's cafe then responded with a witty chalk board outside their store not only acknowledging the comment, but firing back. The board as you can see above, says: "Come taste our coffee that Daphnemaia on Instagram thinks is worse than horsepiss #nothorsepiss" They even give a 10% discount if you take a picture with their sign! Clearly, Singapore netizens have been split into 2 camps, with one side calling Roosevelt's unprofessional and childish for targeting Daphne, while Roosevelt supporters applaud the witty comeback. ...
  • F&B Interview: Chef Ian Curley (The European group)

    Last Updated: March 31, 2014

    MasterChef Interview: Ian Curley

    Chef Ian Curley The European MasterChef Ian Curley was recently in Singapore for the World Gourmet Summit 2014, being hosted at The Prime Society and showcasing his culinary expertise. I had the opportunity to send him an email interview, and this was his response. ...
  • Should a retail business promote on group buying websites?

    Last Updated: March 11, 2014
    group buying marketing singapore I'm writing this in response to a group buying sales executive trying to get my retail company to promote on their site. I've tried explaining my reasoning for certain chosen products and timings that I want to push, but being the sales representative of 1 single medium, he obviously doesn't have much incentive to intentionally lower his sales quota does he. I've personally used group buying sites to promote my business twice, and as a business owner, I'm here to share my perspective on the pros and cons. ...
  • How To Start a Restaurant or Food Business in Singapore

    Last Updated: December 7, 2016

    How to Start a Restaurant in Singapore

    Starting a Restaurant, Cafe or F&B business in Singapore

    This article is a little more technical and is especially useful as a broad overview for first time Food & Beverage entrepreneurs who want to know how to start a restaurant. For overseas investors looking to set up a business in Singapore, this guide will provide highly useful information as well. I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who has first hand experience opening an F&B outlet before, rather than an inexperienced person who just heard how its done from someone. In 10 steps, I will show you how to execute and start a Restaurant or Food and Beverage business in Singapore. Remember, we're covering the basic setting up of an F&B business, not the operating or running of one, which I can easily write another 100 page article about. This is pretty basic stuff that every food entrepreneur should be familiar with if you want to enter the F&B industry in Singapore. ...
  • Taking over an F&B Business: 5 Things To Lookout For

    Last Updated: February 25, 2014
    taking over F&B business F&B businesses are frequently being transferred, most of the time due to the business' inability to profit. A large sum of capital was also spent on the interior, equipment and rent deposit, which is why F&B businesses will want to sell the entire place as it is, most of the time with a take-over fee. Shrewd businessmen are always on the lookout for a good takeover deal, and sometimes taking over an restaurant or cafe business can be profitable. Or sometimes you just want to save time and effort setting up one form scratch. In these kind of deals, the profit is made the minute you buy, not when you sell. If you have no experience in F&B takeover businesses, please pay attention to these 5 important points to lookout for when paying a takeover fee. ...
  • Is the customer always right? The case of Ken Lim vs Arun Ratnaa

    Last Updated: February 5, 2014
    I first came to notice this whole spat online because my site was getting traffic spikes from my review on Don Quijote Spanish restaurant. So I checked the search terms and realized a significantly high number of people were searching for Ken Lim on google. Not the typical search volume for this restaurant I thought to myself, perhaps Don Quijote was running a promotion? So I went to snoop around to see what I could learn that was giving Don Quijote a traffic search boost, maybe I could learn something valuable as a F&B marketing consultant. Lo and behold, I found out that there was some kind of online spat between Arun Raatna, Shiraz Marketing Manager, and Ken Lim, owner of Don Quijote. ...
  • 10 things to know before starting a Singapore Food business

    Last Updated: February 4, 2015

    things to know before starting singapore F&B business

    Also featured on Singapore Business Review by Seth Lui The casual dream of many Singaporeans is to start a Singapore food business. Singapore has often been known as the food capital of Asia, and the range of cuisines we have in this little country is immensely vibrant and diverse. Consequently, new restaurants and food business concepts in Singapore pop up like acne during teenage puberty; as do many restaurants shut down in the same time frame. You might be one of these bright-eyed entrepreneurs looking to set up the next Paradise Group Singapore food business and ready to take on the culinary world by storm. You are confident, and buy into the saying that 'you can never go wrong with food in Singapore'. ...
  • Retail Marketing: Maximizing your customer list

    Last Updated: March 8, 2014
    In my previous article 5 tips to list building for retail, I showed you various tips to building a retail marketing mailing list which is very different from online list building. The understanding of human psychology is the same, but has to be applied to suit the brick and mortar situation. In fact, retail list building might even be faster than online if your website does not have good traffic or an online presence. A customer list can be as detailed as having the address of your customer, mobile number, or just having an email. Depending on the value of your business, higher value service and products will require higher levels of connection e.g a written letter to home address. Conversely,  it is not efficient to send a $1 card with postage to a prospect to pitch a $2 product. A company has to build and guard it's customer list for 2 main reasons: driving sales any time you need it, and keeping customers connected to your brand. Start marketing even if you have 10 names in your list, and slowly build from there. You might think it's not worth the effort, but it is a discipline that has to be started early....
  • Why Restaurants should use Food Bloggers | Singapore

    Last Updated: July 19, 2014
    Singapore Food BloggersMany Singapore restaurants are hesitant to hosting so-called 'food bloggers' writing reviews on their restaurant, taking photos of their food and dining atmosphere. They wonder about a blogger's effectiveness and whether they can answer the real question on each restaurant owner's mind: "Does a food blogger really improve my restaurant's business? Or is he just eating for free?" While I'm all for eating free food, there is a reason Food & Beverage Public Relationship companies are heavily employing food bloggers as part of their service, and restaurants should start being food blogger friendly. I'll offer 5 quick reasons on why you should host food bloggers, especially the high profile and searchable ones. ...
  • Email Marketing: 5 Tips to list building for retail marketing

    Last Updated: March 8, 2014
    If you've read my article"Number 1 mistake of retail owners", then you understand how important it is to start building a email marketing mailing list for your retail business. You haven't read it? Go read it now on the link above! List building makes more sense after that article as a pretext. Building a mailing list without an online product is much slower, and harder. This is the case for most brick and mortar business owners. Your business is not as accessible as a e-commerce product, that can literally be seen and bought anywhere on Earth. However the upside is that the leads that you do generate from your retail outlet are high quality leads, with very high conversion rates when properly sold to. Remember, the best repeat customers are customers who have bought your product before, and are not only familiar/satisfied with your brand and are ready to buy again. This is why collecting leads for your list at your physical site itself is very important. Every lead you get there is a high potential recurring client. ...
  • Retail Marketing: Number 1 Mistake of Retail Owners

    Last Updated: March 8, 2014
    Retail shopThere is a common mistake that 90% of all small retail business owners are making, that can either double the growth of your business, or save it from spiralling losses month after month. This is a simple retail marketing technique not done. This mistake is so obvious and the hugely successful firms are exploiting it day after day, yet many entrepreneurs have overlooked it for reasons we will address later. What is this grand mistake everyone seems to be missing? It's the mistake of NOT building and maintaining a herd. ...
  • 6 reasons you will suck as a Food Entrepreneur

    Last Updated: July 21, 2014
    Gordon RamsayHave you ever dreamt about opening a bar or a cafe? How about a restaurant? Statistically, 62% of office workers interviewed have 'always wanted to open a cafe/bar/restaurant', and there's a high likelihood you reading this might too. Or at least know a friend who has this same dream. "Ah, if only I had my own little place to bring my friends and family to chill during the weekends." Sounds familiar? Although it seems glamorous and ritzy being a F&B owner, there are huge misconceptions and naive notions to actually owning and operating one. I know it's not a bed of roses because I've worked in several bars, restaurants and ran a F&B kiosk company. Here I'm going to share the major oversights and delusions people have towards opening a F&B concept, and for you to seriously ponder these points before embarking on your dream cafe. ...
  • Guide to Rental Rates in A Shopping Mall in Singapore

    Last Updated: July 31, 2014
    Rental rates in Shopping malls SingaporeI've been getting queries on how much is the typical rent in a shopping mall. That's a very tough questions because simply, it varies based on market forces and location. Today we're going to explore more on the rental rates of kiosks and retail spaces in shopping malls and the key variables, as well as actual examples in Singapore. At the end, I will also provide considerations you, as a retail owner, should consider before making a commitment. These local considerations however, can be used all over the world to gauge what is a suitable rent for your business. My experience is mostly based on F&B retail. ...
  • Why Social Media for Small Businesses: 8 Reasons

    Last Updated: January 23, 2014
    A lot of business owners have the perception that social media is for youngsters to gossip and it is irrelevant to their business. They cannot be more wrong. According to a US market survey, 90% of small businesses in USA use social media, while 74% perceive social media as valuable. Below I'm going to offer 8 reasons why any small business should use social media, which in a lot of instances, offer way better flexibility and returns than traditional media on marketing. whysocialmediasmallbusiness

    1) Increase sales and awareness

    The single most powerful reason a small business owner needs to consider why social media, is that it increases your sales. Why you ask? 75% of social users are somewhat or highly likely to share content they like online with friends, co-workers or family—49% do this at least weekly. Going viral on social media is the easiest and fastest way to spread your sales message. Coupled with a compelling call to action, your sales offer gets multiplied via online word of mouth astronomically. ...
  • 11 Social Media Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

    Last Updated: January 23, 2014
    Many articles have been written about the correlation between Social Media and the prosperity of a business, and we can all agree that customer engagement online goes hand-in-hand with the service standards of your company. This is especially true in the retail line and it is critical to address any issues swiftly, less they fester into a social media Armageddon like Amy's Baking Company. I'm going to go through some of the most common, yet sometimes subtle, social media mistakes that small businesses just keep committing over and over. Social media isn't just a tool to a means, and if you want to win this game of customer satisfaction you'd better correct these mistakes. FAST. ...
  • Guide to Leasing A Retail Outlet

    Last Updated: June 4, 2014

    Leasing renting a retail space Singapore

    If you are considering renting a retail brick and mortar outlet, be it in F&B or fashion, do read this guide co-written by myself and retail leasing specialist Eddy Ong (his contact details can be found at the end). This guide was written in the context of Singapore in general, but certain details might vary from country to country. ...
  • 6 trending foods to look for in Singapore 2013

    Last Updated: January 23, 2014
    Bubble tea was so last year (as well as the last decade). Frozen yoghurts like Frolick have also shut down numerous outlets, while the homemade ice cream market is saturated with players like Udders, Salted Caramel, Tom’s Palette and a plethora more names.  Sustaining trends that have integrated into our culture include takeaway bread bun stores, Tao huey and modern kaya toast shops like Toast Box and Ya Kun. So what are the latest food fads in Singapore to try, or to franchise in? Here’s a list. ...