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  • How the AirAsia ASEAN Pass Saves You Money Traveling around ASEAN countries

    Last Updated: September 2, 2015
    The AirAsia ASEAN pass has been launched for quite a while, yet not really popular with Singaporeans. Perhaps it is because of the heady lexicon and intensive jargon but when done right, the AirAsia ASEAN pass can be your gateway to a multitude of destinations at a fraction of a price. Airasia ASEAN pass 2 ...
  • 18 Beautiful Boutique Hotels in Singapore You’ll Fall in Love With

    Last Updated: December 26, 2016
    Luxury hotels are aplenty, so why not check out one of the more exotic boutique hotels in Singapore instead? Boutique hotels are considered smaller sized hotels with uniquely designed interiors as ...
  • 10 Foods You Must Eat When Visiting Bali For The First Time

    Last Updated: December 26, 2016
    If you're visiting Bali, Indonesia for the first time, these are the places you should visit for food. Most people plan their first trip to Bali for the sun and beaches but I would definitely ...
  • The Continent Hotel: Bangkok Boutique Hotel Review

    Last Updated: July 14, 2015

    Boutique Hotel in The Heart of Sukhumvit

    continent hotel bangkok-7569 While I was in Bangkok, I had the luxury of staying at The Continent Hotel in Sukhumvit, a boutique hotel right in the center of the action in Bangkok. Not only is the hotel surrounded by multiple shopping malls like The Emporium Bangkok and the recently-opened EmQuartier, but is also just a 5 minute walk away from Asok BTS and Sukhumvit MRT station - an extremely strategic and convenient location to stay at in Bangkok. ...
  • 11 Death-defying Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies That Will Blow Your Mind

    Last Updated: June 29, 2015
    If you are a jaded adventurer looking for someplace thrilling to go for a holiday, these are many countries you can go to find adrenaline-fueled fun. Go on, bring some like-minded friends or drag reluctant ones along to conquer your fears and experience some of the most amazing attractions, guaranteed to give you wave after wave of adrenaline rush. There are sure to be many other types of extreme sports but the list below are just a few interesting (and legal) ones....
  • 10 Incredible Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Last Updated: June 27, 2015
    Can I confess something? Taking a plane from the Singapore Changi Airport to Kuala Lumpur sometimes takes a shorter time than the time spent for me to travel from my house to National University of Singapore. Precisely because of this sheer convenience, many Singaporeans love travelling over to Kuala Lumpur over the long weekend. Despite locals travelling to Kuala Lumpur pretty frequently, I was surprised when I heard that many did not know the various attractions (other than shopping) that Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia had to offer. ...
  • Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore: The Suite Life

    Last Updated: June 22, 2015

    "Enjoy a sweet, suite life"

    grand hyatt suite singapore hotel-6983 Just 7 minutes away from Orchard MRT, Grand Hyatt is one of Singapore's iconic luxury hotels located in the heart of Singapore's shopping road. Situated just beside Far East Plaza, all your basic necessities from clothing, money changers, dining, to midnight cup noodles can be attained at an overwhelming convenience as such. ...
  • Ultimate How-To Guide on Booking an Airbnb Apartment Online

    Last Updated: November 16, 2016
    Welcome-Home In case you haven't heard, booking an overseas' strangers' apartments to live in during a holiday through Airbnb is kind of the norm now. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing; Airbnb home listings dot the global map - over 190+ countries, enabling globetrotters to secure a temporary residence in a local hosts' lodging place for very affordable rates and alternative styled living rather than the usual hotel. ...
  • 8 Reasons To Visit Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia For Your Next Vacation

    Last Updated: June 20, 2015

    pangkor laut-6748

    Pangkor Laut island, not to be confused with neighboring Pangkor island, is a privately-owned 300 acre island about 4.8 km off the west coast of Perak, Malaysia. Housing a resort of 140 villas and 8 estates, Pangkor Laut Resort offers guests accommodation by the breezy sea, or immersed in a tropical eden. Its isolated island setting and wooden architecture provided an amazing getaway for myself during my brief stay here, and I'm going to share my 8 compelling reasons why you should visit Pangkor Laut in Malaysia for your next vacation. ...
  • Experiencing the Pahiyas Harvest Festival in Philippines: A Nationwide Celebration

    Last Updated: June 18, 2015
    pahiyas festival philippines -6173 The Pahiyas harvest festival is one of Philippines' largest and most colorful harvest festivals held every 15 May, attracting locals from around the country to partake in the vibrant celebrations. ...
  • One Day Melbourne Food Guide: For The Time-Pressed Tourist

    Last Updated: June 18, 2015
    one-day-melbourne-food-guide In Melbourne, Australia, the problem with food is that the choices are simply too many. Every corner may hold a new gem, every other street a new find. Save the guilt for when you are home, because this 1 day guide will teach you how to squeeze the most out of a good eating day, especially useful for tourists on a tight schedule. We bring 5 food stops you can visit all within one day, and instructions on how to get there so you can plan your route. We recommend following the order as presented but you can refer to the map at the end to decide which you want to visit first too! ...
  • From Sea to City: Best of Gold Coast Vacation Homes on Show

    Last Updated: January 12, 2017
    Gold Coast is a coastal city in Southeastern Queensland of Australia, and once heavily marketed in Singapore more than a decade ago. These days you rarely see images of the happy screaming faces from ...
  • Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway: Singapore Hotel Review

    Last Updated: May 21, 2015
    hotel jen orchard gateway-4494 The new Hotel Jen Orchardgateway is one of the most vibrant and convenient hotels to stay in Singapore. Again personifying the character 'Jen' just like its counterpart hotel at Tanglin, hotel Jen yearns to convey passion for travel and life through her wonderful hotel. ...
  • Scoot’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Gold Coast Flight Review

    Last Updated: May 22, 2015

    "Long Hauls made convenient"

    scoot 787 singapore-4985 Scoot first signed orders to acquire 20 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft in October 2012, fitting its 787 fleet with double Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines. I was lucky enough to join a media crew on Scoot's inaugural flight to Gold Coast, Australia and thus can share my personal experience on the huge 787 Dreamliner plane. Scoot is currently the only low cost carrier that provides a direct flight to Gold Coast Australia, with a flight time that takes around 8+ hours. I imagined such a long time on a budget plane's cramped seat would be a torturous event, but thankfully I was surprisingly mistaken. ...
  • 10 Amazing Bali Villas With Private Pools Starting From SGD $79

    Last Updated: December 26, 2016
    Probably the most famous island in Indonesia, Bali boasts captivating beaches and a diversity of both traditional and modern culture. It is also known to us Singaporeans as one of the more affordable ...
  • 11 Best Nearby Beach Weekend Getaways From Singapore

    Last Updated: December 26, 2016
    Looking for a beach getaway? Overwhelmed and exceedingly stressed by the number of tasks listed on your to-do checklist? Well, this might be your cue for a weekend getaway to some of Asia's most ...
  • Park Regis Hotel: Singapore Staycation Review

    Last Updated: May 8, 2015

    "Staycation in Clark Quay"

    park regis hotel singapore review Just a step away from Singapore's most iconic, bustling nightlife spot, Park Regis Hotel proves to be just the excellent spot for both tourists, businessmen and even Singaporeans alike. With 202 spacious rooms of their own, you can definitely find a respite but yet still stay in a part of the action in our busy town, the perfect go-to location for a night in Singapore. ...
  • Tourists in Maldives: Food, Fun and Sun with Canon PowerShot

    Last Updated: May 4, 2015

    "The Blue that Stretches Forever"

    maldives sheraton beach-0407 The fabled honeymoon spot that every wed couple seems to dream of going, I found myself flown to Maldives courtesy of Canon Singapore, to do a review on one of their cameras recommended for travel snappers like myself. All the pictures you see in this article were taken with the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS, which in a way simplifies convenience rather than shooting with my usual Canon 6D DSLR. The compact size of the PowerShot SX530 HS makes travelling a lot easier with its versatile and convenient point-and-shoot feature. ...
  • 20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Koh Samui

    Last Updated: March 13, 2016
    Koh Samui, or sometimes spelt Ko Samui, is an island in the gulf of Thailand, and is well-known for its beautiful beaches. Its an island to have a very relaxed holiday that is tranquil and ...
  • Cheap Last Minute Singapore Hotel Deals with HotelQuickly

    Last Updated: October 12, 2015
    cheap hotels singapore hotelquickly Looking for cheap hotels in Singapore? You can do just that with the HotelQuickly app, but there's a catch - it's only for last minute hotel bookings. However, bookings can be on average 28% cheaper, and there is a potential to be even cheaper if you have friends redeem your promo code. I'll explain more on that later, but first, how does the app work? ...
  • Renaissance Koh Samui: Thailand Resort Hotel Review

    Last Updated: April 16, 2015

    "A Dream Castaway"

    renaissance koh samui skyscanner-1679 Renaissance Koh Samui Resort + Spa is an excellent romantic getaway, perched on a hill that slopes towards an endless sapphire blue sea. Tranquil yet packed with all modern facilities for the comfort of guests, I was fortunate enough to experience this amazing resort in Koh Samui courtesy of our travel partners Skyscanner, Bangkok Airways and of course, Marriott Hotel Group. ...
  • InterContinental Singapore Hotel: Luxury Hotel Keeping Heritage Alive

    Last Updated: November 9, 2016
    InterContinental Singapore is located right beside Bugis Junction shopping mall, and provides an accessible, convenient luxury hotel stay for guests. Near to the city, MRT, supermarket, cinema, ...
  • Flying to Indonesia Bali with KLM & Airbnb: Instant Getaway 2014

    Last Updated: April 16, 2015

    "Instant Getaway to Bali"

    bali-banner As part of the KLM x Airbnb Instant Getaway 2014 held in December, 10 lucky groups of 4 won a free 4D3N flight and stay in Indonesia Bali. The air flight was sponsored by Royal Dutch airline KLM, while a beautiful villa was provided by Airbnb for the winners. ...
  • Hilton Tokyo: Launch of TSUNOHAZU Dining Floor

    Last Updated: January 21, 2015

    "Seamless Dining Integration"

    hilton tokyo japan-09286024 Hilton Tokyo is located in Tokyo's vibrant Shinjuku city center, just minutes from the heart of the business and entertainerment areas. The unique S-curved hotel has 811 spacious guest rooms comfortably decorated in warm tones with Japanese lacquer and wood details. In Octorber 2014, after a grand revamp of the 2nd floor, Hilton Tokyo presents TSUNOHAZU - a new dining high seamlessly integrated into a single space featuring a Japanese restaurant, Western grill, Chinese restaurant as well as a bar/lounge and pastry shop. ...