7 Must Try Beers & Ciders at BeerFest Asia 2015 in Singapore

beerfest asia 2015 singapore

Beerfest Asia returns to Singapore for the seventh time this June 2015; a cause for celebration for all beer and beverage enthusiasts and fanatics. Offering close to 400 beers and ciders sourced globally, there must be a featured alcoholic drink of Beerfest Asia 2015 which would win your heart. Held at the Marina Promenade, you’ll be guaranteed with an amazing scenic view of the Singapore city skyline while you sip on glasses after glasses of beer.

Other than taking in all the alcoholic-induced good vibes, beverage enthusiasts can also look forward to exceptional food and great entertainment – live stage performances! If you’re awesome, above 18 but still sitting on the fence contemplating if you want to make your way down to Beerfest Asia 2015, I will help you out by introducing 7 of the festival’s must-try beers and ciders.

1) Strongbow Apple Ciders – Elderflower (5% ABV)

beerfest asia 2015 singapore Strongbow Apple Cider

Hailing from the UK, the Strongbow Elderflower ($9) is a definite winner amongst the ladies. Infused with elderflower and lime,  it has a sweet floral aroma and is exceedingly light on the palate. Citrusy and tangy, I found it pleasingly refreshing.

I could have easily downed a few bottles of this, no problem at all. It is easy to see men buying the Strongbow Elderflower for their dates or for a group of ladies having a girl’s night out.

Strongbow Elderflower is an entirely new cider being introduced to the collection of Beerfest Asia by Asia Pacific Breweries so now’s a good chance to get first-hand taste on it!

2) Zeffer Red Apple Cider (5% ABV)

beerfest asia 2015 singapore Zeffer Red Apple Cider

Exhibited by The Mad Tapper, Zeffer Red Apple ($9) encapsulates the delicious and unique taste of New-Zealand grown Mahana Red apples. It was an eye-catching pretty pink color similar to that of Rose wine and a red toffee apple smell wafted into my nose when I held it to my mouth. Its taste reminded me of the country-side – rustic and unassuming.

In comparison to the Strongbow Elderflower, the Zeffer Red Apple is a whole lot drier in the mouth.

Zeffer Red Apple Cider (4)

The Mad Tapper will be making their debut as an exhibitor this June at Beerfest Asia 2015; introducing Zeffer Red Apple for the first time to the existing line of cider available in the festival.

3) La Chouette (4.5% ABV)

beerfest asia 2015 singapore Chouette Cider

Sourced from Normandy, a region of Northern France, La Chouette ($10) is a pure apple juice cider derived from the delicate blending of different apple varieties. Rather than being just sweet, there are many different layers – various extents of bittersweetness, to the taste profile of La Chouette.

The sharp bitter taste during the finish of the cider is counterbalanced by La Chouette’s fizziness. Despite me not being a big fan of bitter foods (I hate bittergourds, ugh), I still found the La Chouette to be an enjoyable drink with a particularly piquant flavour.

Brought in by TSA Wines Ptd Ltd, this cider is also making its first debut in Singapore through Singapore’s Beerfest Asia 2015.

4) Dester 100% Malt (5% ABV)

Dester Beer beerfest asia 2015 singapore

Even though blue Dester is wide spread in kopitiams, trust me that this gold version is way better. The very first sip of Dester 100% Malt ($6) surprised me; it tasted a lot richer, sweeter and smoother than the regular Desters. The full-bodied flavour is derived from the finest golden malt specially selected in Germany.

Even though I am not a huge fan of Dester, I still found myself raising the glass for a second sip. Or maybe there was even a third. What? It was creamy and reminded me somewhat of caramel. Don’t judge.

In addition to being a new beer in Singapore, Dester 100% Malt is also a new face in the Beerfest Asia festival.

5) Iron Maiden Trooper (4.7% ABV)

beerfest asia 2015 singapore Iron Maiden

If the heavy metal genre was compressed into a bottle of beer, the Iron Maiden Trooper ($8) is it. I couldn’t help but to envision a group of people headbanging as I was drinking it. In my defence, that imagery is justified because Iron Maiden Trooper was actually developed by the vocalist of heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson. A real ale enthusiast, he has managed to capture the very dark and dreary essence of heavy metal music in a bottle of beer.

While I did not return for a second sip, Seth did. I’m not being sexist here but I do think this would be a strong ale all men would love to try just because of its macho taste. Brought in by the East Of Avalon Wines, the Iron Maiden Trooper is a new beer at the Beerfest Asia festival.

6) Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer (4.4% ABV)

beerfest asia 2015 singapore Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer

Picture dried, sugar-coated ginger slices which you would normally find in traditional Chinese families’ houses during Chinese New Year. If you were to convert those slices into an alcoholic drink, I would assume that the Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer ($9) would be an accurate portrayal of the taste. If you are a ginger lover like I am, you will definitely enjoy this fizzy pleaser.

It is spicy, arresting and refreshing – everything I didn’t know I was looking for in a beer. Easily one of my favourites. The Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer is a new beer at the festival too.

7) Nylon Coffee Collaborative Ale (5% ABV)

beerfest asia 2015 singapore Coffee Beer

“It smells like coffee!”

Yes, that was what I excitedly exclaimed when I was handed a glass of the Nylon Coffee Collaborative Ale ($15). It was a major ‘you don’t say’ moment for all of us and a mildly embarrassing one for me. The Nylon Coffee Collaborative Ale was birthed through the partnership between one of Singapore’s most renowned speciality coffee roasters: Nylon Coffee Roaster, and Japanese Beer Brand Iwate Kura. The coffee beans from the Four Chairs Coffee Blend were sent over to be infused into the beer, alongside a caramel malt base.

While it didn’t taste particularly like the usual coffee, its distinct bitter finish reminded me of my go-to drink during examination periods. Brought in by Epicurean Nomads Private Limited, this is a unique beer to be looked out for during the festival.


For your information, Beerfest Asia will be held from 25 to 28 June 2015 at the Marina Promenade (the F1 tracks behind the Singapore Flyer). After having introduced 7 must-try beers available in this year’s Beerfest Asia, I’m quite sure you’re excited to purchase your tickets for the festival so good news: tickets from $20 are now on sale from SISTIC. A complimentary beer is redeemable with every ticket purchased.

For other information on discounts, VIP tickets and festival updates, head on to the official website of Beerfest Asia 2015. I know you’ll have a great time there!

This post was brought to you by Beerfest Asia

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