Peony Jade (Keppel Club) Dim Sum Buffet: Singapore Food Review

“Off the road, value dim sum buffet”

Peony Jade Keppel restaurant

A Sze-chuan and Cantonese cuisine restaurant, Peony Jade features high ceilings, quaint red lanterns and a pretty good value dim sum buffet. Although it’s located deep in Keppel Club, which is a good 10-15 minute walk from Telok Blangah MRT.

Walk up an appetite before stuffing yourself with dim sum, because there’s loads of goodies coming up.

The main dim sum chef is stationed at Peony Jade Keppel, which is why only this outlet provides a larger selection of dim sum, as well as the weekday dim sum buffet priced at $39.90++ (with minimum 4 pax to dine). Dim sum is freshly made here everyday, and transporting to the Clark Quay branch compromises quality.

All the following items are dishes tried at the Peony Jade dim sum buffet tasting.

Peony Jade Salmon sashimi

Salmon Sashimi. A started dish that is different from your usual typical Chinese cold dish of Jellyfish and baby octopus.

Peony Jade Shark's fin

Shark’s Fin Soup. Limited to one order per person for the buffet. A tad watery and could have used a bit more corn starch or similar thickening agent.

Peony jade custard prawn

Deep-fried prawn in creamy yolk. Another limited item dish, these prawns were wok-fried in creamy egg yolk and had very soft shells, allowing you to eat it whole with the shell. Usually I’d peel it because the shell always turns out too tough, which also minimizes the savory gravy. In this instance, you get the full flavors of creamy egg yolk with a hint of chili when you eat the prawn whole.

Peony jade keppel har gao

Har gao (prawn dumpling). Pretty ordinary prawn dumplings with chewy skin and ample prawn stuffing.

Peony Jade Liu sha bao

Pandan Liu Sha Bao. Peony Jade does their liu sha bao a little differently, using panda infused in the skin which adds that bit of extra fragrance. The pandan was quite subtle here, but I found the custard a bit too flowy and not having enough structure. The filling taste and size of the bun was just right though.

Peony Jade roasted duck

Roasted duck. Also part of the dim sum buffet is roasted duck! This is why I think it’s a totally value-for-money dim sum buffet you shouldn’t miss.

Peony jade keppel carrot cake

XO Chili carrot cake. Pretty good carrot cake with good covering of XO chili and firm cake chunks. Would have liked a slightly crispier top texture for perfection though.

Peony Jade Zhu Chang Fen

Vermicelli roll with Char siew. I found the skin too brittle, which kept breaking when attempting to get into my mouth. There was a very distinct parsley taste within the char siew filling as well, which boils down the personal preference.

Peony Jade restaurant siew mai

Siew Mai. Meaty siew mais with tobiko roe for a more variant texture sensation.

Peony Jade Char siew bao

Char Siew Bao. I love these old school hand-made fluffy Hong Kong style char siew baos, compared to the smooth skin factory made ones. Skin texture wise is so much better.

Peony Jade Banana fritters


Fried Banana Fritters. Excellent crispy exterior that isn’t too oil. The banana was really ripe and sweet and somehow melded really well with the skin and sesame seed. The mayonnaise finish also serves to cut through the jelat-ness.Peony Jade Yang zhi gan lu

Yang Zhi Gan Lu. Interestingly comes with peach ice cream, which is a different combination not unexpected to pair, but not seen before. The creamy ice cream melts and creates new flavors with the mango cream the more you eat, ensuring constant enjoyment.

Peony Jade Durian mochi

Mao Shan Wang Durian Mochi ($12 for 3). Wow. This last one really blew my mind. Although not part of the buffet menu, you have got to try this. The handmade mochi skin literally just melts into the fragrant Mao Shan Wang durian pulp, probably the top-rated durian breed in the market now.

There is no distinct seperation of mochi skin and pulp, and it all gradients together so lightly. If you love durian, this is a must try.

Peony Jade restaurant keppel

Other than dim sum, the head chef periodically comes up with random specials of the day as well, so you won’t get bored dining here. Frequented mostly by Keppel Club members, this is a hidden gem to explore if you have a car to drive in. Or incredibly fit to walk.

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Buffet Price: $39.90++/pax (min. 4 to dine)

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Peony Jade Restaurant: 10 Bukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club, Singapore 109918 | Website

Buffet hours: Weekdays: 11.00 – 14:30 (weekend lunch serves a la carte dim sum)