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Punggol Container Food Park Guide: 5 Container Eateries To Check Out For All You Hipsters

Last Updated: March 3, 2017

A love for food and video games, combined with a lack of motivation to exercise, is probably the reason I'm slowly gaining weight.

Container food parks in Singapore have been pretty popular, and we finally got our own last year when Timbre+ opened, but it’s far and totally not convenient for a North-Eastie like me to head down. So I was pretty happy when I heard that a total of seven container eateries opened at Tebing Lane in Punggol.

Located right beside Popeyes, two bistros, Leung Kee Healthy Dessert and Boost @ Banks were closed when I visited, and the other five are still working out the opening hours and menus, so the information presented here might be subject to change.

Punggol might still be a bit ulu, but it’s definitely a lot closer for us North-East siders than Ayer Rajah is where Timbre+ is located.

Here are five container eateries we checked out at Punggol Container Food Park!

1. Pump Station 1965

Pump Station 1965-1

Decorated with signs of petrol brands and seats made from oil drums, Pump Station 1965 gives off an industrial vibe with its metallic and wood furnishing.

With all the dishes under $15, Pump Station is a nice place to just kick back and have a pint of beer while enjoying the scenery of Punggol Serangoon Reservoir.

Pump Station 1965-2

The food’s not too shabby either; the Dong Po Pork Belly ($12.90) was delicious. Sweet, salty and flavourful, its fat melted in my mouth and the sweet sauce from the tender meat kept things interesting. Paired with a Asahi Super Dry Black ($9/half pint, $14/pint), it was an awesome beer grub, being greasy and delicious.

2. Big Fish Small Fish

Big Fish Small Fish-1

Fish and chips in Singapore usually utilise dory fish fillets, but here at Big Fish Small Fish, I was awed by the variety of fish that I could choose. I decided on Salmon Fish And Chips ($12.90) because I’ve never had salmon in the form of fish and chips before. It also came with chips seasoned with paprika.

Big Fish Small Fish-2

I also had a choice of sauce pairing, with a selection of salted egg, tar tar, cheese and XO sauce available. I eventually went with the XO sauce, again because I’ve never had it before with Fish and Chips. The fish was flakey and moist, with a light and crispy batter, pairing well with the spicy and slightly sweet XO sauce.

The chips were good, but some pieces were crispy and others weren’t, so that’s something that Big Fish Small Fish could look into in the future. There are free refills of sauce and chips though, which was great because we really enjoyed the sauce and the kick of heat that it provides the fish.

3. D’Grill


I’m usually an easygoing person and don’t mind if my food takes a while to come because I understand how busy kitchens and servers can be, but D’Grill has quite a bit of room for improvement.

Customer service was non-existent; cutlery and napkins were forgotten, and we were seated at table and chairs wet from the rain earlier without anyone wiping it dry. It took 45 minutes for us to get the Junior Platter ($18) even though there weren’t that many people, and the food was average at best. To be fair, there’s no service charge as well.

The octopus and squid were tender and not overcooked, the prawns were still juicy and the fish was soft. The homemade ketchup sauce was the highlight of the dish, tangy with crunchy bits of onions, we enjoyed that the most. The customer service and wait time ultimately made us rather disappointed, perhaps D’Grill will improve in time after getting more experience.

4. L’Chaim Bistro

L'Chaim Bistro-1

If you enjoy craft beers, L’Chaim is where you should head to. The beers on tap all come from Archipelago Brewery, so you can enjoy good beers while having the chef’s daily special. L’Chaim doesn’t have a fixed menu, preferring instead to cook a daily special which the chef decides by picking what’s fresh from the markets.

L'Chaim Bistro-2

This results in a limited quantity of a dish, so do head down earlier if you want food to go along with your drinks. What we had on that day was Curry Chicken Rice ($15.90). The chicken meat was tender to the point of falling off the bone, and the curry was spicy and rich.

5. Seoul Good

Seoul Good Dessert-2

Seoul Good was probably the most Instagrammable place at Punggol Container Food Park with clean white interiors, and we were extremely grateful for the strong air conditioning inside. An item on the menu immediately caught my eye and since we were there for dessert, I decided to try the Oreo Bingsu ($15.90) with a yoghurt base.

Seoul Good Dessert-1

The shaved ice was fine and fluffy, with a hint of tanginess from the yoghurt which I loved. The condensed milk was served on the side, but I didn’t need it as the sweetness of the Oreo crumble and the banana slices were good enough for me.

A point to note for these eateries at Punggol Container Food Park is that many of them do not open until around 5pm, so if you’re heading down make sure its for dinner.

Some eateries are still facing early teething issues, but other than that, I feel that many of the eateries have great potential and I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere there.

The eateries are all new, and only Pump Station 1965 has a Facebook page up, so go down early to avoid not being able to get a seat!

Expected damage: $10-$30/pax

Punggol Container Food Park: 50 Punggol East, The Seed Park, Singapore 828826 

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