Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar: Singapore Food Review

 “Chill with some easy drinking”

Roosevelts - exterior

If you’re in the mood for casual and highly affordable western chow, accompanied with a notable selection of spirits and beverages, then look no further than Roosevelt’s.

Roosevelt's - interior

Set within an intimate setting of strategically placed vintage Vespas, rustic wooden tables and classic run-down brick walls,  Roosevelt’s is no stranger to modern panache.

Roosevelts - coffeeLatte ($4.80). After the recent hoo-ha over Roosevelt’s coffee (click here to find out what went on), we decided to give it a shot ourselves. The attempt at latte art was rather ‘abstract’, albeit the ‘Swan’ is indeed an advanced illustration and requires plenty of practice to master.

The crema to foam ratio was a little off, resulting in a second-rate consistency.
The coffee brought a pleasantly sharp taste to the mouth, but was a little too complex for my liking. It was balanced in structure but a little disappointing in terms of the flavour and aroma. It left a round, resonant acidic aftertaste that most might get used to.

No, the coffee tasted alright and did not taste like horse piss.

*Seth’s note: Bon was a barrista so he is a bit more an@l about his coffee.

Roosevelts - caramel milkshake

Roosevelt’s Salted Caramel ($8). Unlike most milkshakes, the ones at Roosevelt’s were not prepared by blending tons of ice to make up for the volume. As a result, it was very rich and malted, probably the best I’ve had (and I’ve had plenty).

Roosevelts - baby back ribs

BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($22/half, $28/full). The ribs were left to marinade overnight and the succulent meat practically flakes off the bone. The meat was tender and soft, and was discernibly basted well.

Roosevelts - chicken

Southern Fried Chicken ($18). The meat was steaming hot when cut open, crisp shards of the skin scaling off the crust. The batter was crisp yet light, and the meat was juicy and tender. The chicken was marinated in milk to achieve this softness.

It was served with a special sauce that tasted a little bit like Thousand Island dressing, but was actually a concoction of seven different sauces and spices. Could use a bit more spice for south Louisiana Cajun-style, but other than the chicken was really good.

Roosevelts - breakfast

Teddy’s Big Breakfast ($23). The eggs were rich and milky, much to my liking. Bacon strips were very crisp and broke to the touch.

Roosevelts - dessert

Apple Forrest Berries Crumble ($8). Much to my pleasant surprise, this dish brought to my palate a myriad of tastes and textures. The velvety ice cream, spongy apple slices and brittle granola bits came together and worked really well. The apple slices were a little too big in size though.

Roosevelts - waffles

Chocolate Banana Waffle ($12). The waffles were a little too soft and soggy for my liking, however it fared pretty decent with the ice cream and banana pieces. You see the brown creamy strips around the waffles? Yes, those are strips of Nutella goodness.

Roosevetl's muscato

roosevelt's diner red wine

Roosevelt’s is actually positioned to be more of a bar with excellent one-for-one drink deals from 5-8pm on weekdays. Serving very easy to drink wines at affordable prices, don’t be misled by the whole coffee situation which draws away from their selling point.

Authentic western food, pleasant ambience, wines and beverages are the trademarks of this joint. I feel they have done fairly well for food standards as compared to some of the numerous cafes that have been shiftily popping up everywhere around Singapore, definitely an enjoyable experience.

Roosevelts - exterior 2

Expected damage: $30/pax

Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar: 331 New Bridge Road, #01-02 Dorsett Residences,  Singapore 088764 | Tel: 6538 3518 | Website

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