1 day JB itinerary: Where to go, what to do & where to eat

Welcome to the vibrant city of Johor Bahru, affectionately known as JB. Located just across the border from Singapore, JB is a city that offers a captivating blend of cultural richness, delectable cuisine, and exciting attractions. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a day of exploration, JB has something for everyone. 

But what exactly can you do in JB? In this carefully crafted 1-day itinerary, I’ll guide you through some of the must-visit spots and experiences that will make your day in JB truly unforgettable. Here is a 1-day JB itinerary of fun-filled activities and good food.

1. Have breakfast like a local at Yummy Nasi Lemak House

Yummy Nasi Lemak House - Store front

Indulge in a hearty Malaysian breakfast experience at Yummy Nasi Lemak House, situated in Taman Abad. Delight in the classic Nasi Lemak Basic (RM6.90), featuring aromatic coconut rice complemented by sambal, a fried egg, roasted peanuts, and papadum.

Yummy Nasi Lemak House - Nasi lemak

If you find yourself craving more, they also offer options like Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah (RM11.90), Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang (RM11.90), and Nasi Lemak Mutton Rendang (RM15.90). For those seeking a lighter choice, consider sampling the Mee Siam Basic (RM6.90), which includes a fried egg, sambal, and papadum.

Yummy Nasi Lemak House - Kuih

Don’t miss out on their selection of kuih while you’re there. Savour Pulut Pangang (RM1.60 per piece), Yam Cake (RM1.50 per piece), or Ang Ku Kueh (RM1.60 per piece). For those with a sweet tooth, you can opt for the Ondeh-Ondeh (RM0.70 per piece), Seri Muka (RM1.30 per piece), or Kueh Dadar (also known as Kuih Ketayap) (RM1.30 per piece).

104, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor
Thu to Tue: 8.30am – 3pm
Closed on Wed

2. Visit the oldest structures in JB

Johor Ancient Temple - Front

In a town with such a rich history, one should not pass up the opportunity to immerse themselves in it. As stated in its name, the Johor Ancient Temple is one of the oldest religious structures in JB. Built in the 1870s, this temple still remains a symbol of unity among the 5 Chinese ethnic groups and houses 5 deities — 1 for each ethnic group.

Johor Ancient Temple - Mural

Take a leisurely walk around the temple premises and admire the stunning and lively murals that adorn the walls of this ancient structure. When you step inside, you’ll immediately feel the tranquil ambience enveloping you as you venture deeper into the temple.

Johor Ancient Temple - Interior

While you wander and absorb the surroundings, be sure to explore the artefacts housed within. The ancient century-old bronze bell, incense burner, and wooden tablet have been carefully preserved over time. Much of the temple’s cultural design remained intact during the renovation in 1994.

Lot 653, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
+607 213 4098
Daily: 7.30am – 5.30pm
Facebook | Website

3. Visit the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque - Front

Just across the Zaharah Botanic Gardens lies the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, a hilltop mosque with English Victorian architecture and Moorish elements. Constructed between 1892 and 1900 under the direction of Sultan Abu Bakar, this beautiful mosque is still open during prayer times.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque - Dome

Perched atop Ledang Hill, tourists can relish the panoramic vista of the Johor Straits and glimpse our neighbouring nation, Singapore. Be sure to observe the nearby structures which also showcase British architectural influences.

Please remember to dress modestly when planning a visit to this mosque. Non-Muslims are permitted to admire the mosque’s exterior only. It’s recommended to steer clear of visiting during the lunch hour on Fridays, as the mosque experiences its peak traffic due to Friday prayers.

Jalan Gertak Merah, Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Daily: 5am – 6.45am & 12.30pm – 9.15pm

4. Buy banana cake from a 100-year-old bakery

Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory - Store front

First opened in 1919, Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory has garnered a reputation for baking the best banana cake in JB. This small shop is often seen with long queues of people eagerly waiting to get their hands on the freshly baked goods.

Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory

Baked in a wood-fired oven, the soft and fluffy Banana Cake (RM12) comes with 10 slices per box. Although it may seem like a lot, most locals buy multiple boxes at a time. If you’re visiting on a Tuesday morning, don’t miss the chance to purchase the exclusive Butter Cake (RM15) and Coffee Cake (RM15).

This bakery also sells freshly baked bread. Choose between Coconut, Red Bean, Peanut, and Kaya, all priced at RM5 for 4 buns. You can also try the Otak-Otak Bun and Butter Bun, both at RM5 for 2 pieces.

13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
+607 223 1703
Mon to Sat: 7.30am – 4.30pm
Closed on Sun

5. Get your adrenaline pumping at X Park Sunway Iskandar

X Park - Sign
Credit: Sunway Hotels

Get ready for some sunny fun at X Park Sunway Iskandar, where you’ll find more than 10 heart-pounding activities to choose from. Situated in Bandar Medini Iskandar, this park is the ultimate destination for adventure enthusiasts.

X Park - Go-kart
Credit: Sunway Hotels

If you’re seeking thrills, try your hand at Go-Karting (starting at RM35) on a covered race track for an exhilarating 10-minute ride, or book a race with your friends for added excitement. For the truly daring, there’s the option to experience the adrenaline rush of riding an ATV (starting at RM40) on rugged dirt roads.

X Park - Driving range

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the Golf Driving Range (starting at RM15 per 100 balls) where you can perfect your golf swings. And if you prefer indoor court games, you’re in luck – you can enjoy a game of Badminton (starting at RM20 per hour) or Futsal (starting at RM90 per hour).

X Park Sunway Iskandar offers a diverse range of activities for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Jalan Medini Selatan 2 Medini Zone F, Bandar Medini Iskandar, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor
+6012 426 6913
Mon to Thu: 2pm – 12am
Fri to Sun: 10am – 12am
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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6. Lunch at Restaurant Teck Sing

Restoran Teck Sing - Store front

After a fun-filled afternoon, head over to Restaurant Teck Sing for a nice lunch. This family-owned restaurant serves the best Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price.

Restoran Teck Sing - Chicken

Indulge in their signature Paper Baked Chicken (RM36.60) featuring tender herbal chicken paired with a delicious herbal sauce. If you like seafood, I recommend sampling the Curry Fish Head (RM48) or the Shark Fin with Crab Meat Soup (from RM38).

Restoran Teck Sing - Food

Choose from the restaurant’s variety of prawn dishes like the Oats Prawn (from RM35), Indonesian Style Curry Prawn (from RM35), or Drunken Prawn in Claypot (from RM35). Other menu options to choose from include Thai Style Deep-Fried Squid (RM38), Sizzling Beancurd (from RM12) and Stewed Pork with Yam (RM24).

3&5, Jalan Sutera 1, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor
+607 334 7025
Fri to Wed: 11am – 8.30pm
Closed on Thu
Facebook | Website

7. Enjoy the JB skyline at Skyscape

Skyscape - Sky bridge
Credit: Menara Jland

Observe the bustling city of JB from Menara Jland‘s open-air sky bridge, Skyscape Johor Bahru. Traverse the glass-floored sky bridge that is perched 149 metres above the ground and conquer your fear of heights (if you have any).

Entrance fees start at RM18 for Malaysian children and RM28 for Malaysian adults. For international visitors, children’s tickets are priced at RM28, while adults can enter for RM38.

Skyscape - Viewing deck

But that’s not all! You can also immerse yourself in a virtual reality (VR) experience and capture photos in the LED tunnel. Additionally, there’s an observation deck and interactive floor games for your entertainment. If you’re in the mood for a movie, there’s even a mini theatre!

Level 34, Menara JLand Johor Bahru City Centre (JBCC, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
+6011 1538 7537
Daily: 9.30am – 4pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

8. Dinner at It Roo Cafe

It Roo Cafe - Store front

Situated along Jalan Dhoby, It Roo Cafe has been delighting diners with its top-notch chicken chop since 1961. This nostalgic kopitiam attracts both locals and tourists, all eager to savour the renowned Chicken Chop (RM18.50), which can be prepared either grilled or fried, based on your preference.

It Roo Cafe - Chicken chop

You can enhance your chicken chop experience by selecting either black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce, served alongside crispy fries and coleslaw. For those with hearty appetites, consider the Chicken Chop with 2 eggs (RM21), which offers the same choices of sauces, fries, coleslaw, and two impeccably fried eggs, just like the traditional chicken chop.

This establishment also serves Chinese dishes such as Sweet and Sour Chicken (RM17), Hailam Noodles (RM9.90), and Cantonese Kuey Teow (RM9.90).

17, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
+607 222 7780
Daily: 11am – 8.30pm

9. Indulge in dessert at Yamada Beancurd

Yamada Beancurd

Following dinner, treating yourself to dessert is a must (right?). I highly suggest paying a visit to Yamada Beancurd to savour the authentic beancurd offered by this iconic food truck. However, it’s important to note that their operation is limited to just 4 hours, so make sure to act promptly!

Yamada Beancurd - Beancurd

Opt for your preferred beancurd flavour from a selection of three: Pandan (RM3.50), Pure Gula Melaka (RM3), or White Sugar (RM3). Elevate the taste experience by adding various toppings, including peach gum (RM3), freshly-made black sugar pearls (RM2), red bean (RM2), grass jelly (RM2), corn (RM2), or orange potato balls (RM2 for 5 pieces).

Yamada Beancurd - Beancurd

There are also 4 different beancurd creations you can choose from such as the Signature Beancurd (RM8), You-Gan Beancurd (RM8), Man-Pai Beancurd (RM8), and the Dessert Beancurd (RM8).

77, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor
+6018 385 5597
Wed to Sun: 6pm – 10pm (or until sold out)
Closed on Mon & Tue
Facebook | Instagram

10. [TEMPORARILY CLOSED] End the night at a carnival 

Danga Bay Park - Carousell

What could be more idyllic than concluding your day by the seaside? At Danga Bay Park, you can appreciate the ocean breeze while participating in nostalgic carnival activities.

Danga Bay Park - Rides

Embark on a journey through time as you hop on the Carousell (RM2), complete with enchanting lights and music that will evoke a sense of nostalgia. Seeking more excitement? Head to the Bumper Cars (RM8) and share a laugh as you collide with your friends. You can also revel in other timeless theme park rides like the Ferris Wheel (RM8), Spinning Tea Cups (RM8), or Pirate Ship (RM8).

If relaxation is on your agenda, consider a leisurely stroll along the sandy beach, where you can take in the scenic vistas of the horizon. Settle along the shoreline and unwind with your loved ones.

Skudai Lbh, Danga Bay, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor
Daily: 5.30pm – 2am

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