20 trendy brunch delivery bundles for the best time at home

It’s a telling sign that you are a millennial when all you look forward to during weekends are brunch and plant shopping. Yes, our brunch plans have seemingly halted for the time being, but you know what, having brunch is a state of mind. So, no matter where you are, you can make brunch happen.

Therefore, it is truly a godsend with the sheer number of brunch delivery options available from Oddle Eats. All this means you will never be plagued with the question of where to eat and indulge to your heart’s content from the comfort of your own home. Let every meal matter and let Oddle Eats guide you on the trendiest places to have brunch—may ordering fatigue be a thing of the past.

So, here are 20 brunch delivery bundles for you to have the best time at home.

1. Merci Marcel 

If you’re going to do brunch, do it the Parisian way—with Merci Marcel’s brunch nosh that’ll open up the floodgates of your taste buds, welcoming Southern France to you. We may be missing their breezy al fresco seating and rustic vibes, but with island-wide delivery, no good vibes are lost over plates of cheese and tipple.

Oddle Delivery Bundle from Merci Marcel
Credit – Merci Marcel

Enjoy some quality time with quality eats, and opt for their Family Brunch for 4, a glorious spread of their beef burger, creamy Ravioles de Royans, poached eggs, Caesar salad, and bakery delights. Pain au Chocolat and croissants, anyone?

These are also available in their Full Sweet Brunch for 4, a heavenly assortment for those who live and breathe granola, chia seed yoghurts, and french toasts.

Take the leisureliness up a notch with Cold Cuts, Cheese and Wine for 2 or 4, and sing an ode to brunch with savoury Bayonne ham and artisanal cheeses over a baguette. Also, take a swig of wine from a bottle of your choice.

Order from Merci Marcel

2. Kream & Kensho

Oddle Delivery Bundle from Kream and Kensho
Credit – Kream & Kensho

Relatively new in the cafe scene, Kream & Kensho has been a brunch go-to, winning hearts with its zen vibes and bright flavours. While revelling in their lush greenery and terrazzo coffee tables remains a dream, for now, their doors are still open for island-wide delivery—so you can still relish in their brunch fare from the comfort of your homes.

For the cafe and brunch sceptics in the family, noodles are often the way to go, so opt for their Sakura Ebi Capellini. Trust Kream & Kensho to switch your typical capellini with upbeat flavours of shio kombu, ikura, and a fiery kick of hot chilli oil.

For more typical brunch stuff, you’ll recognise their iteration of a breakfast platter with its signature tomato on the vine. Likewise, their Big Plate is essentially an unpretentious breakfast platter—albeit a more seasoned and umami-rich iteration, with seasoned hash and pulled pork. Also, they still have your brunch must-haves: Wild Mushroom Toast, French Toast, and Steak and Eggs—hearty tastes that would appeal to anyone in your family.

Order from Kream & Kensho

3. Baker & Cook 

Oddle Delivery Bundle 19
Credit – Baker & Cook

Start your day or your week right with some pastries from Baker & Cook; a serving of 16 of their Morning Pastries (S$50) should make you feel geared up to take on the day. Then, with a generous selection of Mini Croissants, Mini Pain au Chocolat, Mini Danishes (in assorted flavours), and Mini Cheese Twists—it’s a party, alright.

If you and those at home are still feeling peckish, then indulge in these Savoury Bites (S$85) with the likes of Mini Quiches that come in a variety of ham and cheese and vegetarian flavour. On top of that, Mini Sausage Rolls with assorted flavours such as Moroccan Lamb and Chicken, and Almond and Apricot. With a total of twenty pieces, there will be no squabbling over who gets the last piece.

With island-wide delivery and a minimum order of S$40, your entire host of pastries await.

Order from Baker & Cook

4. Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community is where you get the freshest produce from urban farm to table. Yes, this is absolute catnip for all the home gardeners out there. Take your home brunch to new heights with this 4 Course Tasting Menu (S$75), and it’s a treat because you do deserve it. Start with a fresh Genting Heirloom Tomato Salad, followed by a hearty Kin Yan Organic Mushroom Tortellini.

"Ugly Food" Cauliflower Wings from Open Farm Community
Credit – Open Farm Community

Then, just to show you are eating in 2021, Carbon Neutral Spiced Short Ribs and these “Ugly Food” Cauliflower Wings will nicely round out your meal. Of course, a sweet treat of Homemade Macarons is sure to be cherry on top.

Alright, here’s the icing on the cake. With island-wide delivery and a minimum order of S$30, it’s time to join the urban farm-to-table movement.

Order from Open Farm Community

5. The Summerhouse and Wildseed

Oddle Delivery Bundle from Credit - The Summerhouse and Wildseed
Credit – The Summerhouse and Wildseed

At The Summerhouse and Wildseed, it’s a go-big-or-go-home affair. There is the Meaty Squad (S$90) for all carnivores alike, where you’ll get to sink your teeth into a toothsome Grilled Seabass alongside a Grilled Spatch-Cocked Free Range Baby Chicken and to top it off your choice of pizza. Elsewhere, The Summerhouse Bundle (S$90) is everything you’ll want for a posh afternoon. A hearty French Onion Soup with Garden Salad, Duck Leg Confit, and Seabass Bouillabaisse sounds like a dream come true.

If your family would like to join in on the fun, then revel in The Summerhouse and Wildseed Bundle (S$90) where it can feed three to four pax with your choice of pizza and all the delights The Summerhouse Bundle offers.

What’s even better is that if you opt for self-collection, you get 20% off the total bill, which is always welcome.

Order from The Summerhouse and Wildseed

6. The Secret Garden

Oddle Delivery Bundle 1
Credit – The Secret Garden

Well, The Secret Garden is a French secret you’d like to keep. An oasis in the sea of run-of-the-mill cafes, here is where you can have a slice of Paris with the Baked Chilean Sea Bass (Légine Australe du Chili au four) (S$28) or the Roasted Honey Mustard Chicken (Poulet rôti à la moutarde au miel) (S$26).

If not, there is the Seafood Pasta Al Cartoccio (Pâtes aux fruits de mer en papillote) (S$26), where a seafood medley is prepared in the classic French way, in a parchment. Elsewhere, for something a little lighter, the Avocado Kale Salad (Salade de Kale à l’avocat) (S$16) or the Burrata Salad (Salade de tomates burrata) (S$18) is sure to satisfy.

Order from The Secret Garden

7. Bee’s Knees & Botanico at The Garage

Oddle Delivery Bundle from Bee's Knees & Botanico at The Garage
Credit – Bee’s Knees & Botanico at The Garage

There is no denying how important breakfast is, and the folks at Bee’s Knees & Botanico at The Garage know this too. Get their Breakfast Croissant Bundle for 2 (S$30) for a modest breakfast of croissants, coffee, and Fresh Fruit Salad. For those who want the breakfast of champions, then the Breakfast Benny Bundle (S$45) that comes with two Sesame Bagels with Scrambled Eggs is sure to start your day right.

If breakfast is not your jam, then the Lunch and Munch Bundle for 4 – 6 (S$120) is the best way to ensure no one at home gets hangry. Here, a spread of Truffle Fries, 6-piece Boxing Chicken, two kinds of pasta of your choice, and two 12” pizzas of your choice await. Plus, a complimentary dessert to make this deal all the sweeter.

Order from Bee’s Knees & Botanico at The Garage

8. Korio

Brunch is just another reason for indulgence, and what’s better than sweet and savoury carbs to usher in the rest of the day? Korio comes to the fore with their crazed after grilled cheese sammies and brioche doughnuts, so why not treat yourself and your family to a great deal of cheese-pulling fun and sweet treats?

Cross-section of sandwiches from Korio
Credit – Korio

Go for their Couple Bundle or Family Bundle, and choose two and four sandwiches of your choice, respectively. Of course, you’ve never really had sandwiches until you tried the ones at Korio, so select among their Grilled Cheese, Breakfast Sammy, Tuna Melt, The Shroom, and Biggie Croque. Also, with island-wide delivery, any number of add-ons is possible, especially when it comes to their pillowy brioche doughnuts. Finally, who says you can’t have dessert during brunch?

If you’ve already decided what sammies to have for brunch the next day, check out your order (with a minimum spend of S$35) and enjoy a modest island-wide delivery fee of only S$6 for orders above S$60.

Order from Korio

9. Baristart

Spread of food from Baristart
Credit – Baristart

Cafe-styled coffees—your quintessential cold brews, are now synonymous with brunch fare. But, while they are a dime a dozen, Baristart’s coffee, which uses premium Hokkaido Milk, is something you don’t see in every newly-minted cafe. Featuring mains with a Japanese twist, numbers like Tonkatsu Sando, Fruits Sando, Hokkaido Carbonara and more would whisk you into the restaurants of Japan while you’re having brunch at home.

Pair your savoury mains and sweets with their Cold Brew Bundles, with a choice of White, Black coffee, or a Mix and Match of both. Each bundle consists of three bottles, so you can satiate your caffeinated fix while sharing them with your family members tussling to get through the midday lull afterwards.

We’d also imagine these bottles to complement the heavy tastes of their umami-packed dons—their Obihiro Butadon, Teriyaki Tori Don, and Shio Butadon—filled to the brim with generous servings of protein and sauce sitting atop a bed of rice. Together, this is the epitome of a hearty brunch that anyone needs.

Are you tempted to get your brunch and coffee fix? Then, check out your delivery order (with a minimum spend of S$55) and enjoy island-wide delivery with fees as low as S$7.90.

Order from Baristart

10. Kith Cafe

Oddle Delivery Bundle from Kith Cafe
Credit – Kith Cafe

It’s no easy feat to top Kith Cafe’s brunch offerings. I mean, a solid variety of pasta, pizzas, cakes, pastries, and more at affordable prices? Such brunch spreads just taste better when shared. Armed with unique and classic flavours in their menu, Kith Cafe’s nosh is perfect for both celebratory meals and comfort food with the family.

Pasta is always a tough choice to make at brunch, especially when they’ve got bestsellers like a stunning fusion of Piccante Mala, creamy and comforting Pollo, Ravioli, and more of your classics. So, enjoy a 1 for 1 Pasta deal on them, and share both the flavours and the heartiness.

There’s also a 20% markdown for all their pastries, cookies, and slice of the Chocolate Banana Tahini Loaf, the cake of the month so that you can indulge in your buttery croissants and sweet treats throughout the day.

These discount deals are valid till 13 June 2021, and to use them, please proceed to check out first and then tick the Eligible Promotion box.

Order from Kith Cafe.

11. Paulaner Bräuhaus

As Singapore’s only German microbrewery and restaurant, they have a culinary surprise up their sleeves. Paulaner Bräuhaus has crafted a delivery menu that perfectly encapsulates their food philosophy of generosity and authenticity, paired with sharing platters so that everyone can partake in a touch of German conviviality.

Cold cuts from Paulaner Bräuhaus
Credit – Paulaner Bräuhaus

The Brotzeit Platter ($48.90) feeds up to three diners and comes with a selection of fine cold cuts (smoked & cooked ham, salami, Emmental & Brie cheese), original Munich “Obazda”, liver pate, butter, herb cream cheese, original Munich sausage salad, and “Fleischpflanzerl” pork and beef patties. It comes served with a Bavarian breadbasket.

The Large Paulaner Bräuhaus Platter ($99.90), on the other hand, feeds a larger party of up to five diners with its selection of crispy oven-roasted pork knuckle, grilled Paulaner signature sausages and Nürnberger sausages, chicken Schnitzel, grilled meatloaf, and “Fleischpflanzerl” pork and beef patties. It comes served with potato cucumber salad, “Sauerkraut”, mashed potatoes, bread dumplings, and Paulaner dark beer sauce.

The Small Paulaner Brauhaus Platter ($59.90) is good for a cosy party of up to three diners and features the same items as the large platter but with reduced portion sizes.

Enjoy free island-wide delivery with a minimum spend of S$150 (before GST). You can also enjoy a free six-pack of home-brewed Paulaner beer with a minimum spend of S$200 (before GST). Plus, enjoy a 20% discount on your bill when you opt for self pick-up.

Order from Paulaner Bräuhaus

12. Two Men Bagel House

Few people know that the humble bagel has origins from the Jewish communities in Poland. While traditional bagels topped with poppy or sesame seeds are eaten plain, many people are used to eating the American version with different types of cream cheese and toppings.

As the OG in the Singapore bagel scene, Two Men Bagel House sells almost any kind of bagel you can think of—those sold by the dozens, elaborate breakfast renditions, and vegetarian-friendly options. Apart from the generous portions, it’s delightful to know that most of the food here is either made from scratch or prepared with overseas-sourced ingredients.

Bagel sandwich from Two Men Bagel House
Credit – Two Men Bagel House

Some worthy mentions from their delivery menu are the Personal Best ($16.05) that comes with the oddest of fillings—crunchy peanut butter, spam, sunny egg, and hash brown—that, in its surprising way, works so cohesively together. There’s also the cheekily named Turr Key To My Heart ($17.10) that comes filled with spiced turkey breast, basil burattina, barley salad, and some spicy red onions.

If you’re simply looking for something familiar and straightforward, the PBJ (S$7.50) might just be what you need to get over that mid-week slump. Or you can always have the King Kong ($15) and its toothsome fillings of bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, sunny egg, and tomatoes.

Order Two Men Bagel House

13. Lola’s Cafe

Tucked along a row of shophouses and a stone’s throw away from Kovan MRT is Lola’s Cafe, which is perpetually crowded with students and office workers alike. This backyard cafe promises to serve food and drinks made with great love in a small but bustling locale. So it is no wonder it’s so popular among hungry diners even during this Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

Lola's Care Box
Credit – Lola’s Cafe

This time around, Lola’s Cafe has curated several bundle boxes that are sure to delight some of their most ardent fans—and convert those who are on the fence. To start, why not send a friend the Lola’s Carebox ($45), a gifting box that says (and shows) you care. It comes with one piece of Lola’s Signature Tart, Chocolate Seasalt Tart, Lemon Meringue Tart, Black Sesame Tart, and Sakura Yuzu Meringue Tart. Included in this bundle is your choice of four handcrafted drinks.

And after a week of tedious Zoom meetings, you deserve an excellent brunch to make your weekends that much better. Lola’s Mini Brunch Bundle ($90) feeds up to five people and comes with a choice of two starters and four brunch mains.

Oh, you’re sleeping in, you say? Then perhaps the Mini Dinner Bundle ($95) might tickle your fancy with a choice of two starters and four dinner mains. But, of course, all of Lola’s bundles also come with complimentary delivery, and honestly, who doesn’t like freebies, am I right?

Order from Lola’s Cafe

14. Wild Honey

Flatlay of food from Wild Honey
Credit – Wild Honey

Wild Honey makes for a perfect story for a restaurant that has survived the storm that is COVID-19. They have since reopened all three outfits at Scotts Square, South Beach, and Mandarin Gallery at the heart of Orchard Road. The menu reads like a global listicle of places—Tunisian, English, Spanish, Boulevard St Michel, Delancey, Caribbean, I Love NY—and, of course, with the inclusion of food synonymous with the locale.

Flinder’s Lane (S$28) references that stretch of street in the central business district of Melbourne, Australia. At Wild Honey, it manifests as an inspired brunch staple of eggs benedict and choice elements of Israeli favourites, which I love. In addition, there’s a Mallawach, a crispy and savoury filo base that reminds me of a very well-made roti prata, albeit more flaky and with a tinge more sweetness.

Diners with a sweet tooth must not miss the Sababa Brownie (S$14) that, at first sight, looks like regular ol’ chunks of chocolate goodness, but upon bite, truly impresses with overflowing flavours of rich Valrhona chocolate and sugar in an impeccable play of balance.

Thrown into the mix are familiar Israel flavours of tahini (sesame seed paste) and halva (made by mixing tahini and sugar), easily identifiable by the white crumbs that litter the plate. It also comes with a generous scoop of Ras el Hanout ice cream, a heady aromatic blend of cream, sugar, and some of the best spices a restaurant can offer.

Order from Wild Honey

15. PS.Cafe

Home to Singapore’s OG truffle fries fame, PS.Cafe is the type of born-and-bred Singapore establishment that we should get behind. Sure, their culinary mission isn’t by any means complex or revolutionary. However, what they do offer with much aplomb is comfort and familiarity, along with some pretty hefty portions, which encourage the entourages of friends and family to stream through their doors for brunch.

P.s Burger from P.S Cafe
Credit – P.S Cafe

PS.Cafe’s Phase 2 (HA) menu embraces some of that penchant for larger-than-life servings and pairing it with a menu that is simple and straightforward but so adoringly easy to enjoy. Take, for instance, the PS. Burger ($32.11) with its 200g Wagyu & US chuck patty, vintage cheddar, wilted spinach, crispy smoked bacon, tomato & crispy onions, toasted sesame bun, and shoestring fries.

Or even the Sticky BBQ Ribs ($39.07) that comes served with tangy vegetable & potato slaw and chipotle hot sauce. One can hardly complain.

There’s also pizza to be had. Try the vegetarian Green Goddess ($27.30) for size. It comes with broccoli, peas, French beans, spinach, capsicum, sugar snaps, mozzarella, and chevre for an extra serving of greens that the doctor ordered. Moreover, if you opt for self-pickup, you can enjoy a 20% discount on your bill.

Order from PS.Cafe

16. The Plattering Co.

Brunch is made for sharing, be it with friends or family, and as The Plattering Co.’s name goes, it’s surely built for just that. No matter where you live on our sunny island—thanks to island-wide delivery—you’ll be able to luxuriate in a laid-back brunch with the fam’ from the comfort of home.

Oddle Delivery Bundle from The Plattering Co.
Credit – The Plattering Co.

Right now, you have the opportunity to enjoy 10% off their new Deluxe Mixed Grill Sharing Platter with Rustic Grilled Chicken Thigh and Sea Salt Salmon or Meat Lover’s Mixed Grill Sharing Platter with Rustic Grilled Chicken Thigh and Slow-Roasted Beef Ribeye. Or else, go loco with a DIY Mexican Chicken Tacos Sharing Platter (for 4 to 6 pax) and shake up some refreshing cocktails to go round. The best part: no minimum order required.

If you’re really in the mood to celebrate, rack up a minimum spend of S$300 to enjoy a complimentary Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato Rosé (750ml). There’s no better time than now to bond over great food and even better savings.

Order from The Plattering Co.

17. Colony Bakery

Weekends are for relaxin’, and what better way to kick back than with a feast fit for a king—or queen—like yourself? Colony Bakery is stepping up its game with a Colony Weekend Brunch for 2 (minimum 24 hours advance order required prior to delivery time) with highlights from Colony Bakery’s popular Sunday Champagne Brunch.

Oddle Delivery Bundle from Colony Bakery
Credit – Colony Bakery

Only available on Saturday & Sunday, you won’t want to miss out on sharing a bottle of Champagne Barons de Rothschild Brut Nv (750ml), an assortment of Cold Boiled Seafood, a Parma Ham Platter, Pan Fried Foie Gras on Brioche with Madeira sauce, Lobster Thermidor, and Charcoal Grilled Rib-eye Steak, Mushroom Brandy Sauce—just to entice you.

Or perhaps your tastes lean towards the (re)fine life, in which case, the Afternoon Tea Set (2 pax) will suit your style better. Bask in modest portions of scones, smoked salmon blinis, foie gras brioche, mango cheesecake, and chocolate praline.

From now till 13 June 2021, they’ll knock off 15% from every order of the Colony Takeaway Menu and Afternoon Tea categories for takeaway and delivery island-wide, with a minimum spend of S$60. Simply use the code COLTA15 to enjoy this limited-time offer.

Order from Colony Bakery

18. Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Oddle Delivery Bundle from Tolido’s Espresso Nook
Credit – Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Famed for brunch fare, Tolido’s Espresso Nook is the word on everyone’s lips when it comes to answering, ‘Where’s a good place for brunch?’. Its reputation precedes itself, and you can now continue to enjoy their celebrated nosh right at home—no matter where in Singapore you may stay—with their Brunch Vibes Bundle, Umami Bomb Bundle, or High-tea Bundle.

The Brunch Vibes Bundle includes an Ultimate Combo (fluffy pancakes, pork bacon, cheesy sausage, and sunny-side eggs), a Truffle Mushroom Cream Croissant, and a Banana Almond French Toast.

At the same time, the Umami Bomb Bundle brings a ton of flavour to the table with a dynamic duo of Mentaiko Mac & Cheese and Mentaiko Baked Mussels. Finally, the High-tea Bundle is the perfect choice for gifting to a friend with a tote bag that’s curated with a bundle of signature cold brews and decadent homemade fudgy brownies.

Order from Tolido’s Espresso Nook

19. Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner

Viennoiserie Bundle from Tiong Bahru Bakery
Credit – Tiong Bahru Bakery

We’ve had a taste of Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner, and you can be certain it comes highly recommended. But apart from its plated dishes, it’s common knowledge that the TBB brand is famous for its scrumptious bakes. Now, how about a brunch at home with the family, with their highly-praised Viennoiserie Bundle, Box of 10 Croissants, or Box of 6 Kouign Amann to kick off a laid-back weekend?

Choose a total of eight viennoiseries to enjoy with family and friends (Kouign Amann and Almond Croissant series are limited to two per set), or for purists; there’s the ever-dependable Box of 10 Croissants filled with flaky, buttery croissants just waiting to be savoured.

Alternatively, there’s always the Box of 6 Kouign Amann to surprise you with its lingering crisp, buttery pastry glazed with caramelised sugar and a hint of salt.

Order from Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner

20. The Marmalade Pantry

Tea set from The Marmalade Pantry
Credit – The Marmalade Pantry

Having been around for a while, The Marmalade Pantry has certainly solidified its reputation as a dependable brunch spot. Bring the magic of the cafe to the cosy confines of home with the family with island-wide delivery and indulge in A Royal Afternoon Tea Set for 2 – 3 persons + S$10 The Marmalade Pantry Dining Voucher (no minimum spend) that comes loaded with (but not limited to) Marmalade Petite Cupcakes, Lemon Meringue, Roast Beef Sandwiches, Spicy Crabmeat with Fried Mantou, and Plain/ Raisin Buttermilk Scones.

If you enjoy cupcakes as much as we do, A Cupcake & Gryphon Tea Soiree is right up your alley, with a box of six Marmalade cupcakes, a Marmalade canvas tote bag (limited edition), and a Gryphon Gold Moscato Tea in Tin (30g).

Then again, you don’t always have to wait till the weekend to enjoy the finer things in life; take a cue from their 2-Course Executive Lunch Set (available from Monday to Friday, 12pm to 3pm), which includes a sumptuous weekday lunch with a choice of main, a starter or dessert, and a beverage—all in hopes of chasing the work blues away.

They also offer a FAV 4 Bundle and a Couple Bundle if you’re planning to catch up at home over a quaint meal that’ll leave you thoroughly satiated. You’re in luck if you can’t get enough of The Marmalade Pantry as they have several promotions for Mastercard holders:

  • ‘Love Mondays’ with free delivery (minimum spend of S$50); promo code ‘LOVEMON’
  • S$10 off delivery with minimum spend of S$80; promo code ‘MC10’.
  • S$3 off delivery with minimum spend of S$50; promo code ‘MC3’.
  • Free delivery with minimum spend of S$100; promo code ‘MCFREE.’

Order from The Marmalade Pantry

Hold on; it only gets better. All the places in this list offer island-wide delivery, so you can get your brunch fix wherever you live.

There is more to explore with Oddle Eats, so do check out their trendy brunch options with island-wide delivery throughout Singapore.

About Oddle Eats

Oddle Eats is part of the F&B social fabric that helps bind the love of the local culinary scene with our nation’s passionate food lovers. Be it pre-ordering for the family, a welfare meal for co-workers, or a friend near or far, Oddle Eats allows that accessibility.

The platform helps to pivot restaurateurs online and streamline their operations to make island-wide delivery options possible to foodies without a middleman or hidden costs.

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