2nd BHC Chicken outlet offers lunch combo sets, shares space with Killiney Kopitiam

BHC Chicken, a renowned Korean fried chicken brand, has successfully extended its footprint with the inauguration of their 2nd outlet at the basement of KINEX mall in Oct 2023, just 6 months after launching their 1st outlet at Marina Square.

Hopefully with this new spot, the crowd situation at their flagship outlet will be diluted. I’ll finally be able to get a seat as well!

BHC 2nd Outlet - Kinex mall

BHC 2nd Outlet - front entrance

The new branch introduces a communal dining concept (similar to a food court) by sharing its space with Killiney Kopitiam and an upcoming Japanese eatery.

BHC 2nd Outlet - front counter

The menu will be offering the same BHC Chicken signature favourites which includes the Bburinkle chicken, consisting of crispy fried chicken coated with cheese and vegetable-flavoured seasoning, served with a delectable Bburing dip.

BHC 2nd Outlet - cheeseballs

Additionally, you can enjoy the Gold King Chicken, crispy chicken drizzled with a perfect blend of flavourful Korean soy sauce and sweet honey and garlic. Cheese Balls (S$6.90 for 5 pieces), gooey molten cheese spheres fried to a delightful golden crisp, will also be available, among other enticing options.

BHC 2nd Outlet - lunch sets overview

What’s unique about the KINEX mall outlet is their offering of 3 Lunch Combo Sets, available daily from 11am to 3 pm. These sets cater primarily to the neighbouring office crowd who want a no-frills, efficient lunch.

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BHC 2nd Outlet - retro rice set
Credit – BHC Chicken

The Retro Rice Set (S$17.50) features 300g Retro Boneless (classic-style fried chicken in sunflower oil), served with white rice and sweet and sour sauce.

BHC 2nd Outlet - macho king kimchi fried rice
Credit – BHC Chicken

The Macho King Kimchi Fried Rice Set (S$19.50) features a generous serving of kimchi fried rice with a lovely sunny-side up egg on top, together with 300g Macho King boneless.

BHC 2nd Outlet - macho king closeup

The Macho King Boneless features fried boneless chicken coated with a combination of flavourful aged-soy sauce and honey-based oriental sauce, topped with sliced green and red chillies, black sesame seeds and spring onions.

BHC 2nd Outlet - happy bburing snack combo
Credit – BHC Chicken

The final set is the Happy Bburing Snack Combo (S$26.90) which consists of 300g BBuring boneless, bburing fries, bburing sauce and 1 soft drink of your choice.

Head down to KINEX mall today to satisfy your Korean fried chicken cravings at BHC Chicken. If you have extra stomach space, you can also enjoy a kaya toast and iced kopi from Killiney Kopitiam at the same spot.

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Our Rating: 4 / 5

BHC Chicken

11 Tanjong Katong Road, #B1-36, Singapore 437157

Our Rating 4/5

BHC Chicken

11 Tanjong Katong Road, #B1-36, Singapore 437157

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
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