Pop A Piece Of Tom Yum Pop Crispy Chicken From 4FINGERS Now Available In SG

Popping candy isn’t something I would actively search for, even though I think it’s a fun and exciting candy. I can safely say it was a huge part of my childhood. I remember my first time trying popping candy and how the sensation of it felt so foreign to me. 

Add it to something savoury and you’ve got yourself a sweet and salty snack! 4FINGERS has recently released their Tom Yum Pop Crispy Chicken, a flavourful mix which packs a punch within its blend of seasoning. 

Available from now till 3 March 2020, these mouth-watering snacks will be available at all 13 4FINGERS outlets island-wide.

4Fingers Tomyum Popping Candy Feb 2020 Online
Credit – 4FINGERS Singapore

Upon putting the chicken into my mouth, I felt a strange sensation on my tongue. Tom yum is sweet and sour, so adding popping candy into the mix enhanced the sweetness of the tom yum. It was a pleasant surprise,  as I never would’ve thought to combine these two ingredients together. 

4Fingers Tomyum Popping Candy Feb 2020 3

The tom yum sauce was not too spicy, and a little tangy. If you’re into ASMR, this is definitely for you. The way the popping candy crackled on my tongue and “tiny explosions”, coupled with sizzling sounds, were absolutely satisfying.

I initially thought that I wouldn’t like it because of how uncanny the combination of flavours were, but it really grew on me and I went for seconds (and thirds, but who’s counting?). 

4Fingers Tomyum Popping Candy Feb 2020

If you like, you can get the tom yum chicken on its own or combine it with 4FINGERS’ original flavours, Soy Garlic and Hot Sauce

For me, I prefer a simple meal which includes fries and a drink. I would recommend the 6PCS Wingettes & Drumettes Combo (S$11.95) if you’re looking to have a nice filling meal. If you’re sharing, you could get the 12PCS Wingettes & Drumettes Combo at S$22.45.

Dates & Times: Now available until 3 March 2020

Prices: S$9.45 – S$36.95 per item