Indulge In Chocolate Heaven With Hershey’s Cacao Pie Now Available At 7-Eleven Outlets In SG

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you’d definitely love this! 

Sink your teeth into chocolaty goodness with the latest 7-Eleven exclusive snack, Hershey’s Cacao Pie (S$5).

Hershey's Cacao Pie

This pack of snack cakes is Hershey’s latest ingenious creation. The OG (original version of) chocolate treat is actually called Choco Pie

Hershey's Cacao Pie

Lucky for us, Hershey’s is now swooping in with their very own take on the Choco Pie. This snack is exclusive to 7-Eleven stores, with six individually packed Cacao Pies within each box.

Hershey's Cacao Pie

This Cacao Pie creation incorporates two layers of round-shaped cakes, with a marshmallow filling sandwiched between the layers. A chocolate shell completes this scrumptious snack. 

Lotte Choco Pie

Fun fact: the term “Choco Pie” originated from America. However, Choco Pie is now more widely used in countries such as South Korea and Japan. These snacks were an army favourite back in the days of war and were better known as Moon Pies.

Grab a piece of chocolate indulgence today!

Date & Times: Now available at all 7-Eleven outlets

Price: S$5 per box