Munch On Milk Tea In The Form Of A Dessert Sandwich Now At All 7-Eleven Outlets

Being the largest convenience store chain in Singapore, I’m sure many of us head to 7-Eleven at least once a week, be it to grab a bottle of water or a quick bite in between our busy schedules. 

Recently, 7-Eleven has been bringing in several interesting food and drink items. Thus, once in a while, I pay this convenience store a visit just to get myself updated on what they have on sale (yes, and I usually end up with a bagful of snacks when I leave). 

Pearl Milk Tea 7eleven 4
Credit – 7-Eleven Singapore

This was when I came across their new dessert items, Goomedo’s Chocolate Banana (S$2.80) and Pearl Milk Tea (S$2.80) cake sandwiches.

The latter, which was the Pearl Milk Tea sando,—a bubble tea-inspired dessert sandwich—caught my attention with its apple green sponge cake, sandwiching a light brown tea-infused whipped cream and bits of tapioca balls scattered in between. 

Pearl Milk Tea 7eleven 1

A Japanese abbreviation for ;sandwich’, that is essentially used to describe a cream-filled fruit dessert sandwich, sando‘s not only gained popularity in Japan but also overseas as a light and sweet mid-day snack.

Intrigued by its appearance and with my gut telling me that the Pearl Milk Tea sando will be worth its calories, I decided to give the sando a try despite all the scepticism I have about boba-related food products. 

Pearl Milk Tea 7eleven 3

Well, I’m glad I did as I enjoyed every single bite of this unique snack. The pandan-flavoured sponge cake was soft and fragrant whilst the tea-infused cream was whipped till light and airy. It had a slight bitterness from the tea which balanced perfectly with the cake, leaving the same aftertaste as if drinking the real milk tea itself.

Pearl Milk Tea 7eleven 5

The sando was made better with the tapioca balls which were more on the crunchy side rather than being all gooey and chewy, resulting in a change in texture which I very much enjoyed. That being said, the sando would be way better with a more generous serving of tapioca balls as it will definitely elevate the texture distinction with every bite taken

Goomedo’s Pearl Milk Tea sando was certainly an unexpected treat. For its convenience and the price of S$2.80, I do foresee myself constantly getting this as a snack and trying out its other flavours!

Dates & Times: Available at all 7-Eleven outlets, while stocks last

Price: S$2.80

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