8 Places For The Best Bacon in Singapore Better Than Sex

best bacon in singapore

There are bacon lovers out there and then there are BACON LOVERS. We’re talking those people who sport bacon themed T-shirts, artwork, pillows and assorted memorabilia. There are even multiple websites strictly dedicated to bacon lovers and fan clubs, it’s crazy.

Bacon is just one of those foods that generates strong and emotional sentiments because it’s just so darn good. I mean it goes well with anything and everything – eggs, toast, pasta, salads, brownies, ice-cream, on top of more bacon, you name it.

Now in Singapore, we’re divided between two types of bacon lovers. On one side we have the English traditionalists who prefer back bacon. This type of bacon comes from the pork loin area of the pig and is generally larger, more round in shape and slightly more chewy than its US counterpart. On the other side we have streaky bacon lovers. This traditional US cut comes from pork belly, is cured and fried to a fatty crisp. Personally, when it comes to bacon I don’t discriminate.

No matter which team you’re on, we bacon lovers can generally agree on one thing, and that’s bacon is awesome, period. To help you get your fix, I have compiled a list of places frying up the best bacon around Singapore.

1. OMB! Oh My Bacon 

Best Bacon in Singapore - OMB Oh My Bacon

Welcome to paradise, bacon lovers. OMB! Oh My Bacon, as the name suggests, is an all bacon, all the time themed cafe serving up dishes, desserts and even tote bags, entirely in honor of the sacred slice of pork.

Best Bacon - OMB Oh My Bacon

Popular dishes include the Bacon Love, Truly BLT ($15.00), or individual slices of Classic Bacon ($1.50/slice or $5.00 for 6 pieces) and Candied or Spicy Bacon ($1.80/slice or $6.00 for 6 pieces). If you come for brunch, check out the Bacon & Egg Cups ($12.00).

Other bacon dishes – and there are plenty – include a Root Beer float with bacon ice-cream, pancakes topped with bacon, the ‘bacon bomb’ which you just have to check out for yourself, chocolate dipped bacon slices and an array of bacon topped desserts.

If you love bacon, I think I have said enough.

Best Bacon in Singapore - OMB Oh My Bacon

OMB! Oh My Bacon: 7 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209337 | Tel: 6635 2633 | Website

2. Artichoke

Best Bacon in Singapore artichoke
Photo: myfoodsirens.wordpress.com

The star at Artichoke is the almighty, elusive, Bacon Chop (with Scrambled Eggs $18.00). The chop is cut from the shoulder area of the pig and comes with the pork belly meat still attached for your added enjoyment. This thing is not for the faint of heart, it’s a beast at almost 2 inches thick and will surely give you your fill of pork for the afternoon.

Artichoke knows how to cook this piece of pork to juicy perfection. It’s no wonder people people keep coming back here for their bacon chop and more. Bonus points for being one of the more photogenic cuts of pork.

Photo: instagram.com/zehoukoo/

Artichoke: 161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square, Singapore 188978 | Tel:  6336 6949 | Website

3. Department of Caffeine 

Best Bacon in Singapore - Department of Caffeine

If my bacon is not going to be dry and crispy then it’s going to be soaked in maple syrup. At the Department of Caffeine, the Sundried Tomato and Herb Waffle ($19.00) comes with a layer of juicy, flavorful streaky bacon laid across the top of an omelet on a homemade waffle.

Breakfast traditionalists don’t be put off by the sundried tomato waffle. I was a little skeptical myself, but I can assure you it’s good and compliments the sweetness of the bacon and syrup perfectly.

Other dishes that include our streaky friend are the D.O.C. Breakfast Platter and Lobster Club.

Best Bacon - Department of Caffeine

Department of Caffeine: 15 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089481 | Tel: 6223 3426 | Website

4. Moosehead Kitchen-Bar 

Best Bacon in Singapore - Moosehead Kitchen

If you like your bacon on the sweeter side, I suggest you try the Bacon Wrapped Chargrilled Dates ($9.00) at Moosehead Kitchen. These babies expertly combine salty and sweet and are topped with aioli and pine nuts to balance out the strong flavors of the pork and fruit. The bacon itself has a very distinct smokey char flavor that I really enjoy.

This dish is easy to enjoy in one bite and nicely pairs with a cold beer. If I am not enjoying my bacon with a coffee or some orange juice, then it is most definitely a lager of some kind.

Best Bacon - Moosehead Kitchen

Moosehead Kitchen-Bar: 110 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068579 | Tel: 6636 8055 | Website

5. Common Man Coffee Roasters

Best Bacon in Singapore common Man Full Breakfast & Interior

I particularly enjoy all the dishes at Common Man Coffee Roasters. Their attention to detail in their ingredients and brunchy goodness does not stop at the bacon. If you are looking to indulge in some breakfast pork, order the Common Man Full Breakfast ($26.00), or a side of bacon ($6.00) with any dish to start your weekend off right.

Don’t forget to order up a handcrafted flat white or fresh pressed juice with your breakfast meats at Common Man to complete the breakfast food triangle.

Best Bacon - Common Man Coffee

Common Man Coffee: 22 Martin Road, #01-00, Singapore 239058 | Tel: 6836 4695 | Website

6. Freshly Baked

Best Bacon in Singapore - Freshly Baked

If you are looking for a good, wholesome BLT (that’s bacon/lettuce/tomato if you’ve been living under a rock), head on over to Freshly Baked for their classic BLT Sandwich ($7.80), known to be one of the best in Singapore. Their homemade super soft bread (not toasted) is out of this world. It really gives the already crispy bacon an added crunch. The fresh lettuce, tomatoes and avocado complete the experience.

Other items featuring their signature crispy bacon can be found in their daily brunch sets, or there is always a side order of bacon ($4.00) to pair with anything.

Best Bacon - Freshly Baked

Freshly Baked: 57 Killiney Road, Singapore 239520 | Tel: 6735 3298 | Website

7. Wild Honey

Best Bacon in Singapore - Wild Honey

Wild Honey offers a large variety of breakfast and lunch items featuring their yummy, greasy, chewy back bacon. Outside of the classic English breakfast, there is always a side order to be had, Candied or Back Bacon ($8.00), or if you are feeling like being a little heathy, try the Curly Kale Caesar Salad ($24.00), which is topped with a thin, dried version of the more sinful original.

Best Bacon - Wild Honey

Wild Honey (2 locations): 6 Scotts Square, #03-01 & 333A Orchard Rd, #03-01/02 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897  | Tel: 6235 3900 | Website

 8.  Jones the Grocer

Best Bacon in Singapore - Jones the Grocer

The Side Order of Bacon ($5.00) at Jones the Grocer is one of the more generous portions and best value for money I have found in Singapore. Their streaky bacon wonderfully meets that delicate, desirable balance between crispy and chewy. The menu at Jones the Grocer offers a wide range of fresh, delightful dishes – morning, noon and night – that pair well with some bacon on the side.

The Jones Big Breakfast, multiple egg dishes and their Club Sandwich are some house favorites that feature their crispy, juicy bacon.

Best Bacon - Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer (2 locations): Mandarin Gallery, #04-21/22/23, 333 Orchard Road & Block 9 #01-12 Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247697 | Tel: 6476 1512 | Website