8 Ways to get a Raise (repost)

I posted this very popular article a while back on Singapore Business Review (climbed to top 5 viewed commentaries this month!) as well as on my blog, and being the stick in the mud SBR are, they have requested my article I shared on their site to be quote, “…original, never been published anywhere.” Honestly, I think it is a farce to limit or make ideas exclusive, which defeats the purpose of sharing beneficial thoughts for the overall improvement of mankind. But hey, Singapore has always been top ranked from the bottom in terms of media freedom. Anyway, here’s the link for you guys to view while I think of a solution:

8 Ways to get a Raise (Singapore Business Review link)

And here’s the original notice I received from them:

“It has come to the team’s attention that your SBR commentary piece on getting a salary raise was also posted on your website.

Number 5 of the online commentary submission guidelines says, “It must be original. Never been published anywhere. The contribution is original for SBR only and shall not be published anywhere even after the original publication in SBR.”

We can keep the article on SBR if the duplicate on your website is taken down.”

Way to go in supporting creative sharing huh, SBR.