A Poke Theory Singapore: Delicious Hawaiian Poke Bowls That Will Prod Your Senses

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A Poke Theory is a fresh, hip, sleek food joint that’s just recently opened on Boon Tat Street that specialises in poke, one of Hawaii’s best-known dishes, and other healthy, all-natural foods.

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A Poke Theory operates by free-seating, and customers place their orders at the bar by the entrance. Water, cutlery and extra sauces are self-service. There is no tax, so remember to tip in the jar if you like the service (and it’s excellent, by the way).

The interior of the eatery is bright, casual and minimalistic, and oh-so very suitable for picture-perfect Instagram snaps with its hipster décor.

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Hoisted on the wall behind the counter is their menu that lists the many possible combinations that can be ordered, as well as their wide range of unique drinks and smoothie bowls.

Customers first start off with selecting a base of either their signature sushi rice or the healthier, equally delicious lemon herb quinoa, while those looking to stay away from carbs can opt for romaine lettuce.

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A Poke Theory offers four types of marinated fish: Avocado Miso and Spicy Mayo for Salmon ($12.50, $16.50), as well as Spicy Garlic Sesame and Original Shoyu for Tuna ($11.50, $15). Four may seem like a small selection, but the choices are balanced — with two options available regardless of your preferred fish, spiciness level or health consciousness.

Its veggies selections are also equally exciting and colourful, ranging from cherry tomatoes and edamame to tobiko (flying fish roe). The honey pineapple get its own shout out (co-owner, Joey highly recommends this) as its sweet, tangy citrusy flavours fully bring out the freshness of the fish.

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A Poke Theory also offers premium toppings priced at $2, such as crispy salmon skin, Kahlua pork, kale chips, barbecued corn and its crowd-favourite spiced roasted cashews, while kimchi and lime avocado are each available at $1.

A generous load of furikake, nori flakes and sesame seeds are added as a finishing touch, free of charge.

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A Poke Theory also stocks a variety of hard-to-find beverages (Rebel Kitchen’s Mylk, anyone?), and they make their own drinks as well. The shop has a frequent rotation of house-made concoctions, like the Daily T2 Tea Infusion ($2.50) and Fizz of the Month ($2.50).

Its fresh juices ($5) are ever-changing, with recipes improvised from the leftover ingredients on hand — in line with A Poke Theory’s aim to minimise food wastage and make the most out of anything salvageable.

Each of these drinks can be purchased with a poke bowl at $2 instead of their usual price.

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Go big or go home should probably be the motto when ordering at A Poke Theory. Even without the fancier toppings, its standard selection is way more than sufficient to blow your mind with their incredible variety.

The avocado miso salmon is creamy and pairs delightfully well with the fragrant spiced roasted cashews, while the gentle lime avocado and soft sushi rice play up a nice contrast to the tangy tomatoes and savoury, tender pork.

The original shoyu tuna is refreshingly clean, and zesty when mixed up with pineapple and pomegranate, with the crunchy kale chips, crispy fish skin, nori flakes and quinoa adding an interesting myriad of bites and texture to the bowl.

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For those who can’t get enough of their amazingly addictive toppings, A Poke Theory sells packaged versions of their crowd-favourite Spiced Roasted Cashews ($9) after experiencing strong demand, so you may want to bring a pack or two with you on the way out. I certainly would.

Expected Damage: $15 per pax

A Poke Theory: 27 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069623 | Opening Hours: (Mon – Fri) 11.00am – 6.00pm, (Sat) 10.00am – 4.00pm. Closed on Sun | Facebook | Website