SethLui.com was established in 2013 as a way for one food enthusiast to document and share his food finds to similarly impassioned food lovers. What started as a personal collection of anecdotes, thoughts, and opinions, have now expanded into a publishing powerhouse that prides itself on being the authority and educator on all things food and lifestyle.

As an early adopter in this field, SethLui.com has witnessed a renaissance in food literature that demands due and careful consideration—a movement that we are ready and keen to explore, embrace, and lead. We apply the same principles of keen deliberation in our approach to lifestyle topics through diversification and calibration of content, culminating in a curated collection of experiences and stories that we hope would educate and enthrall regular readers of the publication.

Our rating system explained:


 So terrible, I’m offended / food poisoning

⭐⭐ Would not go back again

⭐⭐⭐ Would go back again if nearby

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Would recommend to a friend

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Would make a special trip down again


Seth Lui

Chief foodie

Hard work should be rewarded with good food.

Editorial and Social Media Team

Pavin Chopra

Associate Editor

Will write for food. Will eat for stories. Will cook for love.

Gillian Lim

Deputy Editor

Happiness never runs out of style.

Sonia Lourdes

Content Writer

All I do is sit down and bleed words.

Rachel Tang

Social Media Executive

If You Can't Be Famous, Be Infamous.

Video Team

Eddie Razak

Video Creative

I'm a video editor, not God's miracle worker.

Dean Lam

Video Creative

The creative art of living, dying, and renewal.

Business Development Team

Ashad Shah

Business Development Director

“Never leave that till tomorrow which can be done today.” – Benjamin Franklin

SethLui.com adopts the Tripartite Standards for progressive employment practices.