Instagram-Worthy Boba Drinks With Cute Animal Marshmallows Now In Bangkok

Boba fans, listen up! Ditto Modern Tea in Bangkok has launched a few super adorable boba drinks.

Online Ditto Modern Tea 1

The adorable Mr Ditto (THB155) has made its way onto their new menu. What better way than to enjoy some over the top milk tea in this hot weather?

Online Ditto Modern Tea 3

Just look at how this cute pig is chilling on the foam! It even has a teeny weeny tail. I must say, it’s almost too cute to eat.

Online Ditto Modern Tea 2

These squishy little piggies are actually made of marshmallows and they rest atop the frothy milky hojicha. And these marshmallows are all handmade!

Online Ditto Modern Tea 4

If you prefer something more classic, meet Ichigo (THB155) and Hazelnut Chocolate (THB155).

Ichigo comes with a rabbit marshmallow on top of a berry flavoured boba drink, while the Hazelnut Chocolate has a doggo marshmallow on top of chocolate boba.

Online Ditto Modern Tea 5

You can even opt for a creme brulee style floating caramel pudding for those who don’t like marshmallows. Mr Custard (THB 135) is a concoction of rich caramel milk with boba and vanilla cream cheese.

Online Ditto Modern Tea 6

Ditto Modern Tea sure has plenty of drinks that are super Instagrammable!

The animal and custard drinks are limited edition, so be sure to get a taste of them and snap a pic ASAP. Which are the ones you’re most excited to try?

Dates & Times: Now available for a limited time at all Ditto Modern Tea outlets (Ichigo and Hazelnut Chocolate available only at CentralWorld)

Prices: THB 135 onwards