Have fun with the new interactive Adventures with Luigi set from LEGO

If there was ever a favourite memory from my childhood, it would be the hours I spent trying to complete the levels of Super Mario. So, when LEGO and Nintendo announced last year that the Super Mario Bros set, that features an electric Mario with an LCD screen that makes all the same game noises on a LEGO set, ugh, I was sold. Yes, two nerdy worlds have decided to collide and we are here for it.

Luigi Starter Course

Well, after so much fun with Mario, I think we should give his brother, Luigi some much-deserved airtime. Adding to the fold of Super Mario Sets is the Luigi Starter Course. In the same way, we finally paid attention to Elizabeth Olsen, who arguably might be the best Olsen sibling.

280 pieces of Adventures of Luigi

This 280-piece set Adventures with Luigi starter course features an interactive LEGO Luigi figure that instantly responds to movement. Plus, the interactive figure has a colour sensor and LCD screen displaying its reactions. The built-in speaker will also play memorable sounds and music from the iconic Nintendo game.

The gameplay is simple and fun, players will move LEGO Luigi from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole, helping him collect digital coins to use on the spinning seesaw and flying challenges.

What’s any Mario game without the set of sidekicks and villains? Well, for Luigi’s narrative, we have a candy-coloured pink Yoshi that is just too cute for words. Then, Luigi would have to defeat Bowser’s henchman Boom-Boom and Bone Goomba figures.

The best part about this Luigi Starter Course is that it can be combined with other LEGO Super Mario sets. Just think about all the hours of fun you’ll have with both Mario and Luigi. This Luigi is available for pre-order now on the LEGO website for approximately US$60 which is about S$79.67.

In the meantime, you can check out the other Mario interactive sets and power-up packs here.

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