Nike’s new Air Max 90 takes fried chicken love to a whole new level

Last Updated: March 11, 2021

Written by Basil

Sneaker releases don’t get any funkier than this. With Nike’s newest Japanese-inspired line of footwear comes the Air Max 90 SE ‘Swoosh Mart’. This one’s a homage to a beloved culinary mainstay of Japanese culture—convenience store food. More specifically, fried chicken. 

It’s a fun, vibrant revamp of the iconic sneaker silhouette. As the third instalment of Nike’s massively influential Air Max line, the Air Max 90 represents sneaker culture like no other shoe. This Asia-exclusive release is set to drop on 19 March 2021 in select retailers. 

Luckily for us on this little red dot, Limited Edt has got us covered. Retailing at S$209, you can purchase your pair online and opt for local delivery. If not, make a trip down to local Limited Edt stores and snag a pair of these exclusive sneakers.

Now onto the shoe’s design, it’s flashily decked out in yellow and white stripes along the upper, which is cleverly curated to resemble the packaging at Japanese mini-marts and convenience stores. As a special touch, the peel-off overlays reveal a golden-brown suede finish to mimic the drool-worthy process of pinching off those layers of fried chicken skin. Adorable.

There’s more than meets the eye. With this Air Max 90 SE ‘Swoosh Mart’, the insoles are playfully adorned with images of metallic tongs because Nike commits to the very last detail. Of course, its significance ties back to tongs being used in fetching freshly fried chicken from beneath the heat lamp and into striped paper bags, much like the placement of soles in your shoe. It’s a fantastic design direction paired with lighthearted intent, and this foodie is all for it.

Whether you’re a fried chicken fanatic or an avid sneakerhead, I reckon this Air Max 90 iteration would grab your heart. 

Dates & Times: Available now  both online and in Limited Edt stores at LE Vault @ 313 Somerset, LE Vault @ JEM, LE @ Queensway, LE @ Peninsula, LE Underground @ Vivo City

Price: S$209 for the Air Max 90 SE ‘Swoosh Mart’

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