Al Jasra Restaurant: 24/7 Prata Buffet With 16 Varieties For Only S$7.90 At Kembangan

Last Updated: October 19, 2017

Written by Melissa Goh

al jasra prata buffet

Al Jasra Restaurant, or more popularly known as the Prata Corner, should be your next go-to supper spot, especially if you’re living in the East.

The coffee shop opens 24 hours daily and offers a Prata Buffet at only $7.90 — now you know where to head to when you’re craving for prata in the middle of the night.

al jasra prata buffet al jasra prata buffet

You can choose from 16 varieties of prata, from classic to unique creations including, pineapple prata and ikan billis prata. Grab a couple of friends along with you, because you’ll be tempted to try every item on the menu.

al jasra prata buffet

Simply write down the amount of pratas that you’d like to have on a piece of paper provided. The pratas are made and fried only upon ordering, ensuring every piece is warm when served. Props to that!

We skipped the classic flavours to free up more stomach space to try the more unique combinations.

Savoury Prata

al jasra prata buffet

Diving straight in for the Cheese & Mushroom Prata, the cheese used was creamy and gave the dough a savoury dimension. We loved the flavours but felt that they could have been more generous with the button mushrooms.

Since it was a buffet, we had lowered our expectations on the quality of the prata, but we were pleasantly surprised to find the dough crisp and fragrant, without being too oily.

al jasra prata buffet

When we pried opened the Masala Prata, we were greeted by delightfully orange-hued potatoes that were soft and slightly fluffy. Along with the crisp prata, each bite was filled with alternating textures.

al jasra prata buffet

As with all prata joints, a bowl of in-house curry was served. The curry wasn’t as spicy as I would’ve liked it to be, but it was tangy and elevated the flavours of the savoury prata.

Sweet Prata

al jasra prata buffet

If you’re looking for a sweet indulgence, the Chocolate Prata had a generous layer of chocolate sauce encased within the dough. Pair it with a cup of Teh Halia Susu, and boy, your meal is almost complete.

al jasra prata buffet

The Strawberry Prata was packed with a jelly-like strawberry sauce, that will appease any child’s sweet cravings. Pair this with the Chocolate Prata, and you’ll have best of both worlds in one mouthful.

al jasra prata buffet

I’ll definitely be back for the Banana Prata — trust me, you’ll want to have it when it’s fresh off the griddle.

Warm and gooey from the melted banana slices, the entire prata was perfumed with the natural sweetness of the fruit. Almost like having goreng pisang, it’ll make a great end to the Prata Buffet.

al jasra prata buffet

Although the Prata Buffet costs only $7.90 per person, we felt that we hadn’t eaten our money’s worth, and agreed that maybe bringing along another hungry colleague would have made the buffet experience better.

Get your group of kakis together or at least three big eaters to try more of the other prata flavours. Sadly, the pineapple prata wasn’t available when we visited, so I guess it’ll have to wait till the next time I’m there for supper.

I’ll probably also try customising my orders too next time, like getting a chocolate banana prata. Mmm. I doubt there’s anywhere else in Singapore where you can get a Prata Buffet at such an affordable price and it’s even open 24 hours! You’re welcome.

Expected damage: $7.90 nett/pax

Al Jasra Restaurant: 459 Changi Rd, Singapore 419882 | Tel: +65 8369 5664 | Opening Hours: 24 Hours (Daily) | Facebook

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