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Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar: Tom Yum Gyoza & Raspberry Beer At Minimalist Bar In CHIJMES

Last Updated: March 9, 2019

Written by Niger Tam

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 16

Tucked away in the alleyways of CHIJMES is Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar, a minimalist beer bar. 

The owner, Kenny Lee, added “almost” to the bar’s name to emphasise his focus on progression and improvement in the industry. Fame is less important, as the bar aims to provide a memorable experience through food and craft beer for its customers.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 2

Intrigued by the interesting concept, I made my way to this very hipster and Instagram-worthy bar.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 1

Walking into Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar almost felt like I was walking into a museum, with its black and white theme and high colonial-style pillars.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 13

They place a strong emphasis on beer pairing, so the menu focuses on bar snacks and a selection of 16 beers on tap.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 10

I started with the Luxurious Fries (S$16++) which was truly luxurious as its name suggests. Decadent slices of truffles were strewn over the fries, and there was even a heap of caviar on a spoon at the side. This was definitely a level up from the typical truffle fries.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 14

The fries were fried till golden-brown and were still creamy and soft on the inside. They also came with a luscious truffle aioli dipping sauce. Talk about truffle overload! 

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 11

The addition of caviar was an unusual twist, and also adds more saltiness to the fries. 

Eaten together, the flavours exploded in my mouth with the earthy truffle aioli and the salty caviar and crispy fries.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 12

With such strong flavours in the dish, they recommended a lighter beer which wouldn’t overpower the fries.

I went for the Raspberry Wheat Ale (S$16++/pint) a smooth and fruity beer that complemented the fries with a mellow tartness. It also helped to cleanse the palate after every bite.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 6

I also tried a southern classic, the Chicken And Waffles (S$14++). Topped with honey, almonds and a scoop of butter, the chicken and waffles are cut into bite-sized pieces.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 15

The chicken chunks were very tender and juicy, but unforntunately, the waffles were just hard instead of crispy.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 17

I really liked the combination of the sweet waffles and the savoury chicken. To fully bring out the sweetness of the waffles, they recommended a Cyclo Imperial Chocolate Stout (S$14++).

Smoky like dark roasted coffee, the beer had a creamy consistency with a sweet aftertaste that further enhanced the flavour of the waffles.

However, I’d recommend drinking this thick stout very slowly as it can feel quite harsh on the throat.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 19

The next dish caught my eye because of how ironic it sounded: Fried Salad (S$10++). This dish consists of fried lotus root, carrot, kailan and beancurd skin drizzled with honey.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 7

The ingredients of the salad were cut thinly and then deep-fried, giving it an extra crispy texture. The vegetables were also lightly tossed in spices for that extra kick.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 4

The dish was extremely addictive and I simply could not keep my hands off it.

With notes of orange citrus and hints of pineapple and mango, the well-rounded and fruity taste of the Fresh Haze Ipa (S$14++) went really well with this unique salad. The refreshing beer also helped to undercut the oiliness.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 5

For something with an interesting flavour profile, try the Tom Yum Gyoza (S$10++). Crispy on the outside, the gyozas were filled with tom yum paste. The tom yum paste was citrusy with a notable lemongrass flavour, and left a tingling spicy sensation.

Squeezing lime over the gyozas gave them an extra zing and sourness. However, I felt that the tom yum paste was a little too spicy for me.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 9

These gyozas went well with the Brewlander Love Wild IPA (S$16++), which had a tropical medley of mango and passionfruit flavours.

The beer lifted the floral notes of the tom yum, making the lemongrass more prominent.

As a whole, I feel like the food and drinks at Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar managed to taste as good as the bar looks. It’s definitely more than just another hipster bar with great ambience and mediocre food.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 3

Each dish had a perfect balance of flavours that went well with the different beers they have on tap. Beers are rotated every three to four days, so you can have a fresh experience each time you come back! 

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 8

Psst, if you want to know more about how to pair your beers with the different food items, you can always ask the friendly staff there.

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar 18

With such relaxed ambience and Instagram-worthy food and interior, I urge you to come try it for yourself. You can even take some photos here in Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar to spruce up your Instagram feed.

Expected Damage: S$30 – S$50 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar

30 Victoria St, #01-06, Singapore 187996

Our Rating 5/5

Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar

30 Victoria St, #01-06, Singapore 187996

Operating Hours: 2pm - 12midnight (Daily)

Operating Hours: 2pm - 12midnight (Daily)
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