Antoinette: 4th Anniversary Set Menu and Father’s Day Cake Review

“O’ Sweet Months of May and June!”

The months of May and June coincide with Mother’s and Father’s Days, in succession. More often than not, the conundrum of what to do for our parents comes to mind. There is just one simple Rule of Thumb: The way to their hearts is thru their stomachs!

Antoinette - Frontage

Do allow me to implore you to bring them to Antoinette at Penhas Road! Antoinette is already synonymous with unique, delectable desserts and cakes. And in conjunction with their 4th Anniversary they have a double celebration items on offer – the Nordic, Antoinette’s unique savoury cake to celebrate Father’s Day and Antoinette’s 4th Anniversary Set Menu.

Antoinette’s Father’s Day Cake – the Nordic

Antoinette - Nordic for Father's Day #01

Firstly, Antoinette’s Father’s Day cake – the Nordic. Chef Pang Kok Keong, Antoinette’s chef-pâtissier, has created this in the mould of the traditional Nordic smorgastarta that is both masculine and stands tall and proud (4 layers tall, to be exact).

Antoinette - Nordic for Father's Day #04

This savoury cake is made with 4 layers of light rye bread. The first layer is a blend of tomato marmalade with cream cheese mascarpone Chantilly, spread generously over smoked salmon. The second layer houses tomato marmalade and and savoury chunks of prawn cocktail. And the third layer comprises egg mayonnaise with tomato marmalade.

Antoinette - Nordic for Father's Day #02

The Nordic is a head-turning, mouth watering cake with garnishing of smoked salmon, prawns, pickled cucumber, red radish, green and yellow zucchini, capers, shallot rings and herbs such as dill, bay leaf to name a few. The cream cheese mascarpone Chantilly serves as ground on which the aforementioned ingredients are laid over. Pictured in macro, this cake resembles a Scandinavian winter wonderland garnished with gifts from the ocean.

This cake is a rather unique experience that departs from the common sights and tastes of sugar-laden fruits and bitter cocoa. The Nordic, in my opinion, is a display of masculine, proteinaceous savoury experience suitable for Fathers with a penchant for seafood. The Nordic ($48+) is a 16 cm by 16 cm cake, which will require a minimum of 3 days advance order.

Antoinette’s 4th Anniversary Set Menu

Antoinette celebrates its 4th Anniversary in May 2015 with a mouthwatering, four-course set menu. A brainchild of Chef Pang, this menu embodies his repertoire of European gastronomia.

Antoinette - Smoked Salmon Mousse with Toasted Levain

You will be served two entrée or appetisers. Firstly, the Smoked Salmon Mousse with Toasted Levain with accompanying slices of octopus and crunchy lotus root chips. The levain is a sourdough that compliments the smoked nature of the salmon mousse and the octopus slices that have been cooked a la sous vide.

Antoinette - Mosaic of Vegetables Terrine #03

Next is the salad-like Mosaic Vegetable Terrine with pepper coulis and pesto. This entrée has been expertly crafted by Chef Pang with 14 types of vegetables, which include morel and trumpet mushroom, zucchini, ladyfinger and asparagus. This is a rather ingenious way of presenting a salad, in my opinion.

For the Mains, you can choose between the Braised Beef Cheek with Potato Purée and Port Jus, or Chicken Roulade of Morel Mushroom and Pistachio wrapped in Savoy Cabbage, Potato Purée and Madeira Sauce.

Antoinette - Braised Beef Cheek with Potato Puree and Port Jus #02

For those with a preference for beef, the braised beef cheek is an absolute joy to devour – see the tender beef just about to break apart as you lift it off your plate and taste the port jus that further elevates the meticulously 3-hour-braised beef cheeks.

Antoinette - Chicken Rouladeof Morel Mushroom and Pistachio

The chicken roulade does not disappoint either. Even though the chicken roulade may not require the technicality of the braised beef cheeks to cook but Chef Pang knows how to work his magic in the kitchen!

The Madeira sauce, made with Madeira wine and butter in a demi-glace, impregnates the skin of the roulade to impart the chicken roulade a taste that is so heavenly. Typically, the Madeira sauce accompanies roasts and steaks, but Chef Pang has done it so well with the chicken!

Antoinette - Citrus Yogurt Sorbet with Peach Cream

As a denouement of your dining experience, the Citrus Yogurt Sorbet with Peach Cream and Poached Apricot will surely sweeten it! It is delightfully light and goes pleasantly with a choice of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a glass of house pour.

Antoinette’s 4th Anniversary Set Menu costs $40++ per person, available from May 1st through 31st, exclusively at the Penhas outlet. It is available for both lunch and dinner on weekdays; and dinner on weekends.

So, head on over to Antoinette this weekend or the next and give Daddy a treat with the Nordic and Anniversary set menu! Father’s Day, as a reminder, falls on the 3rd Sunday of June.

Expected damage: $40++ per pax for the 4th Anniversary Set Menu; $48+ for the Nordic Father’s Day Cake (3-days advance order required)

Antoinette: 30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street) Singapore 208188 | Tel: +65 6293 3121 | Website

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