Watch your Coke get turned into slush in seconds by this machine at Raffles Place

Last Updated: July 31, 2021

Written by Vera Leng

If your idea of sweet, sweet respite from Singapore’s blazing heat is a fizzy, icy-cold bottle of soda, boy I’ve got news for you. I know that fans of the classic Coca-Cola already adore the age-old thirst-quencher as it is, but the only thing better than a cold bottle of Coke is… why, a Coke slushie, of course. Singapore’s first-of-its-kind Arctic Coke Machine is the latest addition to the 7-Eleven x Coca-Cola Crossover Store at The House of Eden, Raffles Place.

Screengrab from 7-11's Facebook video

Credit – 7-11 | Facebook

Your bottle of soda transforms into an icy meld of slush and soda in just a matter of seconds, and only six steps.

Step 1

Before doing anything, wait until the light on the top lefthand corner of the fridge turns green.

Step 2

Pull open the fridge door and select the drink of your choice. From what it looks like, it appears that Original Coke, Vanilla Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite are all options readily stocked.

Step 3

Gently flip the bottle a few times. We said gently, we’re not responsible for your soda fountain later on.

Step 4

Place the drink on the disc of the Arctic Coke Machine.

Step 5

Push the red button to start some freezing action.

Step 6

Pop off the lid and enjoy your now-icy, very much upgraded beverage.

It’s worth noting that this only works with a bottle from the chiller next to the Arctic Coke Machine though, so those looking to bring their own bottle (and are probably the same group of people who bring their own raw fishballs to Hai Di Lao), consider your hopes dashed.

The machine is located at The House Of Eden, 4 Robinson Road. Click here for the full video.

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