Aryaa Singapore: Restaurant that Traces the ‘Foodpath’ of Alexander the Great

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“Aryaa” meaning noble in Sanskrit and is an adaptation of the word “Aryans” which refer to the race consisting of people of Indo-European origins. Located in the heart of Singapore, Aryaa is a North-Indian/ Mediterranean restaurant, club, lounge and bar rolled into one.

Whipping up dishes with origins that track the footpath of world renown conqueror Alexander the Great, Aryaa blends both history and food and serves up a menu that reflects the tastes and flavours of the cultures that line the Mediterranean Coast and all the way down to North India.


The design and concept of the restaurant is very much oriental-inspired. In fact, the main dining hall is embellished with an ambience of royalty, which I felt was so grand that it deemed for kings to dine in. Even the tabletops were uniquely designed with the use of Moroccan patterns.

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The Aryaa Meze Platter ($18)

This platter is made up of the tzatziki, tirokafteri, tiropitakia and melitzanosalata dips, which are also available for order individually. I enjoyed dipping and savouring torn strips of the pita bread into the tzatziki and the tirokafteri.

The tzatziki exuded a citrus, sour taste which was a good refresher to the palate, preparing my taste buds to savour a heavily-flavoured meal which I was about to expect. True enough, the tirokafteri which I dipped my pita bread into next gave a tart and spicy tang, not for the faint-hearted.

The melitzanosalata was a made up of a healthy mix of vegetables and alliums. Dressed with extra virgin olive oil, this dip gave a delightful crunch which was well-balanced with a silky texture.

Crispy and buttery in texture, the tiropitakia was my favourite amongst the four dishes combined on this platter. I could taste the freshness of the spinach bits mixed with the delectable ooze of feta and cream cheese.

It being my first time trying out Mediterranean food, this platter was a good choice as a starter for my Mediterranean dining here at Aryaa.

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Pasrur Malai Tikka ($16)

Subtly spiced, this chicken kebab is juicy and tender. A dish originating from the Pasrur region of Punjab, the chicken has a rich buttery flavour to it.

Lapped with lemon juice and dipped into the the special green-coloured cream cheese, these pieces of meat were satiating to the bite. Savouring this dish alone can really fill my tummy and leave it contented, as I couldn’t stop with just one piece of the malai tikka.

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Garides Saganaki ($17)

This is my favourite dish during my dining experience here at Aryaa. It is an interesting conjure that combines prawns with feta cheese slices, with the rich taste of herbs and tomato forming the sauce base for it.

The prawns were very fresh and crunchy, and exuded a pleasant sweetness with the sauce. Texture was very much that of the Western bolognese sauce. So if that’s your favourite, you’re most likely to appreciate the garides saganaki. 

The twist lies in the feta cheese which differentiates this tomato-based dish from a Western dish. The feta cheese gives a heavy brine flavour to the prawn meat, which I felt was a good complement of flavour.

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Plated Lamb Gyro ($22)

Lamb meat was tender and chewy. It was a bit to the hard side but not too stiff, just the way I like it. It was seasoned to a sweet and slightly salty flavour. The cherry tomatoes served with it was a delightful sweet pairing. At the same time, the cucumber slices was a cleansing to the palate.

Dipping the lamb meat into the tzatziki dip served alongside gave it a sweet-cum-sour taste, which I felt was interesting and special. I was more than delighted to see even more pita bread being served.

This time round, it was presented in smaller pieces and they were more crisp upon bite. Diners can choose to have fries or rice as a side to this dish. I must say that this dish is very much filling and nutritious, as it seemed loaded with much carbo and protein.

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Galaktoboureko ($15)

Wrapping up my meal here at Aryaa was this impeccable dessert item. Biting into the galaktoboureko gave a pleasant and delicate ooze of sweet and creamy custard.

Made from phyllo flour, the crust was thin and very crispy, making it an awesome pairing of texture with the smooth and creamy custard filling. Topping it well, the drizzle of butter and sprinkle of cinnamon formed a hard caked icing that gave the entire dessert dish an enhanced tinge of fragrant spice.

This dessert dish has done its part in painting a good impression of Mediterranean desserts and leaves me curious to explore more of them. The galaktoboureko will be one of the reasons to come back here, as well as to try out other dishes here at Aryaa.


On the whole, I enjoyed my dining experience here at Aryaa. The dishes were all very delicious and flavourful, and I find the dining concept one that is different and rich in culture.

Much applause to the team at Aryaa for this well-presented portrayal of the Mediterranean and North Indian cuisine within the bustling district of Beach Road Singapore. I will definitely come back here for a hearty hangout with friends and colleagues after hours.

Expected Damage: $50 – $70 per pax

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Aryaa: 7500E Beach Road, Diners Building, #01-201, Singapore 199595 | Tel: +65 62916009 | Website | opening hours: weekday lunch: 12pm-3pm; dinner (mon-sat): 6pm-11pm; closed on sundays