10 Asian Foods You Can Find in Singapore That Taste Better With Coke

Singapore has been known as a food haven in Asia for decades. Being a melting pot of cultures, cuisines from all over the world make it here to this little red dot on the world map.

All sorts of Asian foods from across the continent find their way to make it here. Be it in restaurants or at small takeout stalls along the road, Singapore offers some of the best Asia has to offer.

It is likely that you already know that food and drinks go hand in hand to give your tastebuds a satisfying experience.

Wine and food pairing step aside and make way for Coca-Cola® and food pairing. Our national pastime of chowing down food can be so much more gratifying and here is a list of Asian food that go really well with that can or bottle of ice-cold, super fizzy Coke®.

1. Sichuan Shui Zhu Yu 水煮鱼 (Boiled Fish)

Coke Shui Zhu Yu

Shui Zhu Yu is a dish that is almost synonymous with Sichuan food and the concept of Mala (numbing spiciness). Many Sichuan restaurants around Singapore serve up this dish that is a tongue-busting combination of various chilis, peppers, oil and fish.

Shui Zhu Yu goes ever so well with a can of ice-cold Coke®. Sip on some Coke® while cautiously eating that bowl of spicy fish that spells “Danger” all over it, and let the fizzy, balanced taste of Coca-Cola calm your nerves. With that, you probably do not have to tremble in fear at the intimidating sight of a large bowl of Shui Zhu Yu.

2. Taiwanese Fried Chicken 大雞排

Coke Taiwanese Fried Chicken

Throngs of Singaporeans flock over to Taiwan at all times of the year, making it a top destination for locals. Few would disagree that one main reason for Taiwan’s popularity is the street food it offers. Night markets and street-side stalls serve up all kinds of delights and it is hard to miss the large fried chicken steak that everyone is munching on.

What’s a giant slab of fried spicy chicken to do without some fizzy Coke®? The refreshing fizziness of an ice-cold Coca-Cola will help excite your tastebuds and make that crispy goodness tastes so much better. The only risk here is that you will possibly  crave for more fried goodness with a can of Coke®.

 3. Vietnamese Pho

Coke Pho

Piping hot Vietnamese noodle soup with slices of beef, Pho is probably the most well-known dish from Vietnam. This dish is famous for its rich broth that is a product of long hours of simmering beef bones and meats, herbs and spices. Assorted types of beef cuts and innards are added in with rice noodles to produce this noodle dish.

The balanced taste of a refreshing can of Coke® will go ever so well with that bowl of savoury Pho, further complementing a piping hot bowl of pure goodness with an icy-cold Coke®. Why trust me? Try it yourself.

4. Filipino Sisig

Coke Sisig

The term “Sisig” means “to snack on something sour”.  A dish that may pass off as exotic to many, Sisig is made from parts of the pig’s head and liver. The sour part comes from the fact that this is usually seasoned along with calamansi.

For those that find this dish too exotic for their liking, some Filipino restaurants now serve Sisig with other meat replacements such as chicken.

Sisig is normally served sizzling on a hot plate. With all that heat and intense flavours, chug down a few gulps of fizzy Coke® with this and experience the uplifting enjoyment derived from the chilling bite of Coke®, mixed with an intense mix of flavours as you savour your way to cloud nine.

5. Penang Laksa

Penang Signature Assam Laksa - Bowl of Noodle

Malaysian food plays such an important part in satiating the boundless appetites of Singaporeans across the causeway. Penang laksa and local Singapore laksa share their names but are hardly even similar.

Also known as Assam laksa, the Penang version is a sour, fish and tamarind-based soup. Other spices are added in to give this laksa a very distinctive sour flavour.

The sour, spicy and marine-flavored soup calls for a refreshing Coke® to lessen the heat and to beat any ‘jelatness’.

6. Indonesian Nasi Padang

Coke Nasi Padang

At the forefront of all Indonesian cuisines is the Nasi Padang. The beauty of this dish is that it is served as an array of pre-cooked dishes that go well with rice. These dishes resemble a miniature banquet that features meats, fish, vegetables and various types of Indonesian chili sauces.

Spicy, sweet, salty, umami, sour; a myriad of flavors are packed in Indonesian cuisine and this is epitomized by Nasi Padang. Top all of that off with some refreshing ice-cold Coke® and you will not regret it.

7. Korean BBQ

eight korean bbq-8103

The concept of gathering around a grill and cooking meats together has been a favourite for many years. One of the most representative forms of Korean grilled meat would be the bulgogi, which is marinated slices of beef. Along with beef, various pork cuts are also equally popular. With such a vast selection of barbecued meats, it is indeed heaven-sent for meat lovers everywhere.

Throngs of Singaporeans make their way to the many Korean Barbecue establishments daily. What’s not to love about this smoky meaty? The next time you are up for some grilling, try having some bubbly and effervescent Coke® to go along with that smoky goodness of charred meat.

8. Japanese Omu Soba

Coke Omu Soba

Yakisoba is Japanese fried noodle served usually with bits of meat, vegetables and various sauces. Omusoba is just the “zhng-ed” (modified and enhanced) version of that wrapped in egg. The comfort food for many Japanese, and now many locals here, omusoba dish is packed with a lot of flavour both from the grill and from its sauces.

The omelette wrapped around the fried noodles makes it an even more delicious version of fried noodles. Try pairing the slightly greasy noodles with a refreshing can of Coke zero® and you may just find yourself in snack heaven.

9. Japanese Taiyaki

Coke Taiyaki

Recognized for its fish shape, Japanese Taiyaki is a favourite pancake for many. Believed to have originated from Tokyo during the Meiji era, this cute stuffed dessert has gained so much popularity that it is now served all across Japan and internationally as well. That is the reason why it has also landed here in Singapore too.

With an array of filling choices that can be found encased in Taiyaki, there are so many ways to enjoy this. It gets even better with a can of uplifting Coke zero® that will give an added dimension to this awesome snack.

10. Korean Tacos

Coke Vatos 2-2

Tacos have been dubbed as one of the most craved street foods around the world. Couple that with a Korean twist and you will get an even greater creation.

Inspired by a mix of contrasting cultures so easily found in downtown Los Angeles, this Korean-Mexican fusion was born. Having lived in L.A. myself, I have to agree that this captures the best of two of the city’s favourite cuisines.

Ever had Kimchi Carnitas fries or Chimichurri Chicken tacos? Munch on these fusion spicy tacos and pair it with the invigorating sensation and chilling bite Coke light® to give it that extra kick!

*This article is brought to you in partnership with Coca-Cola®, the opinions are of the writer’s own.