Asian Rad Afters: Picture-Perfect Bubble Waffles From This Osaka Cafe Now At Bugis

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the cyan-blue colour that is associated with popular jewellery company Tiffany & Co. New on the block on Bali Lane, you would be able to spot an entire shop front painted in this similar shade. Hailing from Osaka, Asian Rad Afters has landed in Singapore.

Asian Rad Afters singapore cafe

While Asian Rad Afters have no affiliation with the jewellery brand, their aesthetic decoration does reflect similar elegance in spite of its simplicity.

Asian Rad Afters 2

The cafe is decorated with elegant flowers and birds, giving off a pleasant garden vibe based on their soothing colour scheme. Asian Rad Afters pride themselves in serving bubble waffles, otherwise known as ‘egglets’, with some drinks and ice cream too.

Asian Rad Afters 3

I was glad to see that the bubble waffles were prepared upon order, so they would be fresh and warm when served.

Asian Rad Afters 6

Asian Rad Afters is known for their bubble waffles, so we decided to go for one of their Singapore exclusive, The Peranakan (S$12.50).

Asian Rad Afters 7

This was their original waffle served with coconut ice cream, then topped with purple sweet potato fresh cream as well as two pieces of dragonfruit and mango.

Asian Rad Afters 9

It was presented to us pretty quickly, on a metal holder to prop the bubble waffle up. At first look, they were very Instagrammable indeed.

Asian Rad Afters 15

The sweet potato fresh cream was of a pale purple hue, with a sticky consistency to it, which reminded me of marshmallow fluff. I didn’t mind it though. In addition, it had the subtle sweetness of sweet potato which I enjoyed.

Asian Rad Afters 16

The coconut ice cream was slightly icy but refreshing which went well with the other components of the waffle. It had its distinct milky and sweet notes to it, in addition to lil’ bits of what I assumed was coconut.

Asian Rad Afters 8

The fruits were really fresh and sweet too. In contrast, the fruit loops gave it a nice crunch with an extra touch of sweetness.

Asian Rad Afters 20

The bubble waffle itself didn’t have the crisp exterior I was used to. It was rather dense in its entirety. Nonetheless, it was still relatively soft and easy to eat.

It came with a dollop of kaya at the bottom. Apparently, they changed their usual custard filling at the base of the waffle to kaya to suit our local taste. However, I thought that kaya wasn’t the best choice and was jarring in the mix. Perhaps the custard would have been a better choice.

Asian Rad Afters 10

We also tried the Blue City Chocolate (S$12), the popular favourite back in Osaka. This was served in a chocolate waffle with chocolate ice cream.

Asian Rad Afters 11

It is then topped with butterfly pea fresh cream, two slices of banana, an Oreo cookie, as well as caramel nuts and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Asian Rad Afters 13

This combination sounds slightly jelak, but it was surprisingly delectable. The butterfly pea fresh cream had a baby blue hue with the same sticky consistency. It had a subtle vanilla taste, which went well with the sweet caramel nuts, that had a nice crunch to them.

Asian Rad Afters 14

As I’m more a fan of rich and decadent desserts, the toppings on this appealed to me more. I love Oreo’s, and I was glad the cookie was fresh and crunchy. The bananas were also nicely ripe and sweet.

Asian Rad Afters 17

Unfortunately, I felt that the weakest link here was the ice cream. While it was relatively creamy and smooth, the chocolate flavour was slightly lacklustre and I wished it was richer and darker.

Asian Rad Afters 19

The bubble waffle had the same texture as the previous one we had, which was proof of consistency.

Asian Rad Afters 18

However, I couldn’t taste any hint of chocolate in it; my dining partner thought it was charcoal-flavoured instead of chocolate.

Asian Rad Afters 5

We also got two drinks, the Kuta Beach Sunset (S$4.80) and Bonsai Citrus (S$4.80). These are both Singapore-exclusive as well, and very aesthetically pleasing.

The former was a combination of lime juice and matcha. I saw them preparing the matcha the traditional way — with the bamboo whisk. However, the Asian After Rad’s Beach sunset just tasted predominantly of lime, albeit matcha being a strong and full-bodied flavour. I would suggest tweaking the ratio to have less lime.

Asian Rad Afters 4

The latter was a mix of roselle tea and orange juice. As the flavour profiles of these lean toward the tart side, this was one tangy and refreshing drink.

Asian Rad Afters 21

We decided to get a Double Scoop Ice Cream (S$6.50) too as there were many flavours on display.

Asian Rad Afters 22

The Thai milk tea flavour was a disappointment. It lacked the distinct creaminess, fragrance and sweetness that good Thai milk tea typically has.

Asian Rad Afters 23

Fortunately, the taro flavoured ice cream fared much better and had a distinct sweet and nutty flavour, with tiny chewy bits for added texture too.

Asian Rad Afters 12 singapore cafe

Asian Rad Afters is definitely one Insta-worthy location to visit, especially with their eye-catching bubble waffles and drinks. What they offer is indeed something unique that I’ve never seen before.

Other than being an instagrammable cafe, I do think some tweaks can be done to improve the taste of Asian Rad Afters’ offerings. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of all things pretty and nice, do check them out and let us know what you think!

Expected Damage: S$4.80 – S$13 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Asian Rad Afters

33 Bali Lane, Singapore 189869

Our Rating 3/5

Asian Rad Afters

33 Bali Lane, Singapore 189869

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 7pm (Wed to Sun), Closed Mon & Tues

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 7pm (Wed to Sun), Closed Mon & Tues
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