ASiP Drinks: Kick-Start Your Journey To A Healthy Lifestyle With Cold Pressed Juices From S$2 At Commonwealth

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So goes the common saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. What happens when apples become the less convenient option?

These days it’s so much easier to pick up a cup of bubble tea — you grab it and go. It’s often cheaper than health juices out there.

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But fret not, hope remains in ASiP Drinks, where Aunty Mei will want you to have a cup of cold-pressed juice in your hands before you leave Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre.

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Aunty Mei operates the stall with her husband, Uncle Gin. The couple considers themselves raw in the field, with a little over four years of opening.

Why ASiP, you may wonder. Aunty Mei has the answer, as she quipped, “I want my customers to enjoy their drink, sip by sip. Like you’re at the beach. What’s the hurry?”

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And so we did. We got the ever-popular ABC Yakult (S$3.30). ASiP Drinks never misses a beat on incorporating health into every cup.

We recommend that you try every layer on its own first; don’t stir! Then pull your straw through the cup to create the mixture in your mouth.

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The couple boasted about the nutrients in cold-pressed juices, and have no qualms on experimenting with different fruits and vegetables. Think you know your vitamins? Think again. Aunty Mei may be no nutritionist, but she’s definitely an advocate for healthy concoctions.

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Whilst preparing the ingredients for our drinks, I noticed that Aunty Mei chopped up the fruits before tossing them into the cold-press machine. She didn’t remove the seeds though.

Aunty Mei explains that she cuts the ingredients up to check that they haven’t turned bad on the inside. Also, the cold-press machine doesn’t crush the seeds, so they need to be removed first.

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Another favourite of regulars is what Aunty Mei affectionately termed Aircon (S$2.50) (left in photo). It features mint, cucumber, and lime. I was informed that a regular once jokingly remarked, “Yeah it’s like having aircon inside (your lungs)!”

Aunty Mei playfully reminded us that Singapore is such a hot country, and we would need Aircon everywhere. True to its name, Aircon was extremely refreshing.

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“You’ve got to have your vegetables too! Can’t just be fruits all the way,” exclaimed Aunty Mei. Thus birthed what I like to call the Oriental Surprise (S$5).

It was originally created for customers who were picky about vegetables in their concoction, and so Aunty Mei sneaked in a layer of Japanese cucumber in between pressed soursop and dragonfruit. The result: a beautiful gradient that’s insta-worthy.

And that’s exactly the response that Aunty Mei hopes for, as she wants drinking to be fun.

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Remember to eat your vegetables with this next drink, Rainbow (S$6.50). Pick a fruit base, and the vegetables will take the rest of the limelight.

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Rainbow was an amazing array of colours. Again, Aunty Mei advised against stirring. “Enjoy the layers, and go to the bottom for the sweet fruit taste,” she reminded me.

If you are like me and wanted to discover how all the colours would look blended, I can tell you first-hand, it wasn’t all that magical.

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“It’s all science!” she explained. “Each fruit and vegetable has different sugar content and flesh weight, therefore some will sink and some will float.”

It’s truly a wondrous moment to watch Aunty Mei in her element. She invites customers to join her in experimenting, in taking risks to try various combinations of cold-pressed juices.

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A young boy came by to order a cup of Fresh Lime Juice (S$2), and Aunty Mei beamed from ear to ear, stating that it’s rare to find the younger generation opting for healthier choices in their drinks.

When asked why were her drinks priced so affordably, her countenance shifted to one of concern.

“Too often the elderly don’t consume enough nutrients. As they lose their teeth, the ability to take in nutrients from solid foods becomes limited.”

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She then demonstrates the way the cold-press machine works, whereby the ingredients are spiralled downwards. This process retains the enzymes and nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables.

Therefore Aunty Mei wants to be able to cater to the elderly as well, with cold-pressed juices being one of the best ways to get in essential nutrients and minerals.

At the end of the day, Aunty Mei’s mantra for ASiP Drinks is “Enjoy. Enjoy the process. Enjoy every sip.” Around Aunty Mei, you’re sure to never forget to eat — or shall we say, drink — your vegetables.

Expected Damage: S$2 – S$7 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

ASiP Drinks

31 Commonwealth Crescent Market, #02-85, Singapore 149644

Our Rating 5/5

ASiP Drinks

31 Commonwealth Crescent Market, #02-85, Singapore 149644

Telephone: +65 9452 6777
Operating Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9452 6777

Operating Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)