Avo Good Day! FREE avocado-themed gifts to go with avocado-themed dishes/meals

Grown in good nature and growing on us! We just tried a slew of Singapore restaurants that are on board with the Australian Avocado campaign. Research has proven avocados to be a veritable superfood but not all avocados are created equal.

Origin matters. That’s especially true of any fruit of the soil because of environmental factors as well as the human contribution to the farming process. Australian avocados are grown in some of the world’s richest and most fertile soil, and nurtured to the highest standards. You can taste that difference in every bite.

We decided to put those bites to the test at the 6 participating restaurants: (working title) Riverside, Back to Eden, Wakey Wakey, Surrey Hills Grocer, Fruce and Soul Grub (online only).

avo - plushies

Oh, and there is free merch at these outlets for you, too. Just whisper the secret code, Avo Good Day! when you pay to redeem 1 for every Australia Avocados item purchased.

avo - socks with avocado pattern

There are 3 gifts altogether— an avocado plushie, a pair of socks and a 5-in-1 tool. This promotion is only valid at these 6 participating food service partners with Australian Avocados, while stock lasts.

1. (working title) Riverside

Promotion Period: 15 May – 18 Jun

avo - cafe interior

Our first stop was (working title) at Kallang Riverside, a place I love for its idyllic location.

avo - salad

Haha, the name Aussie Avocadon’t Salad (S$18) made me laugh out loud. Taste-wise, though, it’s no laughing matter— it’s pure deliciousness! The grilled avocados in this salad contributed a unique mixture of creamy consistency and smoky flavour.

avo - salad close up

It was well backed-up by the sweetness of vine-ripened tomatoes and the mesmerising tang of caramelised vinaigrette. Topped with feta and basil and liberally sprinkled with sourdough croutons, this is a feast for the senses.

av - avo toast

It was such a wonderful salad that I would consider having it on its own. However, the combination of Aussie Avocadon’t Salad and Avo Toastie (S$14) was even better.

avo - close up of avo toast

As you can tell from the photo, (working title) definitely does not skimp on the lush green avocado spread on thick sourdough bread!

avo - avocado shakes

We washed it down with an invigorating Aussie Avocado Bravado (S$9), which proved that simplicity can be scrumptious, too. There are just 3 ingredients: Australian avocado, Madagascan vanilla and chocolate sauce. The avocado shone through as it was designed to, and the vanilla and chocolate played their supporting roles to perfection.

If you’re looking for a lot of energy and nutrients packed into one glass, this light, creamy, choco-accented concoction is a yummy delight.

51 Kampong Bugis, Kallang Riverside Condominium, #01-03, Singapore 338986
+65 8721 3153
Mon to Fri: 10am – 10pm
Sat: 8am – 10pm
Sun: 8am – 6pm
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2. Back to Eden

Promotion Period: 15 May – 18 Jun

avo - cafe interiors

Back to Eden is a plant-focused, vegan-friendly artisanal cafe and bakery, which just sounds so pleasant to say out loud!

avo - avocado dishes

We found the vibe here so soothing and relaxed and the great food was a charming bonus.

avo - avo on toast

First on the menu was the Smashed Avocado on Toast (S$18.90). Of all the variation of avocado on toast that we tried, this one was the best. Its verdant surface was a combination of smashed avocado, avocado cream, housemade goma, pomegranate, mint, side salad with sourdough croutons.

avo - holding up avo toast

The result was a refreshing dose of the ordinary turned extraordinary, all with a memorable citrusy poke.

avo - fritters

Our Corn, Zucchini and Kimchi Fritters (S$18.90) were presented beautifully, with an order amidst the chaos personality. The participants were corn, zucchini, fresh kimchi, avocado, apple ginger chutney, basil and cream, together with a side of salad.

avo - close up of fritters

The rich red-brown of the fritters was the perfect backdrop to the splashes of brilliant white, luxurious green and tempting red that adorned our plate. While visually stunning, they were slightly on the salty side. Ask for less salt when you order and this is a winner.

avo - nachos and dips

The Corn Chips with Three Dips (S$14.90) had me at ‘Three Dips’— you can never have enough dip! Our bowl of corn chips was generously laden with melted cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

avo - holding up chips with dip

Scooping up the smooth, rich guacamole with the triangular shovels, I was amazed at the telling freshness and the infusion of flavour the Aussie avocado added to every mouthful.

64 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188667
+65 6238 1068
Daily: 9am – 5pm

3. Wakey Wakey

Promotion Period: 15 May – 18 Jun

avo - cafe interiors

avo - smashed avo on toast

The Special Smashed Avocado on Toast (S$19.90) was amazing, especially for the pine nuts! This creative rendition of the humble toast has avocado crème fraiche and smashed avocado with house-made goma, feta, nuts and seeds on sourdough, lame salad and a perfectly poached egg.

avo - holding avo toast

I’m in love with pine nuts and their bite added an exquisite dimension to the smooth, creamy avocado crème fraiche.

avo - fritters with egg

Delightful as the Special Smashed Avocado on Toast was, it lost out narrowly to the Corn and Zucchini Fritters (S$18.90).

avo - egg flowing out

These are served with avocado, spicy tomato chutney, sour cream, wobbly egg, and a side of greens with balsamic vinaigrette. Coupled with the bacon, the fritters were the star of a savoury morning delight. Definitely ask for this at Wakey Wakey!

avo - chips and dip

Tortilla Chips and Dips (S$15.90) isn’t the most inventive dish here but it’s certainly one of the ol’ reliables. 

Guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream and melted cheese adorn perfectly crunchy corn chips for a familiar taste elevated by the fresh avocado element.

302 Beach Road, The Concourse, #01-04/05, Singapore 199600
+65 6291 0227
Mon to Fri: 8am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 6pm
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Genesis Vegan Restaurant: Guilt-free & insanely yummy vegan dishes like lasagna, Nyonya laksa & seaweed rolls

4. Surrey Hills Grocer

Promotion Period: 15 May – 18 Jun

Here’s a name that will warm the hearts of every Sydneysider… and the tens of thousands of Singaporeans who have lived and studied there! Surrey Hills Grocer is known for its high-quality produce and doesn’t shy away from adopting the same approach with its grab-and-go Surrey Hills Deli at Raffles Place.

avo - breakfast meal
Credit – Surrey Hills Grocer

Air flown Australian avocado mash, whipped ricotta, vegemite emulsion, honey dukkah, micro herbs, Nuyolk eggs done your way make up the Melbourne Breakfast Avo (starting at S$20). It’s one of the heavier items on the menu and aligns perfectly with ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.

Avocado mash added a nice creaminess to the lighter whipped ricotta as the vegemite emulsion and honey dukkah infused both physical and flavour-centric texture.

avo - crosissant with avocado
Credit – Surrey Hills Grocer

It was accompanied by a variation they call the Avo-cardio (S$22). Here, air flown Australian avocado mash, smoked turkey ham, brie, Sriracha aioli, alfalfa, cranberry jam, cabbage chiffonade and ciabatta create a wonderful medley of tastes in one plate.

I loved how the ciabatta  bread soaked up all the goodness of the dish and went perfectly with the avocado mash.

Refer to locations, contact numbers, and opening hours here.
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5. Soul Grub

Promotion Period: 15 May – 9 Jun

Soul grub is an online vendor, which reduces its environmental footprint quite considerably. Its avocado footprint, though, is thankfully large with the Australia Avocado Meal Plan (15 meals (B, L, D) at S$188.00, 10 meals (L, D) at S$148.00).

avo - collage of avocado

avo - collage of avocado
Credit – Soul Grub

That works out to 3 well-balanced meals a day, all featuring fresh, nutritious Aussie avocado for as little as S$12.53 each! Here is their weekly menu.

  •         Mon: Shrimp Tacos with Burnt Chili Guacamole, Barramundi with Avocado Hummus, Chicken & Avocado Fusilli
  •         Tue: Pickled Mushroom Sandwich & Avocado Mayonnaise, Shrimp & Avocado Penne, Roasted Chicken with Avocado Hummus
  •         Wed: Beef Tacos with Burnt Chili Guacamole, Baked Fish & Chips with Avocado Aioli, Cuban Mojo Chicken with Rice & Avocado Salsa
  •         Thu: Chicken Quesadilla with Lime & Tomato Guacamole, Tofu Burger with Avocado Mash, Chicken & Avocado Potato Salad
  •         Fri: Chicken Sandwich with Avocado Aioli, Roasted Shrimp and Avocado Mash, Beef Stir-Fry with Avocado Hummus

+65 9173 7849
Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Fruce

Promotion Period: 15 May – 18 Jun

Established in 2016, Fruce is the dessert beverage expert in avocados and artisans of local tropical fruits. Fruce, short for fusion of fruits, takes pride in inventing only local, original recipes for Singaporeans, by Singaporeans. All of Fruce’s drinks and toppings are handcrafted in stores to ensure only the highest quality possible.

Aussie Avocado Acai

avo - avocado acai shake
Credit – Fruce


Our next crowd favourite— Signature fresh Avocado perfectly infused with Acai. Avocado combinations never tasted this good!

(M) – S$5.70

(L) – S$7.20

Acai Chia Seed Avocado

avo - acai seed avocado drink
Credit – Fruce

Fruce’s signature Avocado take on Acai goodness, topped off with Omegan-3 chia seeds!

(M) – S$6.00

(L) – S$7.50

Locations: Wisma Atria, Nex, Sun Plaza, Yew Tee Point, Tampines Hub, Hillion Mall
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* This post was brought to you in partnership with Australian Avocado Grown in Good Nature.

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