Ariel C.

How each panadol differs and how to choose your post-vaccine pill

Nothing says "just had my second shot" like fending off your mother's third cup of coconut water and taking Panadol to alleviate the arm...

The king of fruits — keeping both your stomach and phone batteries full

Yep, you heard me right; I'm sure your mind didn't immediately jump to charging phones when thinking of the pungent, yellow fruit that you've...

Sudouku, Online Delivery: “I might just convert to veganism.”

You know that one ultra-sustainable friend who’s always prepared with brightly patterned reusable bags, carries a hefty glass lunch box, never drinks her kopi...

Celebrate SG56 with KFC’s new Cereal Chicken & Ondeh Ondeh Egg Tarts

If there's one thing most, if not all, Singaporeans can agree on, it's our love for buttery fried cereal-topped...anything. Whether it's burying a pile...

Donate and recycle your old sports shoes at 100 collection points from 5 July

The growing wave of calls for healthier living and eco-friendly initiatives have been followed by change on a remarkable scale, where Singaporeans from all...

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