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Groups of 5 pax allowed for dining-in from 12 July & other updates

Here's a little mid-week boost to get you through the rest of the week. The Multi-ministry Taskforce (MTF) has introduced updates to Singapore's Covid-19 measures...

6 SAF Day promos for our servicemen & women

It's always a good time to pay tribute to our national servicemen and women for their immense contributions to Singapore's defence. Moreover, there's no...

Build your own Adidas Superstar shoe with LEGO

A collaboration that will send all the nerds that are sneakerheads or all the sneakerheads that are nerds into quite the frenzy. LEGO has...

New in town: SYIP, Farrer Park — Ikura Kombu Capellini and London Fogs for dreamy afternoons

As we approach the reopening with mounting trepidation, I think keeping a list of new spots to visit gives us something to look forward...

Produce explained: 10 pasta shapes you should know

It seems almost impossible that we haven’t touched on pasta in all our chronicles of Produce Explained. Oh, so many shapes that your head...

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