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BLOSSOM (喜悅): A Balance Between Traditional & Contemporary Chinese Cuisine At Marina Bay Sands

Gracing the glossy marble floors of Marina Bay Sands is a contemporary Chinese restaurant, BLOSSOM (喜悅). The opulence and lavishness of Marina Bay Sands take a...

New Yoghurt-Flavoured Soju From Lotte Liquor Available In Australia This Dec

Here's another soju flavour to fall in love with. Lotte Liquor has launched a new yoghurt-flavoured soju, Soonhari Yogurt to join the ranks of their Soonhari Chum-Churum...

Feast & Drink From Food Trucks Along The River At Clarke Quay This 5 – 9 Dec

Clarke Quay is somewhat an oxymoron: on one hand, a historical and picturesque heritage site by the river. On the other, a trendy locale teeming with...

Bubbly Beats Vol.4 Brunch Social: 4 Hours Of Free Flow Champagne Along Stevens Rd This 8 Dec

Saturdays are my favourite day of the week and they are best spent luxuriating in a bubbly haze, having a tête-à-tête with friends and family. LAZY BEATz's Party Series Bubbly...

SHAO 燒: BBQ Crab With Unagi Sauce & Other Modern Teochew Dishes Along Frankel Avenue

Along the charming streets of Frankel Avenue lies SHAO 燒, an eatery serving modern Teochew cuisine with an ingenious twist. It is difficult to miss SHAO, it...

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