Sonia Lourdes

10 stalls to check out at Circuit Road Hawker Centre

I rarely frequent the underrated Circuit Road Hawker Centre now, however, I do have patchy memories of making morning trips here with my family...

The ultimate best Korean food guide in Singapore

Annyeonghaseyo! The team at has scoured Singapore to compile the ultimate Korean food guide featuring a variety of Korean eateries, restaurants, and cafes. If Korean...

14 best Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore

I'm constantly searching for authentic restaurants to satisfy my Korean food cravings. I love classic bibimbap as well as spicy and cheesy tteokbokki, but...

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Sonia is a quirky individual who occasionally sips tea with The Hatter when she's not belting out old school rock hits or rewatching cult classics. IG: @lootstoots_
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