Azzura Gelato Bar: Singapore Food Review

“All Australian Gelato”


For some of the finest award-winning gelato, sorbet and ice cream desserts, be sure not to miss Azzura gelato bar, authentic gelato from fresh made from perth before exported to local grounds for our enjoyment.


Set within a corner in the mall of Katong V, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, each gelato is made from scratch with ingredients sourced in Perth to maintain freshness, and only the best seasonal fruits and produce are used in all the mixes.


Chocolate mousse cup. best dessert award from Dairy Industry Association of Australia, this chocolate cups are served on a cold plate to retain it’s shape and taste. The mousse gives a distinct coffee hit which was very enjoyable.

IMG_4934 IMG_4938

Peach ($8.90). Peach gelato with a single ferrero roche in the centre, dipped in chocolate and then crafted and designed to look like a huge tasty peach with strawberry maple syrup on the side, this creative dish is the definition of ‘eye candy’. The ice cream was able to withstand a long period of time without becoming runny, the mark of a quality gelato.


Waffles with ice cream ($9.00). Fresh fluffy waffles topped with a scoop of tiramisu ice cream which paste is from Italy. Even though the waffle is dripping in sweet maple syrup, it does not get soggy and manages to retain it’s structural integrity and crispness. I strongly recommend a cup of latte to go with this dish.



Latte ($4.00). Delicate, layered and complete. The coffee left a slight but pleasant bite in the mouth, with a tinge of bitterness in the aftertaste – an overall very well-balanced brew. One of the the best coffees I’ve had in a while.


IMG_4980They have a retail section in the bar where you can purchase the coffee beans from as well, which are packed and imported from Perth.

IMG_4961Blossom Nougat ($4.00 per scoop). Packing a very complex flavour, this dish is bound to make your tastebuds go wild. Made from Italian nougat paste, rosewater, pistachios, almonds and an assortment of ingredients, it does not have an overwhelming feeling despite being heavy in flavour.

IMG_4968Rum and Raisin ($4.00 per scoop). Note that this was not the actual serving size, we were too full for the actual size. The raisins are marinated in rum for at least a week to achieve the flavour, and  compared to other versions, the flavour is not too in your face.

The ice cream flavours here are meant to be complimentary to the ice cream and more a longer, lingering taste rather than a distinctive punch.


Besides ice cream and coffee, the bar also has chilled alcoholic beverages for the casual drink.


Singapore’s flagship outlet offers more than just the classic creations of gelato desserts. In addition, it houses premium artisan coffee, waffles and a lifestyle concept section of goods ranging from packs of coffee beans and tea, to fun and useful merchandise like tastefully designed home decorations and healthy light treats like fig bars.

Azzura Gelato imports all their ice cream directly from their own ice cream factory in Perth, where fresh ingredients are made at the source.

I was really impressed with the coffee that is served here, definitely one of the better ones I’ve had from a cafe. Delicious sweet treats accompanied by fresh fragrant coffee, what more can one ask for?

Azzura Gelato Bar: Katong V, 30 East Coast Road, #01-01 | Singapore 428751 | Website