10 must try restaurants in Bangsar South for a trip around the globe

Bangsar South has grown to become one of Kuala Lumpur’s most exciting places. As a residential area and commercial enclave, Bangsar South is home to some of the best restaurants, retail shops, and recreational areas.

When in Bangsar South, you are most likely visiting one of these 6 major buildings: Nexus, South Link, The Horizon Annexe, The Sphere, The Vertical Podium, and The Village.

Nexus is a popular food hub, and South Link is a lifestyle destination with wellness spas. The Horizon Annexe is an office and retail space, while The Sphere plays host to some of the trendiest cafes. The Vertical Podium has office spaces and retail outlets but it also houses the area’s medical facilities. Last but not least is The Village, Bangsar South’s figurative gateway decorated with greenery and a water feature.

Within these 60 acres, you will find unique eateries that reflect the colours and cultures of the word. If you’re in the area, here are the 10 must try restaurants in Bangsar South for a trip around the globe.

1. Muito Bom! Brazilian BBQ

Bangsar South - Muito Bom! Brazillian BBQ - Storefront

If you’re in the mood for some juicy grilled meat and non-stop music, Muito Bom! Brazilian BBQ is for you. It is an eatery that’s been specialising in Brazilian barbecue since 2018. Muito bom is a Portuguese expression that means “very good”.  

Muito Bom! is known for its daily barbecue buffets. With the All-You-Can-Eat Dinner (RM89), customers can feast on as much meat as they want. Among the unlimited meat cuts available are Rump Cap or Picanha, Sirloin, Lamb Shoulder, Chicken Thigh and Wings, and Beef and Vegetable Skewers.

Muito Bom! Brazillian BBQ - Meat skewers

Other buffet bar menu items include their Soup and Pasta of the day, Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables, and Feijoa

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner sets as well. Check out their Bom! Burger (RM24.90) if you’re craving a beef burger made with home-baked sourdough buns, Brazilian glazed pineapple, and their special Bom! Sauce.

Lamb lovers can try the Carneiro (RM41)— tender lamb slices paired with mashed potato, Brazilian glazed pineapple, coleslaw, soup, salad, and garlic bread. 

Unit G-13, Nexus, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6018 201 5626
Daily: 12.30pm – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. Agrain

Bangsar South - Agrain - Storefront

Agrain came onto the scene with a clear mission: to make healthy food accessible, delicious, and affordable for all. 

The restaurant serves a variety of rice bowls and pasta. Their Japanese Bento Chicken Rice (RM22.90) comes with quinoa brown rice, turmeric chicken thigh, honey soy chicken thigh, sweet chilli tofu, onsen egg, garlic pak choy, topped with sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce. 

You can also find rice bowls inspired by local flavours, such as the Kari Kunyit Chicken Rice (RM18.90) and the Nasi Lemak Tak Lemak (RM25.90). Instead of the rich coconut rice we’re used to, Agrain uses parsley-cauli rice paired with yamabushitake rendang, turmeric chicken thigh, and gula melaka sambal.

Agrain - Bowl of vegetables, potatoes, and mushrooms

Many of the menu items are vegan and vegetarian-friendly, like their Shroomami Curry Rice (RM19.90), Veggie Pesto Pasta (RM21.90) and Vegan Bolognese Pasta (RM22.90)

Here, you can also build your own bowl with ingredients of your choosing. Start off with one of their bases, choose your preferred protein, and then top it off with their wide selection of supplements and toppings.

The Sphere, Unit 1-6, level 1, No 1, Avenue, 1, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6012 680 5950
Daily: 11am – 3.30pm & 5pm – 8.30pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant

Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant - Storefront

There’s certainly something for everyone at Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant. Rice, noodles, soups, pastries, cold and hot dishes, roasted meat— they truly have everything you can think of.

Warm yourself with a hearty bowl of Special Hand-Pulled Noodle with Beef (RM22.90) or Amber Special Lamb Soup (RM8 for one serving and RM68 for a large sharing bowl), and get your daily vegetable intake with dishes like Sauteed Green Beans with Eggplant (RM18.90) and Fried Shredded Cabbage (RM16.90).

Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant - Spread of food on table

Some of their dishes require advanced bookings. This includes Roasted Lamb (RM950 – RM1950) and Roasted Duck (RM69 – RM128).

End (or start) your meal with some indulgent Chinese pastries that will leave you asking for more. Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant offers delicious snacks such as their Chicken Chives Pancake (RM15 – RM30), Sesame Mochi Ball (RM15 – RM30) with either red bean or pandan filling, and Steam and Deep Fried Mini Bun (RM14 – RM28).

Unit 14, Level 1, Nexus, 7, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 2242 1010
Daily: 12pm – 9pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Kubis & Kale

Bangsar South - Kubis & Kale - Storefront

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier? If your answer is yes, Kubis & Kale is for you.

Kubis & Kale offers a range of sandwiches with unique fillings. They have a Purple Sweet Potato Sandwich (RM9.90) that’s made with banana slices and caramelised onions in between slices of sweet potato bread. If you need a little spice to kickstart your day, check out their Sichuan Hot Chicken Sandwich (RM15.90).

Kubis & Kale - Rice bowl with Unagi

The menu also features their signature poke bowls and super food bowls. Salmon fans should try the Shoyu Salmon Bowl (RM20.90) for a healthy meal of brown rice, raw shoyu salmon, and a large helping of assorted vegetables. 

Folks who follow a plant-based diet can dine here too. Kubis & Kale has a Vegan Maple Tofu Bowl (RM19.90) that marries the flavours of maple tofu, brown pilaf rice, salsa, mushroom gremolata, cherry tomatoes, and superseeds.

B1-11, Southlink, Jalan Kerinchi Kiri 2, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6011 2439 1452
Daily: 8:30am – 9pm
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5. Edo Ichi

Edo Ichi - Restaurant interior
Credit – Edo Ichi Group

If you’re on the hunt for some Japanese food, Edo Ichi is here to provide you with Malaysia’s first Edo Period Style dining experience.

For the true Japanese experience, sashimi lovers can indulge in their selection of Sashimi Moriawase. This assortment of raw fish ranges from RM48 to RM218, depending on the number of fish you want to try. One menu item that sets Edo Ichi apart from its competitors is Mana Uni Sashimi, also known as sea urchin sashimi.

Edo Ichi - Bento set with sashimi and tempura

Of course, they also have a wide variety of sushi and don. You can try their Mini Kaisen 5 Shu Mori Don (RM108), a bowl of sushi rice topped with tuna belly slices, salmon roe, sea urchin, and shrimp.

Additionally, Edo Ichi serves hot stone bowl dishes. Their menu features their Ishiyaki Sutamina Una Don (RM58), which is garlic fried rice and roasted eel in a hot stone bowl. Other similar items include the Ishiyaki Kimuchi Cheese Meshi (RM29) and Ishiyaki Mabo Nasu Meshi (RM29).

No. 7, Unit G4 Ground Floor NEXUS, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 2242 2022
Mon to Thu: 11.30am – 2.15pm & 6pm – 9.45pm
Fri to Sun: 11.30am – 2.30pm & 6pm – 10pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Portofino 

Portofino - Storefront

Take a short trip to south-central Europe with Portofino, an Italian restaurant serving traditional Italian flavours.

Begin your journey with some classic Bruschetta with Tomato (RM14) and Sicilian Arancini (RM30), which are deep-fried saffron rice balls filled with mushrooms and mozzarella.

As you’d expect, Portofino is home to a variety of homemade pastas like Tagliatelle Bolognese (RM38), Gnocchi with Lamb Ragout (RM44), and Truffle Ravioli (RM39).

Portofino - Mozzarella and pepperoni pizzas

Here, you can also find main dishes like Veal Milanese (RM68), a breaded Italian Veal that’s pan-fried in clarified butter. Other than that, you can try their Braised Lamb Shank (RM64) or the Stuffed Chicken Breast (RM44) for chicken breast stuffed with turkey ham and mozzarella cheese.

If you’re dining with friends or family, order for one of their pizzas to share. They have the classics like Margherita Pizza (RM30) and Four Cheese Pizza (RM40) as well as more unique flavours like Truffle Pizza and Parmigiana Pizza (RM40 each).

Unit G5, The Sphere, No. 1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South City, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6016 697 9741
Daily: 10am – 11pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

7. Buena Brasa

Buena Brasa - Storefront

Good food, a relaxing ambience, and top notch service are the pillars of Buena Brasa. This gastropub prides itself in serving delicious Spanish cuisine made with high-quality ingredients. 

For a taste of Spain, customers should try their signature dish: Seafood Paella made on Charcoal (RM49). This dish is cooked with black mussels, prawns, squid, vegetables, and arroz bomba, a type of Spanish rice.

Buena Brasa - Seafood Paella
Credit – Buena Brasa

Buena Brasa offers a variety of Tapas, which are appetisers in Spanish cuisine. They have Prawns in Olive Oil and Garlic (RM45), Spanish Omelette with Chorizo (RM19), and Octopus with Potato Confit and Aioli (RM38). Ordering their tapas would be ideal when dining with others as these dishes are meant to be shared, but there’s nothing wrong with ordering one for yourself— just saying.

The restaurant’s menu also has a section for meats cooked on charcoal. Iberico Pork Collar with Corn on the Cob (RM52) and Wagyu Ribeye Steak (RM75 per 110g) are just a couple of the grilled items that they serve. 

Unit G9 & G10, Ground Level, The Sphere, No. 1 Avenue 1, Bangsar South City N8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 2770 3520
Mon to Fri: 2pm – 12am
Sat & Sun: 12pm – 12am
Facebook | Instagram | Website

8. Oriental Treasure

Oriental Treasure - Storefront

Oriental Treasure is the only non-halal Chinese restaurant in Bangsar South. They focus on Cantonese cuisine and strive to maintain the traditional Chinese ways of cooking.

Their extensive dim sum menu is sure to satisfy all taste buds with dishes like Loh Mai Kai (RM10.80), Char Siew Bao (RM9.80), and Deep Fried Meat & Tangerine Peel Dumpling (RM11.80). Other menu items include rice, noodles, and congee. You can try their Braised Rice with Abalone (RM38) or the Fiery Baby Duck (RM88).

Oriental Treasure - Spread of food

If you can’t decide, they also offer set meals for individual diners as well as small and large groups. The individual sets come with 6 different dishes and range from RM188 to RM298 per person. Groups of 10 can choose between 4 sets starting from RM1588 all the way to RM2988.

Afterwards, cleanse your palate with Oriental Treasure’s desserts like Snow Swallow with Ginseng (RM23) and Dang Ying Red Bean Pumpkin Ball with Banana (RM12.80).

The Sphere, Unit 1-2 & 1-3, 1st Floor, Bangsar South City, 8, Jalan Kerinchi 59200, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6032 242 2382
Mon to Fri: 11am – 3pm & 6pm – 11pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 3pm & 6pm – 11pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

9. Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock

Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock - Storefront

Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock is a modern kopitiam that serves Malaysian favourites from morning till night. Foodies no longer have to wake up early for some toast and teh tarik— who said you can’t have breakfast for lunch?

Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock - Nasi lemak, fried chicken, and chicen curry

This well-loved eatery has all the essentials. From Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng (RM13.90) and Hainanese Chicken Rice (RM12) to Roti Bakar Kaya (RM2.90) and Assam Laksa (RM13), they’ve got you covered. They also have the same hot and cold drinks you’d typically order at a mamak, like Cham, Neslo, Limau Ais, and Barli Limau.

Their success is no joke. Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock has branched out to produce its own instant coffee mix. The Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock White Coffee is currently available in over 3000 grocery stores nationwide. In true Malaysian style, you can choose between three levels of sweetness: Original, Kurang Manis (less sugar), and Tak Mau Gula (no sugar).

The Sphere, UG-01, Upper Ground Floor, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6011 3765 5696
Daily: 8am – 9pm
Facebook | Instagram

10. Nyonya Tingkat Signature

Nyonya Tingkat Signature - Storefront

As we make our way back to Malaysia, Nyonya Tingkat Signature welcomes you to take a bite of its Peranakan inspired dishes.

Indulge in familiar local flavours like Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik (RM24.90), Nasi Kemuli Kambing Tok Panjang (RM25.90), and Nyonya Asam Laksa (RM14.90). Nyonya Tingkat Signature also offers 5 different types of nasi lemak, including nasi lemak with Ayam Rendang, Ayam Penyet, Daging Hitam Manis, Kari Kapitan Ayam, and Crispy Chicken.

Nyonya Tingkat Signature - Four different dishes

They’ve also got the nation’s favourites: Roti Bakar Classic (RM5.90) and Roti Bakar Telur Goyang (RM6.90).

Much like the nasi lemak, the restaurant has variations of cendol to help customers beat the heat. There’s Cendol Klasik, Cendol Durian D24, Cendol Mangga, and Cendol Durian Mangga. You can even try their ABC (Ais Kacang), Bubur Pulut Hitam and Apam Balik.

If you want to have a full-on tea party with a friend, Nyonya Tingkat Signature offers a Signature Hi-Tea Set that comes with nyonya treats like apam balik, kuih, nasi lemak bungkus and more. 

The Sphere, Unit UG-3A, Level UG, Avenue 1 Bangsar South City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 2242 2255
Mon to Fri: 7am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 10pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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