BCD Soon Tofu, Punggol: Affordable bowls of authentic Korean Soon Tofu soup in the heartlands

After an overwhelming response from the masses on Korean food in the heartlands, I had to make my way down to BCD Soon Tofu, SBCD Korean Tofu House’s second express outlet, located at Edgefield Plains

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Just like SBCD Korean Tofu House, the stall serves authentic and wholesome Korean cuisine, specialising in soft tofu soup (obviously). I’ve heard many reviews about their soup, and knew I was in for a treat. Additionally, I was looking forward to having something other than Chicken Rice (my latest obsession). 

What I tried 

Image of menu dishes

The menu here offers six different types of soft tofu sets, and mandu (Korean dumplings). Each soon tofu set also comes with kimchi, rice and a packet of Korean seaweed. 

I got the Pork Soon Tofu Set (S$7), Beef Soon Tofu Set (S$7), and Pork Mandu (S$4.50 for three pieces, S$6.50 for five pieces)

Image of pork soon tofu

First up was the Pork Soon Tofu Set. Honestly, I was expecting the bowls to be bigger; akin to what had been advertised. Despite the slight disappointment in size, I was a bit apprehensive to stab my spoon into the bowl as I knew a sole runny egg yolk was hiding in there.

Close up of egg yolk

Much to my dismay, my first attempt to scoop up a piece of soft tofu led to me breaking the egg yolk, instead. Yuck, I know. 

Close up of a piece of soft tofu

For the uninitiated, soft tofu is exactly as its name suggests. As soon as you pop a piece into your mouth, it’ll immediately take the form of water and melt onto your tongue, slowly sliding down your windpipe. Its texture is somewhat akin to a panna cotta, but taste-wise, similar to that of tau huay

Close up of spoon in soup

Apart from the soft tofu, the dish gets its flavour from the base. The soup (or stew), isn’t thick, has a deep umami flavour and is made from a 10-ingredient secret recipe. I wish I could guess all 10, but I know the folks at BCD Soon Tofu are generous with their chillies; probably where it gets its colour from. It also gets its burst of flavour from an amalgamation of fish and prawn powders, garlic, spring onions, and other aromatics used in Korean cooking.

The chillies will only hit the back of your throat after you’ve slurped down a spoonful. It also reminded me of rasam— where each tangy spoonful will surprise you with a pepper punch. The spicy soup also captures the juices of whatever meat that’s boiled in it. This means you’re not just getting a bowl of flavoured water.

Close up of pork

The pork was as soft as the tofu. And each bite gave off a melt-in-your-mouth consistency that made it very easy to eat— especially when paired with a spoonful of rice. It also gave me the idea of adding sliced pork in my bowl of Maggie Curry, considering how it works very well. 

Image of beef soon tofu

Next was the Beef Soon Tofu Set. With every element being the same, I’d suggest you get this set only if you’re a lover of beef. I was disappointed upon tasting the intense gaminess of the meat, which overpowered the soup. Unlike the pork, the beef was a tad chewy too. 

Close up of a slice of beef

Personally, the Beef Soon Tofu Set would’ve been a winner in my books sans the gamey meat. However, try it for yourself before forming an opinion based on my review alone. I could’ve caught them on a bad beef day. 

Image of pork mandu

I ended my hearty meal with a plate of three pieces of crispy pork-filled Mandu. Now, I can go on writing for days about dumplings. Especially fried dumplings. From the Nepalese Momos to Japanese Gyozas, I love them all. Every piece of Mandu at BCD Soon Tofu is stuffed to the brim and fried to perfection. 

Close up of mandu

To test when a dish is fried to perfection is when you’re able to hear the loud ASMR crunch as you’re breaking into it; which is what I was greeted with. Crispy on the outside, evenly cooked and tasty on the inside, the little mandus were like warm pillows. I couldn’t stop myself and had to order another plate to satiate my fried dumpling-lovin’ soul. 

Final thoughts

Image of a bowl of pork soon tofu

If you’re craving for something warm and light, BCD Soon Tofu is the perfect place for you. Not only are they expanding— making it easier to get your Korean food fix— but they serve really authentic-tasting dishes too.

Chef Nam Kyoung Soo, Chef and Co-founder of SBCD Korean Tofu House also mentioned, “My dream is for BCD Soon Tofu to be available everywhere for everyone to enjoy. In our SBCD Korean Tofu House’s outlets, I always find it heartwarming to see customers from all walks of life come together to enjoy a piping bowl of Soon Tofu soup. I especially enjoy seeing three generations eating together, and it is my wish for the express outlets to cater to close-knit families. My team and I are looking forward to serve Korean cuisine lovers in Punggol.”

I guess we can expect more express outlets in the heartlands around the island soon! 

Expected damage: S$7 – S$11.50 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

BCD Soon Tofu

671 Edgefield Plains, #01-01 , Singapore 820671

Our Rating 4/5

BCD Soon Tofu

671 Edgefield Plains, #01-01 , Singapore 820671

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
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