Belle-ville Pancake Cafe has limited edition matcha lava pancakes

It would appear that Singapore’s obsession with all things matcha will never come to an end. Belle-ville Pancake Cafe, a popular pancake cafe from Osaka, Japan, has just launched its new Matcha Cream Pancake.

belle ville pancake matcha cream

The Matcha Cream Pancake consists of layers of thick, fluffy pancakes stacked on top of one another. A plastic sheet is placed around the pancakes, and a generous amount of matcha cream and matcha sauce is added to the top. Lifting up the plastic sheet causes the matcha cream and matcha sauce to flow down the sides of the pancake stack, creating a flowy, Instagrammable lava effect.

The Matcha Cream Pancake is priced at S$16.90 and was launched on 1 August 2022. The pancakes are only available for a limited time, and can be found at Belle-ville Pancake Cafe’s outlets at Bugis and 100AM.

belle ville pancake storefront

Belle-ville Pancake Cafe is most famous for its soft and fluffy meringue millefeuille pancakes, which are soft, thick and fluffy. Their permanent pancake flavours include their Mango Pancake ($11.90 for two pieces, S$14.40 for four pieces), containing fresh cream, mango chunks, ice cream and whipped cream, and the Japanese-flavoured Matcha with Rice Ball & Red Bean Pancake (S$10.20 for two pieces, S$12.20 for four pieces, S$16.20 for eight pieces).

Belle-ville Pancake Cafe has had exciting limited edition pancake flavours in the past. Their previous seasonal pancakes from 2022 alone have included their Honey Pineapple Pancake from June, Sakura Pancake from March and Hot Chocolate Pancake from February.

Be sure to head down to Bugis or 100AM for a taste of the limited Matcha Cream Pancake before it’s no longer available!

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