8 best induction cooker hobs in Singapore

In the heart of Singapore’s culinary evolution, induction cooker hobs stand as the standard in most modern home kitchens, transforming the cooking experience with their ingenious design and unparalleled efficiency. Beneath the sleek glass surface of these hobs lies a hidden coil that produces a magnetic field. The magic happens when you place a pot or pan made of magnetic material on it, as the magnetic field induces electric currents within the cookware, generating heat directly in the pot or pan.

With minimal energy waste and the surface of the cooker remaining remarkably cool, the risk of burns is significantly reduced. For those accustomed to the impatience of modern living, the speed at which these hobs heat up is a game-changer, eliminating the frustration of enduring prolonged waits for water to boil.

So what’s the difference between the various types of cooker hobs?


Induction hobs offer efficient and rapid heating through electromagnetism, inducing electric currents in magnetic cookware for precise temperature control. Their cool-to-touch surface enhances safety, and the sleek design ensures easy cleaning. With faster heating times compared to traditional stoves, induction hobs provide an environmentally friendly and versatile cooking experience.

The gas stove hob, powered by natural gas or propane, utilizes an open flame for immediate and precise temperature control, transferring heat directly to cookware that can withstand direct flame contact. Despite its excellent control, the open flame poses a burn risk. Yet, its visibility enhances safety awareness in the culinary environment. Gas stoves, however, can heat up significantly more than electric or induction hobs and are still favoured for many cooking methods.

The electric stove hob, using either coils or a glass-ceramic surface, generates heat, transferring it to cookware through direct contact or radiant heat. While slower to adjust temperatures than gas and induction stoves, modern electric models offer improved control. Compatible with any heatable cookware, flat-bottomed types are recommended for optimal heat transfer. Caution is advised as the stove’s surface can get hot, posing a burn risk as it is not visibly apparent, and is less safe than induction hobs.

It’s these specific details that make induction cookers the preferred hob among Singapore’s home cooks. So without further ado, let’s hop into some of the best induction cooker hobs available in Singapore.

1. Teka IZS 34700 MST Induction Hob

Credit – Teka

The Teka IZS 34700 MST BK 30cm induction hob is part of Teka’s VarioPro series, renowned for its modular design in creating a personalized kitchen setup. With the integration of different hobs and an advanced hood, this series allows you to tailor your kitchen to your unique style.

This hob is also built with MasterSense, employing advanced sensory technology that detects pan and ingredient weight, automatically adjusting cooking temperature for consistently perfect results

The hob, featuring Vario Flex Induction with SlideCooking, allows effortless pan sliding which comes with automatic power adjustments for maximum convenience. The innovative cooking zones allow for high-flame cooking, medium at the centre, and warming at the bottom, ensuring the ultimate comfort in your culinary endeavours. Equipped with a Scott Ceran Ceramic Glass cooktop, this hob combines exceptional durability with easy maintenance, elevating your kitchen aesthetics with its stunning black glass design.

Buy from S$1,350 on Lazada Shopee

2. Tecno Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob T788GI

tecno induction hob
Credit – Tecno

The Tecno Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob T788GI stands out as the ideal dual solution for cooking enthusiasts. Offering the best of both induction and gas cooking, this hybrid hob eliminates the need to choose between the two. The left side boasts an induction hob, ensuring a safer cooking experience with features like an automatic shut-off timer and enhanced energy efficiency.

On the right, the gas burner expands culinary possibilities, accommodating various cookware types, including round bottom woks. With its versatile features, the Tecno hybrid hob caters to diverse cooking preferences. Find this innovative appliance available for purchase at Tecno.

Buy from S$878 on Lazada Shopee

3. Miele SmartLine CS 7612 FL

Miele SmartLine CS 7612 FL
Credit – Miele

Enhance your induction cooking experience with the sophisticated and versatile Miele SmartLine induction hob. Featuring frameless glass ceramic, this hob includes PowerFlex cooking zones equipped with permanent pan recognition, simplifying setup without the need for manual activation.

The induction wok module is an added feature, enabling you to indulge in your preferred stir-frying with a wok, offering flexibility beyond accommodating large pans. Elevate your culinary endeavours with the innovative and user-friendly design of the Miele SmartLine induction hob.

Buy from S$5,000 on Miele SG

4. Gaggenau Vario Flex Induction Cooktop 400 Series

gaggenau vario flex induction 400
Credit – Gaggenau

Unleash your culinary creativity with the Gaggenau Vario Flex 400 Series, a modular cooking solution boasting professional-grade technology. This induction cooktop with the Vario Flex induction technology (same tech as the Teka above), features a stainless steel frame and is accompanied by stainless steel knobs; it is even enhanced with a frying sensor as well.

You can personalize your cooking space by incorporating various sizes and modules, including induction, gas, teppanyaki, electric grill, and even downdraft ventilation. Craft the cooktop of your dreams for a seamless and tailored cooking experience with this modular induction cooking hob.

Buy from S$4,460 on Idealihome

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5. Obro Invisible Induction Hob IV6F

invisible induction obro
Credit – Obro

Introducing the Obro Invisible Induction Hob IV6F – a groundbreaking fusion of state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated design. This innovative device, unseen when not in operation, effortlessly integrates with your kitchen countertop with 2 induction zones, redefining the intersection of functionality and aesthetics. The development of this invisible induction hob demanded a heightened level of components and skill, surpassing the intricacies of traditional induction hobs.

In contrast to conventional cooktops that can occupy valuable counter space, the invisible induction hob addresses this concern, offering a versatile solution that allows you to utilize the countertop for other purposes when cooking is not in session.

Buy from S$2,299 on Obro

6. Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob

Fujioh FH ID5125
Credit – Fujioh

For those venturing into the realm of induction cooking, consider the Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Hob is an excellent choice among induction stoves in Singapore! Its user-friendly touchscreen control panel ensures effortless operation, even for older users, while the elongated rectangular design makes it an ideal built-in option for compact spaces.

Beyond functionality, this Fujioh induction cooker’s sleek black design with bevelled edges not only complements contemporary kitchens but also adds an aesthetic flair, proving that it performs as well as it looks.

Buy from S$598 on Lazada Shopee

7. Bosch PIB375FB1E Domino Induction Hob

Bosch PIB375FB1E Domino Induction Hob
Credit – Bosch

Ranked among the top-tier induction cooker hobs in Singapore, the Bosch PIB375FB1E Domino Induction Hob stands out in its category. Resembling domino pieces, this induction hob features 2 burner zones, each equipped with 17 distinct power settings.

The Bosch induction cooker’s slim 30cm width makes it an excellent choice for those considering future additions to their countertop. Additionally, its practical timer function automatically switches off the heat after a set duration, adding convenience to your cooking routine. For passionate home cooks in Singapore, the Bosch PIB375FB1E is undeniably one of the finest induction stoves available.

Buy from S$1,149 on Lazada Shopee

8. Rinnai RB7012H-CB Induction Hob

Rinnai RB7012H CB Induction Hob
Credit – Rinnai

For those prioritising safety, the Rinnai RB7012H-CB Induction Hob should be on your radar. Crafted by one of the top induction cooker brands in Singapore, this high-powered Rinnai induction cooker features a practical child-lock function, ensuring young children cannot accidentally activate the appliance—particularly beneficial during multitasking or cleanup.

This reliable induction hob also includes a residual heat indicator, adding an extra layer of protection for your little ones in the kitchen. As a final touch, the induction cooktop incorporates an auto-pan recognition sensor, eliminating the need to guess the temperature setting by detecting the size of your pan before heating its base. Prioritize safety without compromising functionality with the Rinnai RB7012H-CB.

Buy from S$738 on Lazada Shopee

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