14 Best Japanese Buffets in Singapore For Your Sashimi Fix

Last Updated: July 17, 2019

Written by Olivia Poh


Singaporeans love Japanese food, and we also love buffets. Why not get the best of both worlds and combine them for a list of the best Japanese buffets in Singapore?

We all love to indulge once in a while, especially so with the fresh, juicy catches of sashimi Japan culture has to offer. But I know, sashimi can be a little harsh on the pocket. Not to mention if you’re a hardcore sashimi fan like myself, where even you can surprise yourself with the amount of sashimi you ingest in one seating.

Having scoured Singapore to sample and find the best Japanese buffets around, with an overload of sashimi (no regrets here), we bring you the best places to have your Japanese buffets in Singapore. Personally curated and tasted by our team of writers for months, we’re probably going to lay off sashimi for a while now.

1. Tenkaichi

Wagyu Beef Sashimi Tataki

With an unbeatable price for its selection of wagyu cuts, you can embrace the fatty tenderness and allow the buttery goodness to coat your tongue as you fall back into wagyu heaven. Beefy highlights include: wagyu tongue (some exotic cut there), premium wagyu sashimi and my favourite wagyu tataki.

Their beef is very fresh with strong umami notes, where its delicate texture simply makes the sashimi a real slide down the mouth. Ponzu and wasabi are presented on the side that will change the delicate flavour quite significantly.

best japanese buffet singapore tenkaichi

Okay, there is a really good selection of fresh sashimi cuts along with the beef as well. But I’m sure your attention will be focused on the all-you-can-eat marbled wagyu beef. Talking about it makes me want to go back already.

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Expected Damage: Deluxe set $44.80 for mon-thu ; $49.80 for fri, weekends, PH and Eve of PH. | Premium set $69.80++ for mon -thu ; $74.80++ for fri, weekends, PH and eve of PH

ChopeDeals: Save 50% at Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant >

Chope Reservations

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant: 6 Raffles Boulevard #03-129, Marina Square, Singapore 039594 | Website

2. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

best japanese buffet singapore shin minori

Shin Minori is one of my favourites as a a great Japanese buffet because it definitely hits the sweet spot between value and quality. Expect above average Japanese cuisine for in return for relatively low cost here, as well as ingenious creations by their chefs.


Their maki selection is a myriad blend of flavours that go together really well to create a sweet yet savoury mix. Also expect fresh and premium cuts of juicy, thick slices of sashimi as well, all on a ala carte basis for freshness.

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Expected Damage: from $34++ for lunch ; $37++ for dinner

ChopeDeals: Save 50% at Shin Minori >

Chope Reservations

Address: 81 Clemenceau Ave, #03-15/16 UE Square, Singapore 239917 | Tel: 6733 2272 | Website

3. Shabu Sai

best japanese buffet singapore shabu sai

Another very value-for-money buffet option here, Shabu Sai presents plates and plates of quality cuts of meat from all over the world, for just a nominal price to be dunked in their delicious shabu shabu soups.

Shabu Sai is an excellent choice to go for the carnivorous Singaporean. Despite all the meats, lets not forget the buffet of vegetables available as well. Free flow of soft drinks and ice cream are also available at the desserts bar for an additional $1.99++. The downside is that there is a time limit of 70 mins for lunch, and 90 mins for dinner so do take note.

Read our full review of shabu sai here

Expected Damage: Weekday Lunch $16.99++ ; Weekday Dinner $24.99++ | Weekend Lunch $19.99++ ; Weekend Dinner $29.99++

Shabu Sai: 3 Simei Street 6, Eastpoint Mall #03-06, Singapore 528833 | Tel: +65 6636 3121 | Website

4. Hokkaido Sushi

Hokkaido Sushi Buffet

Hokkaido Sushi newly launched their buffet menu in March 2016, featuring a few dishes unique to the restaurant such as their Hamachi Truffle and Hokkaido Maki, which was created by their sushi master.

Hokkaido Sushi Buffet

Of course, you can also expect freshly imported sashimi flown in bi-weekly from Tsukiji and Sapporo as well as delectable signature dishes like the Grilled Halibut which is silky in your mouth, and the Tempura Prawn that was so light and legit crispy (unless soggy tempura is your thing). *Orders 10 Tempura Prawns without shame*.

Read our full review of Hokkaido Sushi here.

Expected Damage: Lunch $41++ on promotion (Usual $58++) ; Dinner $47++ on promo (Usual $68++)

Hokkaido Sushi: M Hotel Singapore, Level 9, 81 Anson Road, Singapore 079908 | Tel: 62213075 | Website

5. Kuishin Bo

best japanese buffet singapore kuishin bo kushin-bo-singapore-jap-buffet

Kuishin Bo offers such a huge selection such that you’ll just be spoilt for choice! Exactly what we would hope for in a buffet. It’s a little on the steep side though for dinner, so gear your stomachs on to pile on more food to make your money worth.

Check out their personal grilled BBQ outside and special seasonal Japanese selections from different regions as well. My only gripe is that they don’t offer the more premium selections and cuts of sashimi such as even tuna or swordfish not to mention salmon/tuna belly, although the prized snow crab legs and variety of seafood is offered.

For me, with such a steep price for the dinner menu, it may thus be not as worth the price. The lunch menu presents a much more valued option. Kuishin Bo has outlets in Great World City, Suntec City and Jurong Point.

Read our full review of Kuishin bo here

Expected damage: Lunch from $36.90++ | Dinner from $54.90++
*Varying prices depend on branch location

Kuishin Bo: Great World City #02-41A/42, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994 | Tel: 6836 5877 | Website

6. Kushi Dining Bar

best japanese buffet singapore kushi dining

Kushi Dining Bar is a spectacular gem hidden well right into the outskirts of Orchard Road. Over at Hotel Royal, I feel Kushi serves up premium, quality Japanese dishes at just a fraction of the price as per its non-buffet competitors.

Expect to indulge in decadent and all the more delicious selection of their cooked food; wagyu beef cubes, lobster porridge, salmon head, tataki and many more. Their sashimi is really fresh and juicy as well, featuring premium thick cuts of salmon belly, swordfish, tuna, tako, amaebi and more. If you are looking for a high quality Japanese buffet, Kushi is the place to be at.

Expected Damage: Lunch from $38.80++ | Dinner from $42.80++ (various prices for Classic, Premium or Gourmet buffet)

Chope Reservations

Kushi Dining Bar: 526 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368216 | Tel: 6285 2565 | Website

7. Ikoi

best japanese buffet singapore ikoi

Simple, no-frills and fresh. After a while, there are just only so many ways to describe sashimi, but I can assure you that Ikoi’s sashimi is really fresh and juicy. The ala carte buffet at Ikoi presents premium, thick cuts, including classic favourites like sake (salmon), hamachi (yellowtail), mekajiki (swordfish) and tako (octopus).

ikoi best japanese buffet singapore-1709

Their grilled selection was not too bad as well, but bordering on the average side. It’s a small, crowded restaurant and service might be slow, so do order a substantial amount each time the waiter finally comes around. There’s a free seafood soup that is served to each guest, but the servers sometimes forget so do remind them.

Ikoi is a popular yet unpublicized joint, so definitely make reservations at least a few days in advance as the it gets full rather fast.

Expected Damage: Lunch/Dinner $38++

Ikoi: 401 Havelock Rd, #01-01 Hotel Miramar, Singapore 169631 | Tel: 6887 3788 | Website

8. Momiji

Momiji Japanese Buffet

I don’t know about you, but if a Japanese buffet serves freshly shucked oysters, I’ll be there. Momiji Japanese Buffet is one of those buffets that has fresh oysters up for grabs, and at a price of $40.80++ (brunch and dinner only), it’s pretty worth it.

Momiji Japanese Buffet

If you need more convincing, there’s free flow Sapporo beer from 6.30pm-7.30pm daily! They’re also currently having a King Crab promotion till 14 Febuary 2018, so guys… you know where to bring your significant other this Valentine’s Day 😉

For sweet-tooths like me, their dessert spread is also a huge draw– there’s a decent spread of mini cakes and eclairs, a chocolate fondue, and Haagen Daas ice-cream.

Expected Damage: Brunch $40.80++ ; Lunch $25.80++ ; Dinner mon-thurs $40.80++ ; Dinner fri-sun $42.80++

Momiji: City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road #05-04/06, Singapore 208539  | Tel: 6509 1193 | Website

9. Tajimaya Yakiniku

Tajimaya Japanese Buffet Online

Credit – Tajimaya

Let’s cut to the point here: All-you-can-eat Wagyu Beef Buffet! For 100 minutes, pamper your taste buds with unlimited Wagyu Beef, Kurobuta Pork, Tiger Prawns, fresh Sashimi, and more. Grilled over white charcoal to get that smoky fragrance only a good BBQ can achieve, the Wagyu Beef slices almost melts in your mouth. For extra oomph, dip your charcoal-grilled beef in your sauce of choice– Miso, Tare (a mix of shoyu, lemon, and vinegar), or their in-house special citrus sauce!

Expected Damage: $49.90++ (available weekdays lunch and dinner ; weekends lunch only)

ChopeDeals: Save 10% at Tajimaya Yakiniku >

Chope Reservations

Tajimaya: Vivocity 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-102/103, Singapore 098585 | Tel: 6377 0070 | Website

10. Irodori

best japanese buffet singapore irodori

The good thing about Irodori is the never ending plates of fresh cuts of sashimi, skilfully cut such that it will make your mouth water. We didn’t really prefer their grilled selection, with the sauces being a tad on the salty side. But their tempura and sashimi sections managed to save the day, and we just might be back for more. Simple and affordable.

Expected Damage: Lunch/dinner $36.80++

ChopeDeals: Save 30% at Irodori Japanese Restaurant >

Irodori: 382 Havelock Road, #03-01 Riverview Hotel, Riverview Hotel, Singapore 169629 | Tel: 6737 2002 | Website

11. Mitsuba

Mitsuba Singapore

Credit – Mitsuba

With over 130 dishes in their buffet menu, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice at Mitsuba. Their sashimi slices are fresh and thickly cut (just the way we like it), and they also serve up a decent variety of Yaki Mono and Age Mono dishes (grilled and deep-fried dishes respectively) so you won’t be stuck eating the same few dishes throughout the buffet.

Mitsuba also has a weekly promotion– ladies get 15% off every Monday!

Expected Damage: $38.90++ 

Chope Reservations

Mitsuba: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-88 Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817 | Tel: 6227 0388 | Website

12. Himawari Japanese Restaurant

best japanese buffet singapore himawari

Himawari manages to achieve that melt-in-your-mouth consistency in sashimi everyone so desires, and this is one of the sole reasons you would definitely be returning back for more. They offer a generously wide selection of premium cuts, including swordfish, yellowtail, tuna and such. Try out their Spider Maki (soft shell crab), which was absolutely delicious.

Himawari also comes with a shabu shabu/sukiyaki hotpot for the table (you can choose which soup you prefer), and this selection really brought their value to a whole new level, with thinly sliced, juicy marbled beef available for order along with other meats.

The restaurant location is a bit far though, making it that much more hidden.

Expected Damage: Weekday Lunch $41.80++ ; Dinner $45.80++ | Weekend Lunch $44.80++ ; Dinner $48.80++

Himawari: 991B Alexandra Road, Singapore 119970 | Tel: 6272 1110 | Website

13. Shinyuu

shin yuu best japanese buffet singapore

For a Japanese buffet, Shinyuu carries uniquely crafted sushis that are of a higher grade than its usual competitors, with the likes of seared tuna belly sushi, and their signature Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi (Salmon); seared salmon sushi with a smear of mentaiko. You also get complimentary Toro Sashimi, Taraba Kani, Zuwa Kani Tempura and Japanese Ice Cream with every a la carte buffet dinner order.

The aburi was something refreshingly different and we really enjoyed how the different textures and taste complimented the torched flavour really well. Sashimi fans will also be delighted to hear that they offer premium, thick cuts, fresh and juicy to appeal to everyone.

Expected Damage: Lunch $39.90++| Dinner $52.90++

Shinyuu: 16 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park | Tel: 6763 4939

14. Triple Three (Mandarin Orchard)

triple three - sushi platter

Don’t expect anything less from a hotel buffet, and Triple Three didn’t fail to delight us with its wide variety of fresh and quality eats. They offer something more than your average buffet spread, and go out of the way to ensure customers are provided with optimum quality and choice.

triple three - seafood section

Here, you can even customise your own pasta, with their live pasta cooking station. How awesome is that? Be prepared for a decadent feast of indulgence here. There are also daily dinner specials like Foie Gras Frenzy on mondays and various themed buffets that appear along the year.

Read our full review of Triple Three here.

Expected Damage:  $68++ (mon – sat lunch) | $88++ (mon – thurs dinner) | $88++ (sun lunch) | $98++ (fri – sun dinner)

ChopeDeals: Save up to 50% at Triple Three >

Chope Reservations

Triple Three: 333 Orchard Road, Mandarin Orchard Level 5, Singapore 238867 | Tel: 6737 4411 | Website

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Editor’s End Notes

There are quite a few other Japanese buffets in Singapore that offer really affordable prices, Kiseki being one of them. But the team has unanimously agreed that even though the price is low, the quality isn’t that good enough to be featured here.

Mentai-Ya: Afffordable Mentaiko donsn

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