12 Best Pizza Places in Singapore You Would Give Up Netflix and Chill For

Last Updated: December 26, 2016

Written by Xinhui Ong

Pizza Pizza Pizza, ah, the most flexible modern day comfort food for the millennials. You can eat pizza on a formal dinner date in a classy Italian restaurant, or casually at home when you’re just watching movies chilling in your pajamas, which is why I love this Italian flatbread so much.

Pizza is very popular in Singapore, with fastfood pizza delivery chains appearing ages ago, but now also sees more authentic establishments featuring variations like the neapolitan and NY-styles. We’ve still yet to see Chicago deep dish pizza though.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions of amazing pizzas I’ve missed out in Singapore, let me know because I know for sure that there are many more places out there that serves this treasured gem.

Here’s my compiled list of the best pizza places in Singapore for my fellow tomato flatbread fans.

12. Motorino

Best Pizzas_Motorino (1 of 3)

Motorino is a famous New York Pizzeria selling Italian Napoletana-style pizzas (same as neapolitan).

In the centre of Motorino sits a gorgeous black mosaic woodfired oven with copper chute finishing and even a spelling of ‘Motorino’ to deliver you toasty pizza babies. The whole colour theme of the oven black/copper/white, matches the bistro-esque interior of Motorino.

Best Pizzas singapore Motorino (2 of 3)

Meatball Marinara (Part of lunch set menu, $25.00)

Their pizzas look fantastic. With a decipherable layer to the sauce, cheese and ingredients this pizza is neat. Whilst the sauce looked really dark and rich, it simply tasted generally sour, as most tomatoes should be. I expected it to be more flavourful.

The meat balls were squishy fishball-like texture, pretty tasty. However, the meatballs here are pretty sparce and they can honestly do with more generosity.

Best Pizza Singapore_Motorino pizza (1 of 1)

The egg and ham combination gives it a kind of  breakfast pizza vibes. This flavour, because of the egg yolk, lends it a thicker, creamier, murkier flavour profile. Overall, their red sauce pizzas have that iconic italian soupy middle done right.

Motorini prides itself on making the best pizza in town and many other chefs have said Motorino, at least the ones they’ve tried overseas, is supposed to be good. While I expected much more from them, their pizzas are pretty decent.

Their sides and starters however are puny in portion and leave much to be desired. I would steer clear of them.

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Motorino: Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Road, Unit 01-01A, Singapore 179020 | Tel:  | Website

 11. La Pizzaiola

Best Pizza Singapore_La Pizzaiola storefront (3 of 3)

In popular food paradise, Serangoon Gardens is a casual italian place – La Pizzaiola. The second installation of La Pizzaiola is for the younger more casual crowd as opposed to its first location. Being named ‘La Pizzaiola’, I anticipated greatly for the pizzas here.

Best Pizza Singapore_La Pizzaiola storefront (2 of 3)

La Pizzaiola Speciale  ($20.90)

Mozzarella, thinly sliced roast beef that pulls easily, salty shaved parmesan, italian rockets and truffle oil; seemingly simple yet grand at the same time, the La Pizzaiola Speciale is like a much more grandeur rendition of classic pizza. It has all the usual suspects, but not just that.

Throw in some more opulent and richer tasting ingredients and we’ve got a great combination of flavours, executed well. It elevates the simplistic yet tasteful elements of a pizza. Kudos to that.

Best Pizza Singapore_La Pizzaiola storefront (1 of 3)

Diavola  ($16.90)

The Diavola is a common flavour at many italian pizza places – salami with mozzarella on tomato sauce base.

Their salami was sliced incredibly thin and yet remains rich in taste. It was spiced just right and the cheese complemented it. Won’t you just look at how much cheese and sauce there is. It really is quite the finger-licking good pizza.

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La Pizzaiola: 15-3 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987 | Tel: 6282 5031 | Website

10. Le Braceria Pizza & Grill

Best Pizza Singapore_La Braceria 2.0 (1 of 4)

Behind the popular stretch of Greenwood Restaurants, is a quiet and posh La Braceria.

Best Pizza Singapore_La Braceria (2 of 6)

Here we catch a glimpse of their chef from Naples! The sacred birthplace of pizza, who is in his natural habitat – at a pizza counter, nearby a fired up pizza oven. I kid.

But yes, the pizza-pasta chef at La Braceria is from Naples sooooooooo GOOD FOR US ALL! They’ve got authenticity all the way down to the bloodline. While they can’t use a woodfired oven because it is a residential area upstairs, the gas powered oven is definitely good enough (according to the chef at La Braceria and many other pizzerias).

Best Pizza Singapore_La Braceria 2.0 (2 of 4)

You know La Braceria is not just any italian restaurant when they have the Ospitalita Italiana award to vouch for their authenticity. This is an award issued by the Italian Chamber of Commerce Singapore to outstanding restaurants that uphold Italian lifestyle, culture and food.,

I was really excited to visit La Braceria because little bit information; they are the Italian Embassy’s choice of catering. If the Italian Embassy recognises their efforts, I’ll bet they are authentic in taste.

Best Pizza Singapore La Braceria buffalo mozzarell (1 of 1)

half-half:  Pizza Bufala, Rucola Prosciutto di Parma,  ($25)

They offer half-half pizzas here so long as they are the same sauce base so now with one pizza, we can have more variety. So of course with trying pizzas, a more standard flavour ensues.

Huge juicy slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella on top of a balanced tomato sauce – that leaks enough flavour, sweetness and saltiness yet like all other great sauce, still holds as one with the ingredients.

The crust rises unevenly with light leopard spotting, testament of a good crust and sure enough, it was impeccably addictive to me that day. Slightly charred on the outside, airy elastic on the inside, just kept me eating more and more.

The Prosciutto di Parma was again generously topped with prosciutto shaved mozzarella and basil. The only thing was that the proscuitto jamon slices were a tad bit too strong for me.

Best Pizza Singapore_La Braceria 2.0 (4 of 4)

half-half L to R:  Alla Braceria, Alla Bismark,  ($25)

For their white based pasta, La Braceria highly recommended their Alla Braceria – Mozzarella, Beef Tenderloin, Porcini mushrooms and Parmersan cheese, and Alla Bismark – Mozzarella, cooked Ham, Egg and creamy truffle aroma.

The Alla Bismark features the picture-perfect runny egg in the centre with generous lathering of truffle over heaps of ham. The egg lends extra creaminess, complementing the rich truffle fragrance. People who enjoy truffle or do not like traditional pizza flavours would probably be in love with this.

They share the same boss as Limoncello Grill on Robertson Quay.

Best Pizzas singapore La Braceria close up (1 of 1)

The supple strips of been tenderloin are cooked nicely and pink in the middle, giving it great bite. The porcini mushrooms lent juiciness and crunchiness to the pizza. With a layer of melted cheese, this is nicely executed. Again, ideal for folks who do not like tomato sauce/ traditional pizza flavours.

Overall, I was really addicted to the crust here and  I honestly don’t know why.

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Le Braceria Bar & Grill: 5 Greendale Avenue, Singapore 289501 | Tel: 6465 5918 | Website

9. La Forketta

Best Pizzas_La Forketta (2 of 2)

Gioia  ($30)

Famed for good italian food but note that it’s pretty pricey. Pizzas are easily $30 while mains are above $30. Honestly good italian pizza complete with that ‘soupy’ centre, fresh tomato sauce, molten cheese, splendid sourdough crust finished in a wood-fired oven.

They’re so good and confident in their pizzas that they dedicate 2 entire pages in the menu to it with over 30 combinations of pizzas. But the price is really daunting but you know what they say about quality correlated to the price you pay.

Best Pizzas_La Forketta (1 of 2)

The food here is not short of spectacular and I understand why people visit and/or talk about it. Even the Chef from Il Lido frequents La Forketta, and a guy from La Pizziola both said pizzas here at La Forketta are good.

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La Forketta: 1 Nassim Road, #01-01, Singapore 258458 | Tel: 6836 3373 | website

8. L’Operetta

Best Pizza Singapore_Pizzeria L'Operetta (1 of 1)

VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) Certified. This basically means, the pizzas made here follow a standard set of specifications stipulated by an organisation in Naples called the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), that aims to protect the authenticity of Napoletana pizza, just like the German Purity Law for their beers.

Best Pizza Singapore_Pizzeria L'Operetta (1 of 1)-2

To attain this certification, ingredients have to come from Campania, Italy. Tomatoes have to be San Marzano, the flour used has to be of “00” grade, The oven has to be woodfired with specific dimensions and the rules go on. Essentially, real strict regulations for that perfect authentic Naples pizza.

Best Pizza Singapore Pizzeria L'Operetta 3 (1 of 1)

Bufala  ($23)

I was very excited to try the pizzas here as L’operetta is not only widely known, it is also probably the only one or if not extreme few to be AVPN approved. Since it is VPN approved I can pretty much be guaranteed of the true neopolitana taste.

So what has this spotted beauty got to offer?

The crust is denser than the usual pizzas, making it chewy inside. yet it manages to be airy with pockets of air. With the consistent charred spots, the crust was enjoyably bitter with that comforting aroma of charred dough.

The tomato sauce on its own was just sour but together with the glistening buffalo mozzarella cheese, it is saved. L’operetta is definitely a spot to get your Italian pizza fix.

L’Operetta: ICON Village, 12 Gopeng Street, #01-78-81, Singapore 078877 | Tel: 6222 9487 | Website


Best Pizzas_Cugini (1 of 5)

Along the beautiful, expensive and happening Club Street, lies CUGINI.

Best Pizzas_Cugini (2 of 5)

With flowers growing on the side, a little porch and a brightly lit interior, CUGINI is a lovely place to dine in. The decor seemingly transports you to a cottage atop certain Greek islands. Such a lovely ambiance plus great tasting pizza, I’m definitely recommending this.

Best Pizzas_Cugini (4 of 5)

La Bufalina ($28.90)

The only topping is a pristine dollop of buffalo mozzarella in the centre that looks like conjoined poached eggs and a few sprigs of fresh basil. And honestly, these 2 freshest toppings is all the pizza ever needs.

The sauce is slightly watery and packs a hint of zest, with a splash of sweetness from the tomatoes. Accompanied with the springy and clean cut flavour of fresh buffalo mozzarella, crisp earthy basil fragrance, this pizza definitely scores 10/10. Simplicity is the winner here.

The crust is irresistably delicious, looking gorgeously symmetrical despite being hands spun.

Best Pizzas_Cugini (3 of 5)

Porto Cervo ($30.90) 

Porto Cervo – mozzarella, artichoke, bottarga. ‘Bottarga’ is a kind of dried, salted fish (normally grey mullet) roe found mostly in the Mediterranean. It is sometimes dubbed as Mediterranean Caviar or the poor man’s caviar.

Bottarga is usually grated on top of something and not exactly cooked like cheese. Come to think of it, it can pretty much draw parallelism with cheeses like parmesan; their texture, strong taste profile, brininess, slight pungent aroma that requires acquired tastes.

So the bottarga was grated on top of the pizza – tasting akin to dried, saltier and fishier version of chye poh/pickled radish. With grilled artichoke, these vegetables provided a stalky crunch and juiciness to contrast that brininess.

While I was not exactly a fan of this particular flavour, it is very special and uncommon. It is afterall CUGINI’s special.

Best Pizzas singapore Cugini (5 of 5)

Crudo e Rucola ($28.90)

Impressive presentation – a heap of meat on top of a heap of vegetables? Yes, what a way to whet my appetite.

Thick generous slices of Parma Ham atop a head of rocket leaves with melted mozzarella and that same fresh juicy tomato sauce. The parma ham was addictive! Fortunately, the strips were not lined with unbiteable strings of fat and also, it wasn’t too overwhelming. Ham makes the pizza even betterrrrrrr. what can I say if I love meat really.

Cugini: 87 Club Street, #01-01, Singapore 069455 | Tel: 6221 3791 | Website

6. Pizza Fabbrica

Best Pizzas_Pizza Fabbrica (1 of 7)

Sleek, modern and minimalist, Pizza Fabbrica is mostly coloured with white, grey copper tones adorned with interesting typography tidbit posters.

Best Pizzas_Pizza Fabbrica (2 of 7)

Much like their decor, their pizzas are crazily modern and refreshing, where they don’t follow the strict VPN adherence but the basis of their pizzas are still founded on napolitana style.

Best Pizzas_Pizza Fabbrica (3 of 7)

They do of course carry the usual suspects, I mean every respectable pizzeria would do that. But over here, I do recommend going for their inventive nu age flavours that a traditionally italian/ neopolitana style pizzeria would shy away from.

Best Pizzas_Pizza Fabbrica (4 of 7)

At Pizza Fabbrica, they believe pizza goes well with wine but what goes fantastic with pizza? Beer. Make that fancy, craft beer.

With yeasty acidic profile of beer, it’d pair well with yeasty doughy stuff – pizza. They even have a complete list of which beer to pair with whichever pizza for the best enjoyment ever, talk about dedication.

Best Pizzas_Pizza Fabbrica (6 of 7)

Pancetta Funghi Caprino e Scalogno  ($24)

Warning: Stink bomb on a crust. Inside: Fior di Latte,Tomato Sauce, Pancetta, Portebello Mushroom, Scallions, Goat Cheese

While the smell was a bit too much for me, I trudged on because the pizza just tasted so good, it was worth it. The mushrooms’ and onions’ juices seeped into the cheese and sauce, giving it their natural sweetness and distinct flavour. Hence, this pizza is slight juicier but also definitely tastier.

Best Pizzas_Pizza Fabbrica (5 of 7)

Gorgonzola Fichi e Proscuitto di Parma  ($30)

Fresh Mozzarella, Parma Ham, Fresh Figs, Gorgonzola Cheese, Walnuts

Figs on pizza now doesn’t that sound interesting??

The sweetness from the figs combines extremely well with the savoury parma ham, not forgetting the pungently aromatic gorgonzola. The walnuts gave it a delicate and nutty profile. This is definitely an interesting combination that I’d love to taste again because.. It’s Figs?!

Best Pizzas singapore Pizza Fabbrica (7 of 7)

Crema di Zucca e Broccolini  ($28)

Pumpkin sauce pizza now that’s new, ain’t it? I adored this flavour because it’s really different from the usual kind of pizza. Very light and rounded with slight tang from sundried tomatoes, this pizza is more on the sweet side with the pumpkin base.

I’d recommend this place for they have really innovative pizzas that are well executed, not to mention sound standard foundational flavours at decent prices.

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Pizza Fabbrica: 69/70 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199482 | Tel: 6291 0434 | Website 

5. Alt.Pizza

Quite an anomaly in this list because it isn’t an italian pizza place but their pizzas are really good. Like really good. Not to mention, the atmosphere’s really cool, it makes a good place for a lively get together with your friends.

Alt.Pizza’s pizzas are modeled after the American style pizza so the Italian simplicity is out of the way. The pizzas here are more messy, greasy and sinful with all sorts of ingredients you’d love like bacon, bacon and more bacon.

Best Pizzas_Alt.Pizza (4 of 6)

The Hangover  ($17)

With thinner harder/crisper crusts, Alt.Pizza’s creations are less filling but makes up for it with rich ingredients that will wow your stomach away. Also, have I mentioned how affordable their pizzas are?

The Hangover has beef, salami, cheese, onion and more cheese, a greasy cure for your hangover needs. In case you’re wondering, it is named after the movie and also for its mysterious medicinal value for hangovers. No I’m kidding, or am I.

Absolutely delicious, Bradley Cooper would approve just as much as I approve of him, ha ha ha.

Best Pizzas singapore Alt.Pizza (5 of 6)

Truffle Shuffle  ($17)

It is not rare to find cheekiness in the naming of their food. In fact, the cheekiness can be found even on their walls, their giant mural because after all, Alt.Pizza is promoting that chill, casual vibes for people to be hanging loose.

Their wings and artichoke spinach dip starters are bombtastic too. As for the desserts, they have a pizza inspired dessert where pizza dough is rolled up into many small donut balls, sprinkled with icing sugar and dipped with nutella. Sounds god damn amazing and it is god damn amazing.

The vibes here are brilliantly casual and the prices are really affordable. I would return for their food, with an army of eager mouths. Really, just what are you waiting for? Also, you can create your own pizza and stand a chance to win pizza of the month where you get something for free but I can’t remember just what because I’m overwhelmed with sheer joy.

Alt.Pizza: 60 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238252 | Tel: 6733 0490 | Website

4. Mozza Pizzeria


Situated at highly-esteemed Marina Bay Sands, the culinary endeavours there are mostly by top chef or if not definitely at least pretty damn decent and Osteria Mozza Pizzeria by Mario Batali is no different.

pizzeria-mozza Best Pizzas singapore

While Mozza does offer the very standard Margherita, as well as the more common Napolitana and Proscuitto di Parma, be prepared to see earthy combinations of hardly seen before toppings on pizzas. Chef Mario Batali uses Yukon gold potatoes, squash roots and the list goes on.

Combining traditional Italian principles with new evolving innovations, Pizzeria Mozza is touted as one of the best pizzas in Singapore by many.

Pizzeria Mozza: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-42/46, Singapore, 018956  | Tel: 6688 8522 | Website

3. Capricci

Best Pizzas_Capricci (1 of 3)

While it is an italian restaurant, I just didn’t expect this place to deliver one of best tasting pizzas.

From the people behind restaurant Pompeii, Capricci is a cozy Italian place with dark wood colours, a small wine room and vintage pictures. What caught me by surprise is the sheer goodness of the pizza. I’ve not seen any place rave about this or anything that’s probably why it just swept me off my feet.

Best Pizzas_Capricci (2 of 3)

Head Chef Nazario Malerba of Capricci uses 72 hours set dough in a gas-fired oven imported from Italy to make great pizzas and flatbreads.

Best Pizzas_Capricci (3 of 3)

Rucola Parma Ham  ($30)

The head chef confidently picked the Rucola Parma Ham without even asking. It came with cherry tomatoes, rockets, and parma ham – a perfect medley that never goes wrong. Sweetness from the tomatoes, bitterness and rawness from the rockets and saltiness from the ham, almost all your taste bases are covered.

Not to mention a great contrast in texture from doughy, elasticness to tender ham and crunchy tomatoes. There’s a nice uniform layer of cheese going on top of that naturally sweet pizza dough. Plus, the dough here is a tad thinner than other places hence, it isn’t as filling.

Why I enjoyed this pizza so much may be because of the flavour more than the technicalities of it though.

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Capricci: 27 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088450 | Tel:+65 6221 6761 | Website

2. Bella Pizza

Best Pizzas singapore Bella Pizza (1 of 1)

I fell absolutely in love with Bella Pizza the first time I had it. You really gotta try it to know what I fell in love with because it feels like I’m not doing my first love justice simply describing it from year-old memory. And in the event that you don’t adore it as much as I do, hey at least you got to enjoy the great view at Robertson Quay?

Bella Pizza: 30 Robertson Quay, #01-14 Riverside View, Singapore 238251 | Tel: 6734 0139 | Website

1. Capri Trattoria and Pizzeria

Best Pizza Singapore_Capri Trattoria Pizzeria (4 of 7)

Located at a pretty random-ass place along Bukit Timah, discovering Capri was like “Woaaaahhhh, this was here the whole time?!” Why? Because I never realised such brilliant pizza was that within reach.

Best Pizza Singapore_Capri Trattoria Pizzeria (3 of 7)

A self-taught chef, he never ceases to learn despite already winning at his pizzas. He researches and experiments with different flours, dough mixtures, water temperatures and what not.

He explained that pizza doughs everyday are different because of the daily humidity and water temperatures. Also, it is impossible to recreate authentic italian pizzas here simply because the water in Italy and Singapore are completely different and that makes all the difference despite maintaining other constants.

Visiting Capri was like receiving pizza wisdom and it was honestly eye-opening (funnily so).

Best Pizza Singapore_Capri Trattoria Pizzeria (2 of 7)

Here’s their really vintage x cottage style looking oven.

Best Pizza Singapore_Capri Trattoria Pizzeria (5 of 7)

Margherita  ($17)

While this more-angular-than-round pizza looks really pale in comparison to those dark spotted beauties, let me tell you this crust is one hell of an interesting crust.

With his constant research and conscientious effort to make good pizza crust, Capri’s owner has come up with this special one. The crust is super crispy on the outside, with tons of small pockets, holding together airy elastic dough.

This is probably the crispiest (discounting those that seem like biscuits) and most elastic crust I’ve tried.

This flavour – the most standard of all pizza flavours – was done great with each element balancing the other. I greedily would love more basil though.

Best Pizzas singapore Capri Trattoria Pizzeria (6 of 7)

Tartufata  ($25)

Now this one looks hella messy and maybe a little bit off-putting but no, no, don’t let its appearance fool you because no one should ever judge a book by its cover.

This one is messy because it is drizzled with a lot of love – love for truffle. Shaved truffles and truffle oil on top of a load of cheese and juices from mushrooms – be prepared for a really wet and goopy pizza. Unglamourous eating ensues but totally worth it. Slurp that goodness up.

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Capri Trattoria and Pizzeria: 3 Binjai Park, Singapore 589819 | Tel: 6468 4886  | Website

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