2 Mandu prawn dumpling products from Bibigo failed to declare egg allergen, SFA takes action

CJ Cau Tre, a food manufacturer has taken things into their own hands and recalled 2 products from Bibigo, mainly the Mandu Prawn Dumplings (350g) and Mini Mandu Prawn Dumplings (360g) from Vietnam. The reason? For failing to declare egg allergen.

Bibigo is commonly found in supermarkets like FairPrice, and is known for its range of Korean food products like dumplings and soup bases.

bibigo recall - actual products
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Food allergies pose serious health risks, potentially leading to severe consequences or even death for some individuals. It’s disheartening to know that despite a person’s efforts to check product labels and ensure that they’re safe to consume before making a purchase, they might still be at risk because of the manufacturer’s negligence.

bibigo recall - egg

Because eggs are allergens and the affected products were shipped to Singapore, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has directed the importer, CJ SE Asia Pte Ltd, to recall them all— the process is ongoing.

Fortunately, Singapore’s Food Regulations mandate clear labelling of ingredients known to cause hypersensitivity on food packaging. This measure is crucial for safeguarding consumers against food allergies. Additionally, food labels aid customers in identifying specific food products in the event of a food safety incident.

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Those who are allergic to eggs and have purchased the Mandu Prawn Dumplings and Mini Mandu Prawn Dumplings from Bibigo should not consume them. However, if you have already done so, you should seek medical advice immediately should you have any health concerns— hopefully, there aren’t many of you! Consumers may also get in touch with their point of purchase for enquiries.

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