Watch BLACKPINK live on the TikTok Stage on 21 Oct — how you like that?

This is for all the BLINKS that have devoured BLACKPINK’s latest documentary to hit Netflix, “Light Up The Sky” and like the rest of the world just can’t get enough. The superstar Korean girl group will be making an exclusive live appearance on TikTok to host a special celebratory event to show their appreciation to the fans.

Blackpink Live Tiktok 2 2
Credit – Allison Parnters

For a total of 100 minutes, yes, no more, and no less, TikTok Stage with BLACKPINK will be broadcasted live exclusively on TikTok app on 21 October 2020 at 6 pm SGT. Plus, BLACKPINK will also be hosting pre-event challenges so that you can have the opportunity to attend the live event virtually. Yes, up close and personal with Jennie, but virtually.

If you haven’t been blasting ‘THE ALBUM”, where have you been??  With over 1 million pre-orders and broke records for highest sale by a K-pop girl group and the first K-pop girl group to top the Billboard 100—BLACKPINK is a force to be reckoned with.

Well, as a treat for all us, BLINKS tuning in BLACKPINK will include behind-the-scenes stories from said album. Gosh, the thought of more BLACKPINK content is perhaps a little gift that 2020 owes us.

Who knows what will happen on the live stream? Maybe we might even get an exclusive acoustic performance of Lovesick Girls or You Never Know, who knows? Anything can happen on a live stream and everything is possible with BLACKPINK—how you like that?

Date & Time: The TikTok will be streamed on 21 October 2020