Malaysian hawker stall owner passes away after tragically falling into boiling oil

In a heart-wrenching accident that has sent shockwaves throughout Malaysia, Liu Youcai, a 58-year-old fried chicken chop stall owner in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, passed away after he fell face-first into a wok of boiling oil.

Boiling oil accident - Funeral service

As reported by Sin Chew Daily, Youcai sustained second-degree burns on his face, back, and chest due to the tragic fall. He was promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention. Unfortunately, his condition did not improve, and he passed away from his injuries just 90 minutes after the incident. The primary factors contributing to his passing were suffocation and second-degree burns due to the boiling oil.

Boiling oil accident - Food court

Upon receiving the news, Youcai’s brother, Youming, rushed from Shah Alam to Kuala Kangsar. Youming shared that he had revisited Kuala Kangsar a month prior to see his younger sibling, who kindly presented him with a selection of fruits to take back to Shah Alam.

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While visiting, he recommended to Youcai that he should allocate more time for rest and focus on his health, given his high blood pressure. Because the fried chicken stall had become so successful, Youcai found himself overwhelmingly occupied with its management, leaving him with scarce personal time.

Boiling oil accident - Chicken chop

Other stall owners said that Youcai worked at his stall 6 days a week, and even on his 1 day off, he was busy getting things ready for his stall. He was famous for his affordable chicken chop (RM6.50) and his optimistic personality, as well as his signature uniform: a vest and wooden clogs. 

Caring deeply for animals, this cherished stall owner dedicated more than RM2000 each month to provide food for stray dogs and cats in the vicinity of the food centre. Youming also revealed that his younger brother’s affection for animals was so profound that, during the Kuala Kangsar flood nine years ago, he chose to prioritise rescuing animals over his own safety.

Our sympathies and thoughts are with Youcai and his family during this difficult time.

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