Boufe Boutique Cafe: Indulge In Unicorn Cake & Galaxy Cake At Phoenix Park Almost Too Cute To Eat

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Located in Phoenix Park, Boufe Boutique Cafe is set away from the bustling streets and noise, allowing one to have a quiet time in this beautiful cafe. It has a cosy ambience, with a minimalist and clean white interior design.

Boufe Boutique

Boufe Boutique Cafe provides an array selections of cakes for those who are sweet toothed. Each cake is beautifully designed so don’t forget to take an Insta-worthy shot with one of them.

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We went down to try the Mini Unicorn Cake ($9) which is new on the menu, and the famous Milky Way ($8.50) cake that has recently been popping up on our Instagram feed.

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The Mini Unicorn Cake is so adorably designed, we couldn’t bear to cut it. Made with coconut mousse, mango cremeux, vanilla sponge, white milk glaze and white chocolate horns and ears, I feel that it’s too creamy for my liking and it came off jelat after a few bites. It does look slightly larger in the photo but it is actually smaller than I expected it to be.

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Kudos to the chef for being able to craft such a perfectly smooth and well-designed cake like the Milky Way. It is filled with white chocolate, yogurt mousse, honey genoise (Italian sponge cake), calamansi jelly, and a piece of chocolate sable supporting the cake.

I like this better than the Mini Unicorn Cake as it leaves me wanting one bite after another. The calamansi jelly adds a sweet tangy counterpoint to the yogurt mousse. Definitely a must-try pastry at Boufe Boutique Cafe!

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Order a glass of Twilight ($7) to go along with your pastries. This butterfly pea flower tea has absolutely no artificial colouring added into this drink, and in fact, reaps a number of health benefits. Paired with the little cup of honey and lime, it changes colour from blue to purple when mixed in. It is so deliciously good I can drink it every day.

Boufe Boutique Cafe is a great place for girlfriends to hang out, or for a weekend date. Some cakes run out by evening so it is best to make reservations a day before!

Expected Damage: $15-$20 per pax


Boufe Boutique Cafe: 308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park #01-01 Singapore 247974  | Opening Hours: (Mon- Fri) 8am- 7pm, (Sat – Sun) 9am – 7pm | Tel:+65 6734 7656 | Website | Facebook