Braseiro Restaurant & Grill: Singapore Food Review

“Simple grill”

braseiro singapore joo chiat

Call it simplistic or minimalistic, Braseiro is stripped down to the basics to bring you a fulfilling, yet affordable meal where you can enjoy in the comfort of their simple interior space.

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Giving off a semi-Brazilian French mixed vibe especially from the owners’ inspirations, Braseiro exudes a friendly, cosy atmosphere, perfect for a get together of friends or even on a simple, casual date.

Interiors are in a simple black and white and very no-frills.

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The 2nd level offers a more spacious option for diners too.

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You can also choose to dine over at their cosy alfresco area, complete with fairy lights and carpet grass. Guests with bigger groups usually book out this outdoor space.

braseiro singapore set menu

Newly opened on the busy Joo Chiat road, Braseiro’s concept is a straightforward, unpretentious one. Just $19.90 for your choice of meat; beef steak, beef skewers, half chicken or a monthly chef suggestion (in our case, it was salmon). The concept is a bit like Parisian Steak Frites, but you pay double at other such establishments for the ambiance.

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Topped off with your choice of either homemade french fries or refreshing seasoned salad. Free flow! How much more amazing can it get apart from free flow fries? With such amazing value, Braseiro certainly proves to be a favourite, and we’re here to give it a try.

The fries are all handcut with skin-on for a rustic experience. Tends to get soggy after a while but that’s why you know no additional preservatives were added.

braseiro singapore grilled steak set

Trying their grilled beef steak, we were again reminded of the great value Braseiro offers. For just $19.90, this ribeye steak was thick and juicy, tender and perfectly grilled medium rare. It was also pretty flavourful, marinated well enough to give a tasty mouthful for each bite. Their steak averages at about 200-250g per serving, a decent and generous portion for the price.

braseiro singapore-4326

At the same time, we also had the grilled salmon. Charbroiled at their barbecue as per the rest of the meat, what makes the salmon special is that the charbroiling process allows the different layers of salmon to be cooked at different speeds. The skin would be the crispiest, nearest to the grill.

Since Braserio’s chefs don’t flip the salmon at all, the top would be the rarest part, where the bottom would be well done. The salmon was well cooked, tender yet firm, with no signs of fishiness. However, it still borders as a pretty average dish, and may not be as worth it as the other options on the menu.
braseiro singapore Fondue de Camembert

For sides we tried their Fondue de Camembert ($14.90) which was pretty superb by itself. The melted cheese had creamy textures but yet slightly chewy, and overall a very pleasant experience. I might have eaten the whole cheese myself if I could.

braseiro singapore choco banana

Choco-Banana ($7.90). Banana stuffed with melted chocolate and cookie crumbs. Personally not a fan, the banana was slightly under-ripened giving a sour flavour, and the chocolates were not melted throrughly. I always had a pre-conception that nothing could go wrong with a chocolate and banana mix, but this sadly proves otherwise.

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Overall, I felt Braseiro was a definite value-for-money option for a casual occasion, great food at reasonable prices. Also, they serve a strong, addictive Caipirinha ($9.90) for just a fraction of the usual, so that definitely tips the scales in their favour in any case you might be still sitting on the fence.

Despite the dessert let-down, the steak, drinks and camembert are a win for me.

Expected Damage: $22 – $30 per pax

Braseiro: 333 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427588 | Tel: 9119 1158 | Website