First dibs: Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe — Popular home baker opens physical store with sticky cinnamon rolls and matcha brownies

The popular home-based business, Bread & Butter by XY, has opened its first physical outlet on 27 July 2022 along Robinson Road, named Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe.

bread & butter bakery & cafe - storefront

Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe is helmed by 25-year-old Xin Ying, who initially started Bread & Butter by XY as a home business in 2020.

Xin Ying studied business and worked in marketing for six months before leaving to focus on her baking business. She shared that her bakes had gotten so popular that she was earning more from baking than from her marketing job!

bread & butter bakery & cafe - store

I visited the new cafe on its opening day and was greeted by a gorgeous pink-coloured space with bakes being displayed behind a glass casing.

bread & butter bakery & cafe - bakes

Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe’s menu consists of a variety of bakes, including their incredibly popular Cinnamon Sticky Buns (S$3.50), as well as their Truffle & Cheese Bread Rolls (S$5.50). I spotted an assortment of loaf cakes, brownies, and even scones and financiers.

Xin Ying shared that opening a physical cafe had always been a dream of hers. Her boyfriend worked as a fitness trainer in a nearby building and would often purchase coffee from the stretch of shops in Robinson Road. Coincidentally, a space along the road was put up for rent, so Xin Ying decided to convert her home business into a physical store, providing customers in the area with a quick spot for a coffee break.

bread & butter bakery & cafe - orange hot chocolate

The drinks available at the cafe include Espresso (S$3.50), Piccolo (S$4), Mocha (S$5.50/S$6.50), Chai Latte (S$6.50/S$7.50) and Chocolate (S$6/S$7). I tried the Hot Orange Chocolate (S$6.50), which was rich and smooth with a slight citrusy profile.

bread & butter bakery & cafe - bakes

Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe loaves’ flavours are available on rotation, including slices like Yuzu Lemon Butter Loaf (S$4), Gula Melaka Loaf with Salted Candied Walnuts (S$4), Japanese Black Sesame Loaf with Kinako Crumble (S$4), Pistachio Lemon Loaf (S$4) and Breakfast Banana Loaf (S$3.60).

The Breakfast Banana Loaf was incredibly fragrant with a bouncy texture and had bits of smooth and sweet bananas within, while the Black Sesame Loaf with Kinako Crumble had a crumbly texture and a satisfying nutty aroma.

bread & butter bakery & cafe - sticky bun and matcha financier

The Cinnamon Sticky Bun was the inspiration behind Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe’s logo, and I instantly understood why it was so popular. Filled with swirls of cinnamon and coated in a sweet glaze, the Cinnamon Sticky Bun was utterly satisfying. The Truffle & Cheese Bread Roll was similarly delicious, being a savoury counterpart of the Cinnamon Sticky Bun.

The Matcha Financier (S$2.50), on the other hand, was aromatic with a noticeable matcha taste, and I gobbled it down quickly.

bread & butter bakery & cafe - matcha brownie and yin & yang cookie

Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe also serves a variety of brownies, with flavours available on rotation, like Homemade Salted Caramel, Ovalmatine, Homemade Speculoos, Homemade Gula Melaka Kaya and Homemade Matcha Milk Spread, priced between S$4 and S$5.50 depending on the flavour.

Miscellaneous bakes are priced at S$2.50, and include bakes like Smoked Salt Brookies, Honey Butter Biscuits and Ying & Yang Cookies.

I am excited to see yet another home-based business flourish and open a physical outlet. With its gorgeous, Instagram-worthy interior and affordable yet quality bakes, I will certainly return to Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe!

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe

138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower, #01-04 , Singapore 068906

Our Rating 4/5

Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe

138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower, #01-04 , Singapore 068906

Telephone: +65 8044 9405
Operating Hours: 6am - 3pm (Mon to Fri), 7am - 2pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
Telephone: +65 8044 9405

Operating Hours: 6am - 3pm (Mon to Fri), 7am - 2pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
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